World of Archania

This...isn\'t that bad

”… ” I looked at my surroundings and what I saw right in front of me left me dumbfounded.


It all happened yesterday while I was playing games on my computer when suddenly a bright white light descended, and I lost consciousness.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unfamiliar place.

At first, I thought I was kidnapped but then later I realized I wasn . Instead, I was transported to an entirely different world. Initially, I couldn believe it but soon I realized the reality. I was scared but then thought about it and realized that this isn that bad. After all, I was an orphan in my previous world with no stable future or present. Maybe this new world would give me a new life to live.

The world I am in right now was none other than the world of Archania.

Long story short, I was reading the novel Archania and this world was exactly according to that novel. Names of places, cities, currency, and much more. It was exactly how I read in that novel. So I deduced that somehow, I ended up in the novel.

According to the novel, this world is a technologically advanced fantasy world filled with ability users, monsters, and dungeons.

People will awaken and gain some powerful abilities.

I don know why but instead of panicking or grieving; I am happy to be in this world. I don care even if it is a dream, I will live my life on my terms in this world. As an orphan, I suffered a lot in my previous world. I was physically weak due to some unknown disease due to which most of the time I was bullied back in school. But now, I have an opportunity to become powerful and live my life on my terms. But it is not that simple in this world. If you are not powerful enough, you are dead.

Although I ended up in the novel I used to read and I also knew about the main cast of the novel and most of the important side characters, I have no idea who the hell this kid was.

My current appearance was pretty average with no over-the-top features like the main cast. The only noticeable thing was my silver-white short hair and hazel-blue eyes and that was it. My body was thin like a kid suffering from some disease and weakness.

According to the memories of this kid, his name was the same as mine, Raizel Askanor. I never read about anyone with that name in the novel. He was of noble origin but a few weeks ago his parents left him without any word. Now he is all alone in this dangerous and wild world.

For some reason, I cannot remember other memories than these. I found it odd at first but did not dwell much on it and put it at the back of my head. After all, I have much more important work to do. To awaken and become powerful before I join the Academy.

I don know how but somehow this guy got selected for the Arcane Academy, despite being unawakened. This was mind-blowing. This is the Arcane Academy, the top academy in the entire Westalis Continent.

There were only two departments that works with non-awakeners, Blacksmith and Research department. Both departments partially consisted of non-awakeners and awareness respectively; these are the departments I do not want to end up in.

As for why I want to join the academy. Well, that is the only place an orphan like me can go to become powerful.


4 days later,

I was sitting in my room when I suddenly received a message on my phone.

A smile bloomed on my face the moment saw the message.

My account balance skyrocketed overnight and reached 6 million FC (Federation Coins Currency of the Westalis Continent).

I sold most of the expensive things in the house and decided to move to Arcane City, the capital city of Westalis Continent.

I wasn slacking off these past four days, as I researched the things and events and come to the conclusion that only I was the anomaly in the entire novel right now. Everything was the same as how it should be during this period.

”Well, I guess now that I am here, why not accept it and live my life how I want it to be? ”

I muttered and decided to leave the house tomorrow. I could have left today but refrained because a parcel will drive from the Academy today. So, here I am exploring the remaining house to find any useful item but until now I found none. Although they could be sold, I will sell them if I need money in the future.

”Now this is the last one. I hope I find something useful here ” I muttered and entered the room.

”Hmm…looks like it is this guys dads room ” I looked at the huge room and thought. Suddenly my eyes land on a box placed on the bed.

Huh, what is this? I thought reached the box.

I picked up th

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