The Red Phoenix

How it all Began.

I was panting heavily. My body was aching everywhere. Ive been fighting for a long time now but the ice cannons can counter my flame powers. My hands were feeling numb and my eyes were bloodshot. Id already killed a lot of people but they just keep coming.

I could hear more rovers coming in. There were six of them, two of them armed with ice cannons. ”Give it up Red Phoenix, youve been cornered, ” a tall and muscular man said. His face looked like an Asian man and I could guess that he was Japanese . He stood on one of the Rovers with the Ice cannons on it. I was trying to calculate my way of escape but I couldn find a way, I was already surrounded.

”Leo, ” Tracy said from the comms in my ears. She was panicking, ”you have to get out of there. Those cannons are not something you can handle. ” I was wearing a red hoodie and a mask but so those around me couldn see the nasty expression on my face.

Ive been surrounded, what do I do. I thought to myself. I need to escape. ”Its time for you to pay for not minding your business. ” The muscular man blurted out again. ”You guys did illegal business, killed Innocents and put a lot of people to tears. I don think I will ever mind my business in things like that. ” I said with a deep voice so that no one would recognize me.

”In that case, prepare to be frozen to death. ” he said, then signaled to the shooters of the ice cannons to fire at will. I immediately lighted a spark and amplified the spark into a blazing fire to counter one of the approaching ice. With that, I jumped and dodged the rest but bullets were also a problem. I used my two Katanas to block most of the bullets but a few still got into my body but my speed healing kicked in. If things went like this, it wouldn be long before I get caught.

I jumped on one of the rovers and chopped the head of one of the shooters off, dodged a bullet from a gun pointed point blank at me, grabbed the gun and stabbed the shooter. With that, I used him as a meat shield to block the other bullets. The bullets penetrated his body like needles penetrating foam.

I threw the body down and slashed at the other shooters, but I was outnumbered seventy to one. Weapons like grenades and rocket launchers were prohibited from fighting me because I could use it to my advantage so only Ice cannons and machine guns were allowed. With time, a Ice cannon was shot, I tried to dodge but I was a split second late. ”Aarh ” I groaned as I took the hit. I wasn iced completely… yet, but I felt cold and it was painful. I was freezing but the cold couldn get any worse, unless Im being shot again. The gunshots stopped and the muscular man got down and walked towards me with a cold gun on his hand. I was shaking on the ground and I tried to reach my sword but the man kicked my sword away and stepped on my hand. ”Aaah ” I screamed. I was trying to build up temperature in my body but it was to no avail. ”You shouldve just enjoyed your miserable life at home. ” He said. I was freezing but I mustered the strength to talk. ”screw you ” I said. He got angry and took off the hood. When he saw my face, he was surprised. He saw a young and handsome eighteen years old boy. ”So its been a stupid kid that has been causing us Soo much trouble. ” He said disdainfully, ”let me finish this fly. ” he said as he pointed his cold gun at me to freeze me. looks like this is how it ends. The death of the Phoenix. I thought. He was just about to pull the trigger when he received a call.

”Sir… yes… but hes just some kid… I can do it… okay… well bring him in. ” he said as the hung up. He didn look too happy. ”looks like you
e very lucky, the boss wants to see you. ” he said. Then he raised his fist and punched me in the face. I could hear Tracy screaming in my ears. She was crying, screaming. ”Leeooo ” I felt light headed and then blackness. My consciousness dived into a dark abyss.

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