The Red Phoenix

The \'jetboard\' testing… and accident

It was already closing time. Tracy, Mason and I were heading to the workshop. We were chatting along the way but I was a bit of an odd ball. I barely talked, though my friends tried to get me to laugh. I was expecting to meet my dad at the workshop so maybe all four of us could give him a hand but when we got there he wasn there.

”Well… ” Mason said as he checked the padlock. ”This isn too surprising. ”

”Give the old man a break will you! Hes probably still shaken to come to work. ” James said.

”Hmm. ” I knew fully well that my dad was probably at the bar drinking his sorrows out.

”Well… ” Tracy faced me and asked, ”What are we gonna do now? ”

”The show must go on. ” I said without looking at her. I already anticipated this so I brought an extra key with me. I opened the gates and we all went in. We all entered the office and dropped our bags.

There were six cars in the park that needed attention but we were only going to deal with two and that even depends on how long we spent on one of them.

”So what do we do now? ” James asked me. Rubbing his hands together, ready to get to work. I looked serious and observed the situation carefully.

” Well, considering the time we have left, I say we deal with those two vehicles, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta there and the truck over there. ” I said pointing at the two vehicles on the park. The four of us have been childhood friends so we mostly watched my dad do the fixing and we pretty much know a little bit about cars, with Mason and I exceptionally better than the twins. But we all have our specialty, for example, James is always the computer guy, Mason the gadget builder, Tracy the inspirational princess, and I, the idea inventor…. well kind of.

”James and I will deal with the truck, you guys take care of the. ” Mason said as he rolled his sleeves and pulled James away. I looked at Mason and in disbelief. He forgot to take the keys.

”Huh, Mason you forgot the– ” I said but Mason cut me off, coming back to collect the keys.

”Yes, the keys, the keys. ” He said as he came for the keys and went to work. Tracy looked at me with surprise and confusion written on her face.

”Whats gotten into him? ” she asked with a confused face. I merely shrugged and we went to the Alfa Romeo to work on it. We finished up with the two vehicles faster than we thought we would and so we decided to check on the skateboard I was modifying.

”Whoa, looks like someones been busy. ” James said. Hes only heard about the board but he hasn actually seen it.

”Wait ill you see when this bad boy is done. Itll be skatetastic. ” Mason said excitedly. Tracy frowned slightly and gave Mason a weird look.

”Wait did you just say skatetastic? ” she said then she turned to face me, ”Did he just say skatetastic? ” Tracy looked at James and I but we just shrugged. We were all used to Masons stupid sense of humor.

Mason felt wronged. ” Whats wrong, it kinda sounds cool and catchy. ” He said defensively.

”Meh. ” James said. I just turned away. I brought out the plans and we started working on the board. We added the mini thrusters under the board and Tracy welded the one side of the fins on the board. By the time we were almost done, it was six oclock in the evening.

”Lets round things up here, well conclude it next time. ” Tracy said. James nodded in agreement.

”Okay, lets go. ” I said. We packed our bags and headed home. The time we spent in the workshop was worthwhile. Itll probably take a week for me finish up with the board alone but they helped me to reduce that time. I wasn in the mood to continue but they forced me. Good thing they did though.


I got home but I noticed the door was locked. wheres my dad off to now? I thought. This meant two things, my dad was either gone and never coming back or hes probably drowning himself in a pool of alcohol and I preferred neither. I opened the door and went in but the smell of the house wasn as it used to be. It was the smell of alcohol. I picked up a bottle of whiskey from the table.

”Hmm, this is bad. And I thought he was taking things lightly. ” I said glumly. I went to my room, freshened up, did a few paperwork and went to the living room to watch TV. I cleared the alcohol bottles from the living room too and spayed the place. I couldn clean because I was already tired. An hour passed and my dad walked into the house. He was dead drunk and he didn smell so good. He staggered and almost fell but I held him in place. He still had a bottle in his hand. good thing he didn drive. I thought to myself as I balanced him on a chair.

” Dad what is all this? ” I asked sternly. He looked drunk but I still expected an answer. He blinked multiple times and touched my face.

”Le…Leo… My son. How are you? ” he said drunkenly. He was struggling to make a clear image and his voice was hoarse. His breath was so awful, I felt like throwing up the moment he talked.

”Im good, where have you been and why are you drunk like this? ” I asked again, still struggling not to throw up. I was pretty annoyed but I tried to stay calm. He just stood up and went towards the room.

”Im fine kid, don worry about me. ” He said as he walked unsteadily to his room.

”Dad, you need to stop this, stop drinking! ” I said as I snatched the bottle from him. I put it on the table. He took it from the table again.

”I gotta go to bed, see you in the morning. ” He said as he waved, still staggering up the stairs. I went collected the bottle from him and put it on the table.

”You will go to bed but no drinking. Whats gotten into you dad? ” I said annoyingly. My dad barely got angry with me and he didn want to start now.

”Don worry about me. You don understand kid. You don . ” he said as he came downstairs and took the bottle from the table again. I was dumb folded. what the hell I gave an irritated look.

