The Red Phoenix

Catastrophe that comes before Change

By the time my dad and I finished up with the truck, the time was already 7:00pm. My dad got up to test the car.

Vroom the car started. After this, a thought came to my mind he has done his magic again. This was a normal thing for me though since ive been working with him for a while now. ” now that this is done, what do you say we check on my skateboard? ” I said. Ive been bothering him about it for a while now and my dad has already given up turning me down. ” fine, ” my dad replied with a tone of frustration. ” well go check it out. ”

”Good. ” I said. My dad closed the car and we went to the place where I kept my skateboard. It was on a table with some cloth on it to prevent it from dust. I removed the cloth from it and my dad and I were discussing our next step. We also tested the weight of some gas cylinders to see how appropriate it would be and if it won affect the board in any way. ” You know, improving the speed of the board is the main aim, flying is like an added project so maybe we won be needing the wings. ” I said. My dad looked at me with his mouth opened. ” I thought you were all about flying the board!? ” he said, surprised.

”Actually I just thought that maybe making the board fly without a good fuel source and a comfortable one, itll be less than just trying to fly. But if we do find a comfortable one, it cant take enough gas for me te take off for more that a minute or so and if I exhaust the gas before I land, none of us will like that would we? ” I explained, trying to make my dad see my point. He nodded in agreement to my suggestion. ”You are right in that case but you don wish to fly so high do you? ” he asked. ”well I actually thought I could but thats just a fantasy. It can be possible. Not with what we have on ground. ” I said with a sad voice. Although sometimes its difficult for people to read my emotions, it looks like my dad just read mine. He put his hand on my shoulder. ” Son, ” he said. ” somethings might seem impossible now but if you really put your heart to it. Theres nothing you can do. ” he said as he gave me a warm smile.

” Although what you want is possible… only that it comes with some costs which is your comfort and…probably your life. ” he added. I looked at him and heaved a sigh of relief. I had to finally make a conclusion in my mind. The thing was that I had two options. I either continue the project the way its going or I quit the project. Making it fly higher at the risk of my life and comfort was not an option.

” Okay dad, ” I said. ”well do it your way. Small fuel supply, fairly increased speed and low altitude flight, thats it ” ”Atta boy. ” my dad said as he patted me on the back. I covered the board with the cloth and my dad and I decided to pack up. It was 8:30 already and its time we head home. My dad and I entered the car and drove home.


My dad and I got home and I went straight for my room. I took out a textbook to refresh my memory. Then I went downstairs to get some water when my saw my dad on the phone with my mom. ”Look whose here. ” my dad said to my mum. He was referring to me. ”Hey Leo, come over here its your mum. ” ”Really? ” I felt happy I wanted to enter the phone and give her a big hug. I might be the emotionless kind of guy but Im still human. Im seventeen years of age as a matter of fact.

”Hey mum. ” I greeted. ”Hey pudding, how are you? ” she said, smiling brilliantly. ”Im good. ” I replied.

”How was school today? ”

”Boring and stressful as ever. ” I said with a frustrated tone. Funny thing is, today was even better than some other days. It was a bit lively unlike the time it was so boring I slept in class and got detention for the rest of the day.

”So did you get the job? ” I asked, eager to know.

”Well I was getting to that. So I went in they asked me a few questions and I answered correctly, I presented them with my CV and… ” my mum then dropped her head like someone disappointed. I was scared at first and was sad that my mum didn get the job…or so I thought. Then my my mum raised her head and smiled and in my mind I was thinking Why are smiling at me like that. What I didn know was that she was trying to create suspense. ”I got the job! They even said I was more than qualified for the position! ” she exclaimed. I almost screamed. I was so happy I felt like jumping for the rest of the day. ”Why did you have to scare me like that in the first place? I thought you didn get the job. ” I said. My dad has been silent the whole time. I suddenly decided to look at him. ”So you knew about this? ” I said. ”What, don look at me. It was you mums idea. ” he said drifting his attention away from me and taking a sip of water.

”Well mum, this calls for celebration. ” I said excitingly. ”I bet it does. ” she said too. We all laughed and my dad went to take wine in the fridge and we celebrated. Just the three of us. My dad decided to make a toast.

”A toast, to family, good life and a brighter future. ” he said. ”Cheers ” he raised his cup and so did the rest of us. In case you
e wondering My mum is still in Chicago in Aunt Staceys but shes celebrating with us from there.

”So when should we be expecting you? ” My dad asked then I payed attention, keen to hear her reply.

”Hmmm…how about Friday. I was at work thats why I couldn call. I should be back by Friday. ”

”Thats great. Well be expecting you. ” I said. She nodded while smiling. It was a good night for me. When i went to bed, I started to think of how everything was goin on well for me. its good to have luck by your side sometimes I thought. Then I dived into sleep.


