The Red Phoenix

School life

”Leo! ” my mother called. I was outside playing football with my dad and Mason, my best friend.

”Leonardo, honey, come inside. Lunch is ready. ” my mother called again. I was so engrossed in the game I was playing that I forgot how hungry I was at the moment. I really love games but I have to put my stomach first.

”In a minute mum. ” I replied. We invited Mason to join us which he gladly did. Mason was the kind of guy who would gladly join you in doing anything, except for something he didn like. We marched into the house, only to find the dining table filled with food. My dad decided to take his normal place on the dining table which was the end near the kitchen door while my mum took the other end. I sat by my mums left while Mason sat by her right. The room was so silent except for the sound of cutleries hitting plates repeatedly. We were having steak with some vegetables and chicken soup. ”Hmm, honey this is delicious, ” my dad said as he kept on chewing.

”Im glad you like it. ” my mum replied.

”You know… with this skill of yours, you could get a job in a restaurant. ” My dad said as he kept on eating. This was what I call eating with happiness

”Really? ” My mum asked in astonishment.

”Yeah, Im serious. ” My dad replied.

”Well okay. And speaking of jobs, I found a job opportunity online. The name of the company is Ace industries. It is a big industry in Leon City. They
e looking for a replacement for their secretary. ” my mum explained.

”Okay. So wheres this company located. ” my dad asked with great curiosity. She just mentioned it dad I thought to myself.

”Its in Leon city. ” my mum said reluctantly. She knew my dad would be uncomfortable with that distance. Leon city was five hundred miles away from Sunshine city where we live. My dad coughed instantly.

”You okay honey? ” My mum asked, grabbing a cup of water and giving it to my dad who was coughing seriously.

”But honey, isn that a bit far? You could have chosen somewhere a bit nearer. ” my dad said after drinking some water. His voice sounded confused and hoarse. He probably just swallowed something he was not supposed to.

”Honey I know. Its just that, this is a very big opportunity and I don wanna lose it. ” My mum replied.

”What did you say the name of the company was again? ” my dad asked.

”Its Ace industries. It is headed by a business man named Ivan Mark. ” My mum explained. When I heard the name, I remembered that I once watched one of his interviews once on TV. His company was an industry mainly for improving future technologies. They have created many gadgets and they even had a team create a VR game called Origin—a world apocalyptic game. Only the Beta version was released so the game is still pretty much under improvement.

”Hmm, I remember watching one of his interviews on TV. He seems like a nice man. This could be big you know. ” I said. My mum looked at me with agreement.

” I don know, the thing is that we
e gonna miss you, ya know. But I don think its a bad idea if thats what your heart tells you to do, why should I stop you? You can go ahead with your plan. ” My dad said. Guess my dad can let his wife go at all.

”Thanks honey. Ive already submitted my application a week ago and I got a response today to go for the interview on Monday. ” My mum explained. She was soo excited.

My dad was a bit surprised, ”You mean this coming Monday? ” He asked. My mum nodded in response.

”Well, go ahead. You have my approval. ” My dad said with a smile. My mum gave my dad a kiss and we began cleaning up. I cleared all the plates with my mum and did the dishes with Mason.

”Im sure you
e gonna miss me when Im gone. ” My mum said, trying to tease my dad.

”Im gonna miss you alright. But… you gotta do what you gotta do, right? ”

” Right! ” My mum exclaimed, then she went to her room.


Mason and I were walking on the street. We were on our way to Tracy and James house. I saw the look on Masons face and knew something was wrong. He was frowning slightly but his eyes looked sad too.

”Whats wrong man? ” I asked with a curious look.

”Its nothing. Im just bothered that youll be leaving for Leon city when your mum fully bases there. I mean youll leave us here. ” He said with a little bit of sadness. I knew what he meant and somehow I felt the same way.

”Oh come on, its not like that. And besides we can always get in touch on the phone. I know youll miss me but we
e not gonna be gone forever. ” I said, trying to be cheerful in my words.

”Well, another thing is thats gonna be a long time from now. ” Mason added. He must of cheered himself up too.

”See! ” I exclaimed, trying to prove how right he was.

We got to Jamess house. Mason and I were still deciding on who to knock when the door opened. It was Tracy, Jamess sister—my girlfriend.

”Hey guys. Whats up? ” A girl wearing crop top and a pair of black jeans opened the door. She was naturally Tracy and she looked excited and beautiful. She was a bit tall, a little more than five feet. She had black hair, blue eyes and her lips were pink. She was a full package beauty. Sometimes I imagine how lucky I am to have her as a girlfriend.

e gud. ” Mason and I said in unison.

