World of Archania

Tarnished One

”Hey look! Its Xanders, ” someone said.

”I need to take pictures. Its not an everyday thing to see Xanders ”

A crowd started to gather around to take a look at the ship.

Hmm…Xanders are quite famous just like in the novel. After all, they are one of the Five Ancient families who are protecting humanity from monsters and more importantly, Demons from the shadows. But that Chris Xander is an entirely different matter. He will betray humanity after a tragedy that will break him. He is one of the most powerful boss villains that the protagonist and his team will encounter.

Suddenly doors of the ship opened, and a handsome young man clad in expensive clothes descended from the ship along with a beautiful girl. The boy has green eyes and Brown hair while the other hand, the girl had a cute and innocent look with beautiful silver-white hair and blue eyes. The girl looked exceptionally beautiful. The moment I laid my eyes on her, my heart skipped a beat.


”Oi kid! How dare you lay your filthy eyes on this innocent goddess ”

”You Filthy bastard! ”

”You will die today! ”

What the Fuck! I thought as I looked at the scene in front of me. All the boys started beating each other. I immediately left the crowd in a peaceful area.

I stood with Cyril (fatty) and Julius away from the chaotic crowd where people pull each others hair.

”What the **! Are they all idiots? She is just a girl like other ones but looks at them becoming crazy the moment they see her. ” Julius said with a disdainful look.

”Brother Julius, it will best for you to accept it as a common thing. I heard that something like this happens all the time within the Academy. ” fatty said.

But the moment Julius heard him, his eyes started to sparkle.

”Seriously? Thats perfect! I will kick some ass every day then I guess. ” he said.

Weirdos. Weirdos all around me. I thought as I looked at my surroundings and friends.

Soon we three left the Academy station and went for the reception area. We dropped the idea of eating something as all the places were overly crowded.

”Next, please, ” the receptionist said.

I went forward and handed my student file to her but suddenly I remembered my awakening affinity elements.

I immediately opened my file only to see, Ice written on the option. I sighed with relief and handed my file over to the receptionist. She scanned the file and returned it to me along with an Academy ID card.

”Please be careful with your ID card. Renewing the ID will not be free, ” she said as she handed over the file and ID card to me.

The moment I took the card, it turned into a watch and placed itself on my wrist.

”Don worry about that. It is made of trusted nanite tech. It is guaranteed by the Academy. Your dorm details are also filled in the ID card. ”

The receptionist assured me as she looked at my confused face.

By the way, I already knew about it. I just have to pretend because I was a country bumpkin after all.

I met with Julius and fatty out of the reception area.

”Little brother, what is your dorm number? Mine is 7-A ” Fatty said.

”Mine is also 7-A, ” Julius said.

”Wait, let me check, ” I said I opened my details on the watch.

”What luck! Mine is also 7-A. ” I said with a cheerful voice.

Julius looked at me with a neutral face and said, ”Ignorance is bliss. Kid, that dorm has a bad reputation. I heard from some former students that its full of mischievous kids who are ready to kill each other all the time. But you don have to worry as you have me as your friend. All you have to do is treat me to lunch and dinner and I will protect you all. ”

”Fuck off! This daddy will see who dares to mess with us. ” fatty screamed with a determined face.

”Hahaha, thanks in advance then brother, ” I said but, I have a bad feeling about this, is what I thought.

Nothing about this 7-A dorm was mentioned in the novel because no one important was in this hostel. Not even Julius because originally, Julius was part of the students in host 1-A along with the protagonist and his team. The story was not its intended path. Its not like I was eager to keep it as it was in the novel but will impact future events and information I had.


The group and I were on our way to our hostel and witnessed a few fights on the first day. Academy was exactly like in the novel. Staff will not interfere as long as no one tries to cross the red lines. Luckily, no one cared to pick a fight with us because of Julius.

Soon we reached in front of our hostel. I looked at the large building.

”Dorm 7-A. This is it, guys. ” I spoke.

Julius again looked at me.

”Are you an idiot? Do you think we can see that? ”

I calmed myself down with a twitching face.

This bastard! I will repay this. I thought.

”Hahaha. Stop messing with him, Julius. Lets find our rooms. ” fatty said.

”Yeah, Yeah, ” Julius muttered.


”Man, I hate stairs. They are like a nightmare to me. ” I muttered with a tired face.

Fatty and Julius had their rooms on the 3rd floor while mine was on the 7th floor but unfortunately, the elevators were not working and we
e under maintenance. So, I had to take the stairs.

”Uhm…room number 705….yes! Here it is ”

Finally, after a millennium of struggling, I found my room.

I entered my room to find nice and tidy surroundings. Although it wasn comparable to the expensive mansion, I left a few days ago but it was leagues ahead of the shabby room from my previous life.

I looked around and was surprised. Despite being a room, it was a full-fledged house for a single person. It has every kind of facility like a kitchen, training room, a bedroom with an attached bathroom.

I went to the kitchen and found nothing in there except a few water bottles in the refrigerator.

Then I headed for the bedroom and placed my bags in the corner.

I jumped on the bed and closed my eyes. it was at this moment that the system scene popped up.

[Hidden Achievement Completed.

Join the Arcane Academy – 100 XP reward.]

[100 XP gained]

[Leveled Up]

Suddenly I felt a tremendous surge of mana within my body.

I immediately checked my status.


Name – Raizel Askanor

Rank – F (Beginner <0/1000>)

Affinity – Ice

Passive Skills – Imperator

Active Skills – N/A]

Finally, my path to power begins. But I still lacked active skills. According to the novel, skills related to the Affinity element were not included in the system, and unique skills will be added to the interface. I was lost in my thoughts when I suddenly remembered something. I immediately checked the date.

”Yes! Why didn I think of it before? I need to get it before that bastard William. Who gives a damn about the story or whatever. I have to ensure my safety before the demon invasion starts. ”

I muttered and immediately put on some clothes for traveling.

Security let me get out of the academy by showing my ID Watch (ID card). I called for a nearby taxi to drop me at a certain place called, Neffaria Mountain Peaks. According to the novel, there is a hidden dimensional portal at the peak of the hill, that will lead you to an ancient graveyard, the graveyard of Satoru Kijima. He was none other than one of the first awakened. He was also known as the Sword God by the people. He had left his sword legacies all over the continent but only Colin was able to get this one and all the other legacies are still mysteries as other ones were never mentioned or found in the novel.

Finally, after three hours, I stood in front of Neffaria Mountain Peaks. Due to its location being far outside of the city, it took me so much time to reach here.

I was nervous and reluctant, to go beyond this point. Why? Because beyond this point it was one of the most dangerous places one would want to be. The dangers are lurking everywhere in this place. A large forest covering the entire mountain was full of mana beasts and monsters. My instincts were screaming at me to go back instantly.

”Fuck! Maybe its the first time in my both lives, that I am going to face such a big challenge. But…whatever it is, I will surpass it, and no one can stop me. ” I said with a confident face as I gathered whatever confidence and courage I could and went on my way to the peak of the mountain.

After traveling for more than two hours, I decided to take a rest for a few minutes. I took out a bottle of water and gulped all the water down my throat. I took a safer path that I knew about from the novel. This path was ninety percent safer than the rest of the forest. It was the same path that Colin took when he was lost in the forest and luckily it was the safest.

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