o see Bell upset, so I added again. 


“I want it to be a meticulous maid like Bell.”


“That’s probably fine.
I told her to come here, so look at her face.” 


I thought the Count was really fearless.
What would he do if I suddenly lost my reason and broke her neck in a quiet place?


As Countess, I was in a position where I could somehow cover up even if I  tried to harm servants.
Neither Carla nor I have ever touched anyone.
However, in the status society, it wasn’t unusual for someone to get angry and pull on a maid’s face or break her limbs.


Does he not love his mistress that much? Before I could even ask a question, the Count raised his voice and called out to someone. 




I turned my head in the direction he turned around.
And I had to admit that I have a narrow view.
In fact, I didn’t know exactly what the Count’s mistress looked like.
I couldn’t remember what the novel was about, but I did remember that she was a maid.


I saw her on the bed, but she was already covered with a blanket, so I couldn’t even tell what color her hair was. 


I never tried to find out who the Count’s mistress was, but when I created her up in my head, I remembered the face of a somewhat typical villain.

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The woman in her head was a bewitching beauty, with her eyes raised and a clean face that seemed to draw someone to her.
However, the reality was completely different from what she had imagined. 


“My name is Lisa, Madam.” 


To add a little exaggeration, it was not empty to say that she was like an angel.
Blonde hair as thick as honey couldn’t be hidden even if a head towel was put over it.


The skin was white and smooth, and the eyes were blue and sparkled like jewels.
Her cheeks were plump like a child, and her wide smile was like a flower with dew.
I watched her greet me as if possessed by her.


She naturally stood next to the Count.
Lisa was so busy and distracted that she couldn’t stop twitching her fingernails and moving her body from side to side. 


But she was so beautiful that when I looked into her eyes, even her face seemed innocent. 


“It’s an honor to serve you.”


I came to my senses at her words.
The Count would have stuck her next to me somehow, even if I jumped up against her.


What does he think? I narrowed my eyes and looked at the Count.
He looked crazy looking at his mistress, Lisa.
When I saw a happy smile on his lips, my stomach twisted.


The earrings that flowed down Lisa’s earlobes glistened in the sunlight. 


“You’re in charge of laundry, so you’ll take good care of my clothes.”


“Yes, Madam.
Leave it to me!”


I knew right away that she would be a tough opponent because Lisa didn’t seem to feel bad about meeting the cheating husband’s wife.


Unlike the other maids, she looked straight at me, and there was no hesitation in answering me.


Maybe my prejudice also led me to think this was true.
But I decided to bury the idea deep in my heart. 


“The Count doesn’t care about wrinkling his pants, but I’m pretty picky.”


“Yes, Madam!”

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Lisa smiled broadly without noticing my sarcasm.
I looked at her pitifully.
There wasn’t a single shadow of a smile on her face.
I felt like a neighborhood kid tormenting little birds.


I raised the corner of my mouth when I saw her.
The Count smiled happily as well.
Hell will unfold in the future, so I’ll let them smile as much as they want.


* * *


Lisa wasn’t bad at her job, but she didn’t make me happy either.
It was questionable how she could work as a dedicated maid in the Baron family.


From what I can tell, Carla would have been upset all the time. 


I don’t know if she’s stupid or not, but she takes a long time to do things.
So I decided to wait and see how long she kept acting like that without making a lot of noise. 


“Lisa, how many times have I told you not to add sugar to Madam’s tea?”


“But the Count—”


“Don’t make excuses.
Madam doesn’t put sugar.
Next time you make a mistake, I’ll pour it over your head.”


Instead, Bell was upset.
Bell was frustrated with Lisa, who forgot one after teaching the two.
If she’s so hard on her in front of me, how hard is she on her behind my back?


The thought of it made me laugh.
Immediately, I put down the book and ordered Lisa to stop Bell from raising her fist.


“It’s time for the coachman to bring the lettre.
Someone come down and bring it.”


“I’ll bring it!”


Lisa, who was scolded by Bell, said as if shouting.
I nodded her head, and Bell let her go with her blunt face.
Lisa ran wildly down the stairs.


Bell made another impression that she wasn’t the only one who was bothered by such an arrogant act.
Still, thanks to Lisa’s departure, I could finish reading the book I was reading.


“Madam! A letter has arrived!”


But I had to put the book down soon on the sound of footsteps running fast.
Lisa opened the door loudly and shouted excitedly.
She was so loud and rude that it was hard to describe how loud and rude she was. 

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