”Well don just stand there, come on in. ” Tracy said with a cheerful voice. Mason and I stepped in and greeted her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson. They
e a nice couple.

”Hey James, weve got company. Mason and Leo are here. ” Tracy shouted to James who was in his room upstairs.

e here? ” he asked to confirm his surprise.

”No they
e not. ” Tracy replied sarcastically.

”I thought you said they were here. ” James replied, trying to play along. Tracy gave a frustrated sigh and turned to the two of us. Tracy and James are twins and they are like cat and mouse.

James came out of the room shirtless, exposing is breath taking abs. If a girl with a weak mind or will sees him like this, she fall in love with him on the spot. Tracy is beautiful, so her twin brother is naturally handsome.

”Whats up bro? ” he said as he lifted his hand to shake Mason and I.

e good man. ” I replied and shook his hand. He lifted his hand to shake Mason but Mason didn budge.

”Come on man. Whats wrong with you? ” James asked, tapping Mason on the face.

”Go put on a shirt first then well talk. ” Mason replied. Mason was actually jealous of Jamess handsomeness but didn want to show it.

”Huh. Fussy ol Mason. ” James said, as he walked back upstairs to put on a shirt. I gave Mason a strong and annoyed gaze.

”What?! ” Mason asked with astonishment .

”Dude, not funny. ” I said with seriousness. Maosn was still supposed to shake him.

”I wasn laughing. ” He replied. We gave each other angry stares before Tracy cut in.

”Cut it out guys, ” she said coming between us, ”Sowhere are we goin today? ”

”You guys will decide, mine is just to follow. ” Mason said

I scoffed, ”Says the guy whose always making the decisions. ” I said in a low tone.

”Hey! I heard that. ” Mason claimed.

I turned my face to him and smiled, ”Well didn you? ” I said playfully. He gave me a playful punch and we laughed it off, we could never stay mad at each other notfor long. Not for even for a minute.

”Lets go to Hans burgers, its a new fast food restaurant that opened last week, and its not far from here. Their burgers look so good and Ive been dying to try one, ” Tracy revealed with enthusiasm.

”Sounds good to me, ” James said, now fully clothed.

”Goodbye mum and dad, ” Tracy said leaving for Jamess car

”Where to? ” Tracys dad asked, not taking his eyes off the TV.

”To Hans burgers ” she said still putting on her shoe.

”Okay. Have fun and don go too far ” Tracys mum said. As the four of us stepped out of the house and went to Jamess car, I felt a sudden gush of wind go past me. ”Shotgun, ” Mason called out as he ran to the front seat overtaking me as I was heading there too.

”You seriously didn need to do that. ” I said calmly as I stepped in.

When we got to the restaurant, it was like seeing the place for the first time despite the fact I passed the place by like a hundred times over. The place was wide on the outside with neon bulbs displaying the Hans Burgers on top of the building.

”You just seeing this place? ” Tracy asked as she got off the car.

”Oh Ive been here like a million times and it still looks new to me. ” I replied with a confused expression. Tracy looked at me with a confusion written all over her face.

”You okay man? ” she asked. She couldn believe that Ive passed a building before yet it still looks new to me.

I looked blankly at her. ”Im good, whyd you ask? ”

”You said youve been here and it still seems new to you! ” she said with slight curiosity in her voice.

”Oh I meant Ive passed in front of this place without even knowing about it a lot of times. ” I replied in order to kill the look on her face.

”I see, ” she said with satisfaction, ”well, what are we waiting for, lets check in. ” she exclaimed. We moved inside and looked for empty seats. The place was wide with ten round tables and three chairs around them each in the middle of the restaurant. They had long couch-like chairs for a group of people. We went for the couch on the left of the restaurant.

”Wow! ” Mason said ”This places amazing. Whats it called again? ”

”Hans Burgers. ” Tracy replied, ” Its new in the city. ” This statement of hers confused me a bit.

”Wait a minute, I thought you said— ” I was interrupted before I could finish.

”It was bought from the original owner, Mr. Lewis, ” Tracy clarified, ”It was formally a supermarket. Thats why it seems new to you Leo. ” she concluded, facing me.

”Oh I see. ” I said with a satisfactory tone. It was just shortly, a waitress came to our table with a note in her hand for taking customers orders.