” Stop this drinking. ” I took the bottle away from his hand again and I was getting angrier. It was very frustrating. He didn take the bottle this time, he just went on to take a bottle of beer from the fridge.
ow Im pissed. I thought to myself. He took a gulp but I went there and collected the bottle from him.

”Alright dad. Time for bed lets go. I said as I tried to drag my dad from the living room upstairs. As I was dragging him he still took a bottle of beer from the table. When I was about to put him to bed I found the bottle on his hand and he was about to take another gulp but I took it off his hands and left the room. But before I left the room completely, I turned to look at him. He looked dirty and this hurt me. I was speechless.

”Good night dad. ” I said as I left the room.

I was down to the living room when I saw Tracys call. It rang for four seconds before she picked.

”Hey Leo, whats up? ” A cheerful voice came out from the phones speaker. I sighed heavily.

” Im good. ” I said lackadaisically

”Whats the matter, you don sound too good. ” She said curiously. I explained everything that happened to her and she listened attentively.

” Well were you able to talk to him? ” She asked after listening for about two minutes. I raised my brows.

”How do you reach a man when hes dead drunk? ” I answered her question with a question to signify to her it was a stupid question she asked. Tracy grinned nervously she was able to tell the message I was conveying to her.

”Well thats bad… but expected. ” She said.

”Seriously? Thats what you
e gonna say? ” I was a little stunned and annoyed by her statement.

”What do want me to say….give him time? ”

” Well… yeah! ” I said after giving it some thought

”Ugh… fine, give him time. ” She grunted.

”Ill give him time alright. But I won sit down and watch my dad turn himself into something obscene. ” I said sternly

”Huh? You think too much. Thats not gonna happen. I don think your dad would want to break your heart. ” She said with a little sense of humor. I laughed lightly. ”Don worry Leo, itll be all right. ”

” I hope so. ” I said. Tracy and I chatted for a while before I hung up. I went into deep thought before coming back to my senses and cheering myself up.

”Tomorrows another day. ” I said to myself and a voice in my head replied me yeah, but it might be worse.

”Lets just hope it doesn get any worse than this. ” I said again. I then realised that I was talking to myself all along. Its a common endeavor for me though.


It was eight oclock in the morning and it was a Saturday morning. One of the days I love….you
e probably thinking its because I don have to go to school and you
e right but its not just that, its a free day for me. But sometimes it can also spell doom for me, especially when I pile up all of my assignments for Saturday. But today was a free day for me. I had no homework and all I just had to do was go to the workshop. I took my bath, packed my bag with the tools Im gonna need for my Skateboard and went downstairs. I stepped out of my room and was about to head downstairs but I stopped, I decided to check on my dad.

Knock knock knock

I knocked on the door but I didn get a response. I opened the door but my dad was still sleeping, snoring like a pig. I gave a wry smile and left quietly. I didn want to disturb him. I was taking some cereals as breakfast when my dad came downstairs, he looked like someone who just recovered from drunkenness.

”Good morning dad. ” I greeted.

”Good morning, how are you? ” he said swiftly.

” Im good. ” I said without taking my eyes off him. I suspected that was going to go to the fridge and take a bottle of beer. He was first of all perambulating like someone whos searching for something and then he went to the fridge. I was about to go and stop him until I saw him bring milk out instead of beer. I heaved a sigh of relief. I didn want to see him drinking again. But then after taking the milk, he still decided to have a gulp of beer before taking breakfast. I was fuming inside. Spoil sport I thought to myself. He brought out some cereal too and he started eating. I tried calming down. What the hell is wrong with this man. You gotta get a hold of yourself dad. I thought to myself. I finished my food and cleaned up.

”Umm, dad Im about to go to the workshop. You mind coming with me? ” I asked.

”Maybe. ” He replied.

”Wha… what do mean maybe? ” I asked, ”I can wait for you if you
e coming. My friends and I fixed two cars yesterday, I was about to tell you last night but you were too drunk to listen so– ”

”Look kid, I said maybe, is that too hard for you too understand? ” he slammed the table as he yelled. I knew I had crossed my boundaries but I didn care. I had to remain calm or this could get ugly.

”Dad, youve got to get a hold of yourself. Stop drinking and worrying over something that has already happened. Moms gone but all these things you are doing is not gonna bring her back. Im the one who should be doing this not you. Because you lost your wife but…but I…I lost my mom. And that thought haunts me every day. But seeing you like this hurts me more. ” I already started sobbing at this point, ” Please dad, stop living like this. ” I said but my dad didn spare me a look. I was sad and I just left the house.

I got to the workshop and went to the office. I was frustrated but I was trying to calm down. I decided to go to the basement downstairs. The basement didn have much except for car parts and some tools. We also had a punching back which my dad and I usually used. I wanted to let off some steam so I started punching the bag. I was hoping to put all my anger on that bad and the stupid part was that I wasn wearing gloves, I just kept on punching. I punched and punched to an extent my fist felt numb but I still continued. I didn want to stop, I couldn stop. I had memories and imaginations flash through my head as I kept punching. I could feel the extreme sadness and anger combined to give me the urge to punch something to death. My hands started to bleed and then I stopped. I was sweating profusely and was breathing heavily. I was already calming down but I doubted if it would be enough.