It was 7:00am in the morning. I was in just entering the school premises when Mason approached me from behind. I gasped out of sudden fear but Mason had no intentions of scaring me at all. ”Hey man, hows it going? ” he said with a smile on his face. ” Im good. ” I looked around for Tracy and James but I couldn see them. ” where are Tracy and James? ” I asked. ” probably on their way. Anything wrong? ” he asked, concerned. ” Nothing, just want to see you all together. Ive got good news. ” I said. ” let me guess, ” he said, stroking his hand on his chin and giving an expression that he is thinking on his face. ” Your mum got the job!? ” I was surprised. I didn expect him to realize sooner but he did. ”No… I mean yes. She got the job and Im so happy about it I still feel like jumping around. Its really nice you know. ” I said excitedly. I wanted to lie before but it was no use. Its almost like Mason can read my mind sometimes.

” wow. Thats good news. ” Mason said happily. It was then Mason and James approached us. James is a senior but he still enjoys our company. ” speak of the devil. ” Mason said. ” Hey guys. Good morning. ” Tracy greeted. ” Morning. ” Mason and I replied consecutively.

”So… ” James said. ” Did your mum get that job? ”

” Yes she did! ” I said with a smile. Tracy screamed a little. Not too loud though.

” OMG, this is good news– great news if you ask me. ” She said. Mason and James were laughing. They seemed happy about it. Not as happy as Tracy though. I can believe someone elses success can make another person so happy.

”Okay you know what… This calls for a celebration ” Tracy said while she sang the word celebration.

”Well that celebration would have to wait until Friday so we including my mum can all celebrate it together. ” I said, explaining my reason.

”Wait, your mums coming back on Friday? Thats a good idea so well all party together. ” James said.

”Sounds like a plan. ” Mason added. Not before long the bell rang. It was a Tuesday so we had history in the morning. History classes could be boring but I like history. Not as much as physics but still good enough to get a B in it.

The rest of the day went well. Normal activities and all. Mason and I were in the midst of a discussion while Linda approached us. She is a little bit big with her medium sized curves, black hair and blue eyes. She happened to wear bum shorts with a top that exposed her breast to a certain level. She had good boots too. Any man who would look at that figure would be drooling right now, I happened t be satisfied with Tracy so I barely get attracted by these things. But that doesn mean im invincible. Even Samson in the Bible was Tricked into love. I looked at Mason who was already in a world of his own. He was probably fantasizing about Linda. I don blame him. He doesn wish to remain single for the rest of his life. Even James has lots of girls going around him.

”Huh… Mason, man, dude. ” He was so deep in thought. I sighed, shook my head and then, ”MASON! ” I shouted

”What, I heard you before why are you disturbing my day dreaming. ” He said angrily.

”Ooh Im sorry, Mr. Day dreamer but weve got business to attend to. ” I said with a stern voice. It was then Linda came to Mason

”Hi Mason, thanks for the help the other time. ” She said. Mason was blushing to an extent his face was getting redder and redder. He looked like he was about to explode from an overload of flattering.

” its okay. Anytime please. ” He said.

”Okay, ” She turned to me and greeted. ”Hey Leo. ”

”Hi. ” I replied by waving my fingers. The bell rang again

”Oh, Ive gotta get to class, Ill see you around Mason. Heres my number. ” She said handing Mason a piece of paper with her number on it and rushed on to class then she turned back and gave a gesture to Mason to call her. Then she disappeared into her class. I turned my face to Mason with a look of surprise and curiosity.

” Hmm, something is really fishy here. What did you do to make the queen of SCHS give you her number? ” I asked with intense curiosity.

” I did her homework and explained a few topics to her. ” He replied, still trying to process the fact that an extremely beautiful girl just gave him her number and wanted him to call her.

”Humph, ” I scoffed. ”I hope she doesn use you as a boy toy. ” I said as I tapped his shoulders and turned to the school physics lab. Mason and I were working on a project.

”I would love to be her boy toy. ” I heard Mason whisper to himself. He then turned to follow me.

Mason and I entered the lab. It was a little big, it had all the physics equipment. Pendulum, beam balance, meter rule, spring balance, there is even a telescope and a Kaleidoscope in there. Mason and I picked our normal corner in the lab and there we removed the gadgets we were working on from our backpacks.

I heaved a big sigh and said ”Okay this is it. ” Mason and I started working. We were working on some old phones trying to create something new. But we were not actually working on the old phones, we just wanted to review somethings in those phones so that we could create a better gadget. It was hard work but Mason and I already had the plans. We were actually thinking of making something big but those dreams cannot be achieved yet. Well…not with our current level education. But we
e trying. ”So whats the deal? ” Mason asked. I was wondering what he was talking about

”What do you mean? ” I asked still working one the phone with good concentration. ” Im talking about the using of old phones first. Why don we just get to the project immediately rather than play with old gadgets. ” He said. I was a little confused because I had explained to him before but not in too much detail.

” look, ” I said as I dropped the screwdrivers with me. ” I already said wheat we are doing in reconnaissance. We or let me say I am trying to figure out if there is something here we could use and also study the pattern of the board and some other stuff. ” I explained

”Why? ” Mason said with a confused voice. ”Well if we were using the smartphones for the
econnaissance, that wouldve been understandable but this one is kinda too outdated for what we really need and besides, theres no way we can harvest what we need in here. ”

”I understand but smartphones are expensive. And when we want t fully begin our project, well have to construct our own circuit board to fit the construct and arrangement of the components we want to put in there. ” I explained with better clarity. Mason nodded with understanding and complemented me. Then we did our special handshake.

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