”Hello, welcome to Hans burgers what can I get for you? ” she asked with a smooth welcoming voice. She was a woman who probably was in her mid twenties had a mesomorphic stature, blonde hair with pony tail, blue eyes and extremely pink lips. Funny thing is I don know what prompted me to study all her features

”Oh, Id like a burger and a bottle of Coca-cola. ” Tracy said. She wrote down the order and she turned to face me,a if inquiring for my own order.

”What she said. And that goes for everyone here only that my friend here, ” pointing to James who was fully focused on his phone, ”He would like a bottle of chapman instead. ” I said with a smile.

”Coming right up ” the waitress smiled as she took our orders and left.

”Well, what do you guys think? ” Tracy asked with pride.

”I think its nice. Theyve got really hot waitresses here. ” Mason commented, still looking around. I shook my head in total disappointment. Even James who was engrossed in whatever he was doing in his phone look at Mason in surprise.

”Dude, seriously, ” James said with disdain, ”we came to check out this restaurant and you
e busy acknowledging the hot waitresses here. ”

” Im just saying. And besides theres no sin in lookin ” Mason replied defensively. Tracy on the other hand just sat there giggling. Looks like all our drama seemed a little funny to her. Shortly, the waitress came with our food and place them all on the table. Funny thing is that ever since we got to the restaurant, Tracy has been giving me this kind of suspicious look which makes me have the feeling that she planning something against me.

”Okay what is it! ” I finally asked, ”What do you mean? ” She asked innocently.

”Youve been giving me this evil look like the one you always gave me in seventh grade when I was always about to fall into one of your traps, ” I said interrogatively, ”What is it? ”

”Its nothing ” she said as she kept on sipping from her chilled bottle of coke. I gave her a long interrogative stare waiting for her to spit out her reason for the evil look.

”Okay, youll find out soon enough. ” she finally uttered.

”So you are planning something against me?! ”

”Well, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do ” she said. I was a bit speechless because I wouldn like to get caught up in one of her ricks without being prepared. I just kept on thinking. I was not in the mood for her tricks right now. There was a time when she put a punching glove with a spring under it inside my locker. She knew that Ill definitely open the locker and when I did, I felt an hard foam punch me right in the face. It was so sudden and unexpected and I fell to the ground. Then I saw people laughing at me and I was furious. I apprehended Tracy and I made it clear not to do that again. Of course she never listened and I just kept getting caught in her traps, again… and again… and again… and again… and… you get the idea.

I finished up my burger and as an instinct, looked around to see if any of my friends were done with theirs. Before we were about to go, the same waitress came to our table to give us the bill which I should have asked for initially. could this be where Tracys trick lies I asked myself.

”Okay, heres your bill. I hope you enjoyed the meal, ” she said giving that cheerful smile again. To me I had a feeling that behind that smile could be an extremely dangerous woman. I checked the bill and what I saw didn surprise me much, ”We
e giving a forty percent discount to all our customers since we just opened. ” the waitress said again.

”Thank you, ” Tracy said, ”Oh I almost forgot, bills on him. ” Tracy added, pointing at me. youve gotta be kidding me. I thought.

”Tracy, seriously!? So this is the trick you were preparing for me!? ” I said. Almost yelling but trying to keep it low. Tracy did nothing but winked as she grabbed her jacket and left. She knew that I could pay the money.

”Well thanks, mate. ” James said as he too left.

”Don worry. Ill take half of the payment. ” Mason said as he dropped three dollars on the table and also left for Jamess car. thats not even up to half I thought again. I sighed and dropped five dollars on the table and give the waitress a tip which she happily received.

We got outside and I still saw Tracy laughing that evil laugh which she does when I fall into one of her traps. I don always fall in her traps though. It got to a point I never fell for her tricks anymore unless I wasn aware or I gave up my spirit of suspicion.

”That was not in anyway funny Tracy why are you laughing? ” I said with a tone that indicated I was slightly pissed.

Tracy just kept on laughing, ”Wow, you finally fell for this one didn you! Ha ”

”Yeah yeah laugh it up. Youll get tired soon enough. ” I said as I sat in the front seat beside James.

”So, you wanna come here some other time? ” Tracy asked.

”Probably, ” I added ”But Ill keep today in mind. ”

” I didn ask you not to. ” Tracy said lakadiasically.

”You two are like Tom & Jerry ” James chipped in, ”Only that you
e cute. ” He then started the car and we zoomed off.

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