The Red Phoenix

My Father\'s plight.

It was Friday morning and I was so excited because today is the day my mum arrives from Chicago. I had to rush my morning in hopes of today ending as soon as possible but the funny thing about life is that when you want something to end fast, it turns out to become annoyingly slow and that was how my day was. I finished up my breakfast and tried to head to school. I took my other skateboard which was a completely normal one and rushed to school as fast as I could. I was expecting the day to come very soon the previous night so I didn sleep for the whole time. But then I drifted into a very deep one close to this morning so I woke up a little late. ” I hope Mr. Hart doesn kill me this morning. ” I thought to myself. I was in a huge hurry.

I passed a grocery store but didn check the traffic light before I crossed with my skateboard with intense speed…okay maybe not that intense. Immediately I got to the road, a car was just about to pass and then I saw it and a sudden rush of adrenalin went through my whole body. I froze but there was almost nothing I could do. Am I going to die like this. Will my mum get home and discover Im in the hospital. Is this truly the end. These were thoughts that ran through my head. I felt my whole life flash through my eyes in a second and then suddenly, I felt something inside me snap and urging me to jump. The car that was about to hit me was a Toyota Camry.

I felt like it would be better if I jumped so it will increase my current velocity and act as a short boost. So I took the jump and fell at the other side of the road. I was bruised a little and I could feel some pain on my elbows. I didn really care and I totally forgot about the pain because the fear that gripped me didn give me time to even think about the bruise on my body. holy sh*t, I can believe I made it. Im okay, I…Im..I…Im okay I said, to myself stammering inside my head.

My heart was beating so fast and I was panting seriously. The owner of the car parked and came out. It was a woman who looked to be in her early thirties. She was a bit tall, about five feet and three inches, she wore a suit and a pair of pair of trousers and she looked very official. She ran towards me and she looked worried. I was on the floor still trying to run my head over what just happened. I was still dazed.

” Oh my God what have I done… ” the woman said running toward me. ”are you alright young lad, are you hurt? ” she asked. I was already able to get ahold of myself at this point. The woman trying to help me get on my feet

” Im alright maam. No need to worry yourself. ” I said being modest. ” Im so sorry, I was in a hurry cause I was late for work I didn realize… ” as she said this I now remembered that I was late for school too. It looks like we were in the same shoes. ” No need maam, it was my fault, I should have looked at the road before I crossed. Sorry for putting you through so much trouble maam ” I said trying to put an end to this before my lateness gets even worse. ” you should go maam, you
e gonna be late for your work. ” I reminded her. She nodded and she was about to go into her car and then she turned to me and asked. ” where are you headed, maybe I could give you a ride. ” I was a bit surprised and happy to hear this. A car could be faster than a skateboard…depending on traffic conditions. ” Umm, Im going to SCHS. ” I said.

” great. Im headed that way too, come in. ” she said as she motioned for me to come along. I went into the car. My school wasn that far anymore so it wouldn take long for me to get there.

The car was a bit quiet and there was nothing I could say because in my mind I was still thinking of how narrowly I escaped death. I suddenly heard the woman talk. ” so whats your name? ” she asked. ”Leo. Leonardo Anderson. ” I replied.

” Im Kate. ” She said with a smile. She was focused on the road but still wanted to know me better.

”So… ” I decided to start a conversation since the car was a little two quiet. Even though I didn need the conversation anyway. ” where did you say you work again? ”

” Oh I work in Franklin industries. Why did you ask? ” she said looking at me in a slight confusion.

” Just asking…and wait did you say Franklin industries? The one that invent machines and are about to launch a new gadget? ” I asked.

” Yeah, that one. Im an engineer there. Head of my department. ” She said with a proud voice.

” wow. Thats nice. ” I said with no reason to let the conversation last any longer than it should.

” you should come by sometime. Maybe I can give you a tour around. ” She said as she saw interest in my last statement. Now I was confused. you just met me and you
e already inviting me to your workplace? I thought. It was kinda strange but she must have seen something in me to make her say that. ” sure, why not. ” I said.

We got to my school where she dropped me off. ” If you need anything you can call me. ” She said, handing me her business card which I collected. ” Thank you Ms. Kate. ” I said. She gave me a smile and she zoomed off. I stood where I was, looked at the card and the number on it.