I was looking at the plans of my skateboard when Tracy came in. ” Hey Leo, good morning. ” She greeted.

”Good morning. How are you? ” I forced a smile on my face which felt extremely awkward. She wasn paying attention to that though, she was paying attention to my hand.

”Whys there blood on your hands? What happened to you? ” She asked curiously, taking my large hands in her small, soft ones.

”Its nothing, I was just…um, I huh…. ” I was racking my brain for a lie. I didn want to give Tracy unnecessary worries. ”I fell on my way here. ” I quickly uttered. She looked at me with disbelief.

” You fell down on your knuckles? ” she questioned, her brows raised with surprise.

”Yeah huh, thats what I did. ” I replied, my eyes looking everywhere else but her eyes, which only added to her suspicion.

”Did anyone ever tell you how much of a terrible liar you are? Come on Leonardo Anderson, tell me what happened. ” She demanded.

I sighed I guess Ive got no choice. I whispered to myself.

”I was letting off steam by punching a bag. ” I said as I rolled my eyes, taking a seat on the bench. Tracy sat beside me.

” So, did something happen at home today? ” she asked.

”Hes still depressed. ” I said, letting my words hang in the air.

”I thought I told you to give him time… or let me say you told me to tell you to give him time. ”

” You know when people say the phrase give him time its like saying wait until he does something stupid. I will not do that. ” I justified my actions.

”Well those were your words not mine. You were the one who wanted me to tell you to give him time. ” She said turning her face away and blaming me. I gave her an irritated look.

”Ohh, those were my words? Who made the suggestion to say that, huh? You did. ” I argued loudly. I was still a bit angry about my dad.

” Fine, I made the suggestion. You know what? Don ever ask me for advice again. ” She said angrily as she walked away. I didn want an argument that might cost us our relationship so I decided to give in and apologize.

”Come on Tracy. It hasn gotten this far. Alright, Im sorry. ” I said as I stood and held Tracys shoulders. If theres something Tracy loves best, its apologies, especially from me. Tracy didn turn back but I know her too well. I knew a wide smile was already on her face without even seeing it.

”Come on, don be angry. You know I get sad when you
e angry at me. ” I said as I hugged her from behind and she smiled. She was blushing heavily. I was angry before but when Tracy is around me, anger doesn last. Slowly, I turned her to me and placed a kiss on her cheeks and as I kept doing this she blushed hard.

”You know Leo, maybe your dad just needs someone who would love him again like your mum did. ” Tracy suggested.

”Well if thats who hes looking for, then Im here for him. ” I replied. She looked at me with disdain.

”I meant a woman who would love him, the way your mum loved him. ” As she said this I was deep in thought. It felt a little too early for such to happen.

”Thats gonna be hard. Its like finally finding a piece of treasure and losing it then telling me to find another one. Thats gonna be really hard. ” I said, still thinking.

”Well, he won find one if he doesn try. ” She said. She was right. I gotta do something about this. I thought to myself

”Well… ” Tracy added. ”Why don we talk about us. ”

”What do you mean? ” I asked still hugging her. My hand was close to her butt now and I didn intend on stopping there.

” You know, how we
e gonna spend this beautiful Saturday morning. ” She said seductively, her lips stayed close to mine. My heart was already racing, we haven gotten this close before, well we had once.

”Well, what do you have in mind. ” I asked. She moved her lips closer and I closed my eyes hoping to receive her hot lips. Our lips touched and slowly, they danced together. My hands subconsciously moved from her waist to her hair. My fingers ran through them, the soft feel of them had me pulling her closer. She moaned into my mouth from my actions and pushed herself closer to me. I held my breathe for so long and needed to breath but at the same time, I didn want to stop. Instead, I moved down to her neck, my swallow lips place soft kisses on them. Her fingers gripped my biceps as I gave her a hickey. We were so engrossed in our intimate acts, we didn notice James and Mason enter.

Cough cough

Mason coughed. Tracy and I quickly separated. We acted like nothing happened. I was weird.

”I huh… I gotta go huh check out a car. ” Tracy stammered before leaving. I was so annoyed. I hate being interrupted when having a good time with my girl. I gritted my teeth and faced Mason with an angry face.

” Why didn you guys knock. As you could see we were busy. ” I yelled.

”Huh, busy kissing each other? I don see how kissing and business correlate. ” Mason said. Tracy was blushing from the side and left for the garage. I was happily having a good time with the love of my life here and you guys came in and interrupted us and you are still justifying the fact that you came at the wrong time? You deserve to die Mason Harper. I thought angrily. I looked at Mason angrily and gave him the beating of his life.

”I can see that you are eager to die. ” I said as I smiled like a demon. I clenched my fist and advanced towards Mason. Mason was scared and he pleaded but I didn listen. I looked like a devil that has seen its prey and gave a demonic smile.

” Ouch, stop, please you
e hurting me. ” Mason yelled as I gave him the beating of his life. James just sat at the side and didn interrupt. He was the senior among us so he didn bother about me.

” Next time, don interrupt a man and his business. ” I said kicking his butt. Mason felt a huge pain in his backside.

” Ooooucch!! ”

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