I left school in a very bad mood. I was angry I felt like squeezing the life out of the History teacher, Mr. Hart, for giving me a weeks detention for coming late to his class.

”That good for nothing, big headed idiot… ” I was murmuring insults on him. My friends who were walking beside me were listening to me as I cursed inwardly.

We got the house and I headed to the door. Surprisingly, the door was still locked. ”What the.. ” I said. ”The doors still locked. ” I turned to the rest and said. ” Can you open it? ” Mason said. I looked at him in disbelief again and so did Tracy. ”Dude this means she hasn arrived yet. ” Tracy said to him. ” Ooohhh. I see now. ” Mason said upon realisation. I just ignored him. ”Why don you call your Dad to see if hes got a clue of what happened. ” Tracy said.

”Good idea. ” I said as I took my phone and dailed my dads nunumbers he phone rang and he finally picked it. ”Hello. ”

”Hello kid. ” he said.

” Hey, whys the door still locked? Wheres Mom? ” I said with worry.

”Well, I received a call from your mum that she was at the airport and she was about to get to the plane. She said shell be here by three Oclock but when I got to the airport she wasn there. The plane hasn landed yet too. Maybe her flight was delayed on something. ” he said with a worried tone too.

”But have you tried calling her? I tried but its not going through. ” I said.

” Neither could I. ” my dad said. I could tell hes been waiting for a long time and hes starting to get worried. He heaved a big sigh. ” Im gonna wait a little while longer. If I don see her, I just conclude that her flight was probably canceled and Ill start coming home. ” he concluded.

” Okay. Bye dad. ”

”Bye. ” I said as I hung up. The phone was on hands-free mode so Mason and Tracy could hear.

”So what do you wanna do now? ” Mason asked. Ive asked myself that question already. I wasn expecting today to look like this.

looks like todays my unlucky day. First a get a weeks detention and my mums flight was probably cancelled. What could go wrong again? I thought to myself. Then I turned to Tracy and Mason.

”I have the key of the house with me so Ill just go in and find what i can be usefull for and after that Ill go to the workshop to do a quick checkup on my board. ” I said.

” sounds cool. Call me when you
e about to go to the workshop. ” Mason said

” OK. What about you Tracy? ” I asked.

” Ill just head home. Still got some things to do. ” she said.

” Okay. Bye guys. ” I waved to them and went into the house. the house was just as I left it. I won go to school tomorrow so I just thought that I could postpone my assignment. I went straight to the bathroom and washed my face. took my laptop and checked my mails and replied most of them. I got a mail from my aunt saying she missed me. The last time I saw her was three years ago. She lived in Carlifonia. We chatted for a while and I decided to go to the workshop and see what I could help with. My dad already bought some duralumin alloys from a plane junkyard. Scrap but still useful. I got out the door and called Mason. He said hell meet me on the way. I walked to the place, opened the door and went into the office to wait for Mason. It was boring so I turned on the TV in there. It was tuned to the news before we turned it off. I was shocked to the core as I heard the host on Tv relay the news.

” We have come here with the breaking news. An airbus just crashed in Springland, Roland City this afternoon. The plane was said to have departed from Leon City at around one thirty pm and was headed to Sunshine city. News reports says that the plane was said to have carried one hundred and seventy-six passengers of which none of them had survived. The police, fire fighters and ambulance are on the scene… ”

I was really dazed. I was so speechless. I felt like screaming. I was both sad and angry. I felt like the whole world was crashing down on me. I started to sob, then it became a huge cry. why mom why…why did you have to go. Why? Why is all this happening to me!! I was crying and then I screamed. ” Nooooooo! ” it was very painful for me. When they say a mother and a child share a special bond. It was now I was realising how true that was, and I felt like mine has just been severed brutally. Mason ran through the door of the office. ” Leo is anything wrong? What happened? ” he asked. He prolly heard me screaming, that was why he was worried. I was on the floor, extremely angry and extremely sad. I was crying like mad. When Mason heard the news he turned his face away from me and to the television what he saw made him stagger back a little bit. He was surprised and he started to feel so sorry for me. He might have felt the same way I was feeling. Its kinda funny how people won be in your position but know how you feel. ”Im sorry man…Im so so sorry. Lets go man. ” he said, trying to help me up but I was angry right now so I resisted him and kept on crying. I was like a baby. Mason understood my predicament so he left me alone and went outside. I actually thought he wanted to leave me alone. Mason brought out his phone and decided to call James. ” hey man, whats up? Have you seen the news? ” James said concerned. He must have seen the news too. ” yeah, Ive seen it. And Leo doesn feel too good about it! ” Mason replied.

”Where are you guys now? ” James asked.

” In the workshop. ”

e on our way! ” James said hurriedly. When he said we he definitely meant he and Tracy.

I was still crying on the floor when a few minutes later trio came in. Tracy ran up to me and knelt down in front of me, hugging me trying to comfort me.

”Im so sorry Leo, I truly am. This wasn meant to happen. ” she said rubbing my back. I felt like a child who was being comforted by a mother. I felt totally alone in the world. But deep down, I always knew that these guys will be with me even in the afterlife.

I kept on sobbing when Mason spoke. ”Lets go home Leo. ” I complied and entered Jamess car and he drove me home. By the time we got there, my dad was already in the house. He was down. He was totally moody and there were tears in his eyes but when he saw me he cleared the tears away from his eyes and walked up to me and gave me a hug. ”I sorry son. Im sorry this happened. Its my fault. I shouldn have allowed her to go. ” when he said this he too started to cry. Ive never seen my dad cry before but I didn like it at all. I decided to cheer him up.

”No dad. Its not your fault. You couldn have known this was going to happen. None of us couldve. ” I said. Then thinking about it just made me to start sobbing too. The gang tried to cheer us up. I got over it a bit but my dad wasn really good at handling the deaths of extremely loved ones. After a moment of sympathy and consolation from my friends and their parents, they all went home. Mason was the last to go home. My dad went to his room, I wanted to follow him and try to console him but then I thought that maybe I should give him time. I didn have much to do too so I just went to bed. I got on the bed and I looked through the window at the night sky. There were many stars in the sky. I just kept on staring at them and then I thought. Ill miss you mum. We all will. I love you mum. Goodbye.

As I thought this, tears started to roll down my eyes. I really loved my mum. Airplane accidents didn frequently occur unless there was a strong force or occurrence behind it. I sobbed then dived into sleep.


We were in my mums funeral and watched as the priest prayed. Looking at the coffin was making me feel sad. I felt like crying more but I had to hold back. The Wilsons were there and Mason and his mom were there too together with a handful of family members from my dads side.

” Our dear father, who hath in heaven, please guide the spirit of your child to your kingdom in heaven. For it is said in your word, that we were made from sand and to the sand shall we return. Bless her soul, so shall it be in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. ” the priest prayed and we were allowed to say our thoughts about my mum. I never really wanted to say anything because I was feeling hurt. My dad saw the look on my face and started first. To me this meant that he was buying me time to rehearse what I was going to say.

”My wife Elizabeth was a good wife. The best I could ever wish for. She was a graceful woman. She never had any grudge or misunderstanding with anyone for long. Wherever she was happiness usually followed. Losing her was like the loss of a priceless gemstone. So precious that everyone wants it but not everyone can get it because its limited.

”Same goes to my wife. Women like her are very rare. Ive always wanted to complement her like this but I never thought it would be under these circumstances. We love her. And she will remain in our hearts forever. ” my dad said his speech.

When he described my mum I just kept on thinking about the good memories I had with her and then I remembered my favourite memory. It was my turn to say something and then I stood where my dad stood before and spoke.

”(sighs) there was a time Tracy and I had a fight and we broke up and I decided not to ever speak to her again. My mum saw that I was being grummpy and aggresive so she asked me what the matter was and I told her and she laughed at first. I said it wasn funny but she laughed anyway. Then she said and I quote Leo, my child, being in a relationship is like having a bond. The bond goes both ways. When you have fights, it helps strengthen that bond. Its okay to be a little annoyed at your partner but as long as you both love each other, don let each other go. Because at some point you will both regret it. Cherish the time you spend with each other and also with your family members because you never really know what surprise tomorrow might bring. It might be good, it might be bad. But the truth is we all have no choice but to embrace it. So now go back to Tracy, go on your knees and apologise to her whether you were at fault or not because if you don do that today, you might never get that chance again. remembering her saying those words is… Those words are priceless. ” at this point I started to sob again.

I tried to hold it back and then I left the place. We poured sand on my mums coffin and I promised that I will deliver flowers to her grave every two days. It was a sad day for me. A sad day for us all.

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