did the most intimate things, yet their hands and feet were constantly suppressing each other.

Fu Yuhe grabbed Shen Yi’s wrist, and Shen Yi pressed Fu Yuhe’s leg… They kissed inseparablly, and as passionate as dry wood being set on fire.


The coffee table was knocked out of position, and there was a grunting sound, and the glass that had been dropped by Fu Yuhe on the ground rolled away, and their rough breathing seemingly amplified by several times ringing in their ears.

After an unknown amount of time, most of the bathrobe on Fu Yuhe’s body had fallen down, when a voice suddenly came from upstairs.

“Brother!?” Fu Cheng exclaimed out.

It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured down, the fire was extinguished by the cold water in an instant, and the two stopped their action in unison.

At the entrance of the stairs on the second floor, Fu Cheng looked down the stairs, he saw the galaxy of stars on the wall, and also heard some movement, but he couldn’t see where his brother was.

“Are you down there?” He asked.

Fu Yuhe seemed to suddenly to have sobered up, and vividly interpreted the essence of “pulling up his pants after doing the deed”, he pushed Shen Yi away, adjusted his bathrobe, and got up from the sofa.

“What’s wrong?” He spoke in a voice that was several degrees hoarser than before, mixed with hints of lust.

Fu Cheng didn’t hear it, “Don’t sleep on the sofa, it’s easy to catch a cold, and your voice will get hoarse.”

Fu Yuhe: “…Um.”

He covered Shen Yi’s mouth to prevent him from making a sound.

Shen Yi lay on the ground.
He didn’t think feel it before but the floor was a little cold.
He blinked his eyes, his breath spraying all over Fu Yuhe’s palm.
There were still unquenched flames inside his eyes, his eyes looked at Fu Yuhe and he didn’t struggle, only tilted his head.

Fu Yuhe asked Fu Cheng what was he doing, Fu Cheng said that he heard movements downstairs and thought something was wrong, and when Fu Yuhe relaxed his vigilance, Shen Yi suddenly broke away from his hand and called out “Fu Cheng”.

“Huh?” Fu Cheng poked his head from up the stairs, “Shen Yi, are you there too?”

Although Fu Yuhe quickly covered Shen Yi’s mouth again, it was useless, he covered Shen Yi’s mouth with a calm expression, but Shen Yi could still fell his rare ‘lost for word’ moment for a few seconds.

“What do you want to do?” Fu Yuhe lowered his voice and gritted his teeth and asked.

“What are you covering my mouth for?” Shen Yi also whispered, “Are you afraid that Fu Cheng will find out? Brother, you are feeling guilty, aren’t you.”

Fu Yuhe: “…” That was right.

A sword was invisibly stabbed right into his heart.

“Brother?” Fu Cheng saw that his brother had lost his voice again, and lifted his feet to go downstairs.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Fu Yuhe hurriedly whispered.

“What nonsense?” Shen Yi asked.

Fu Yuhe: “You know what I am talking about.”

Shen Yi: “If you don’t say it directly, how can I understand you.”

With a helpless expression, he glanced to the side, and he looked nothing short of a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water.1

Fu Yuhe: “…”

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and Shen Yi chuckled, “It’s okay for me keep it a secret, but my silence comes with a condition, after all, I have helped you keep it a secret way too many times before.
Even if I do make a request, it’s still not too much.”

Fu Yuhe tugged at the corners of his mouth: “What if I tell Fu Cheng that you are here because you wanted to seduce me?”

“He won’t believe you.” Shen Yi said bluntly, and then said the script that had just come up with, with a cunning smile over his face, “You drank today, so in a moment of confusion you mistook me for someone else, pressed me to the ground before forcing me to comply with your wishes.
How pitiful is that when I just came over to send a gift to you…”

“Brother, are you feeling uncomfortable? Shen Yi?” Fu Cheng walked down to the first floor.

If it weren’t for the sofa covering them, their appearances and posture would have been completely exposed to Fu Cheng’s eyes.

Fu Yuhe interrupted Shen Yi: “Enough, I promise you.”

He let go of Shen Yi, got up and sat on the sofa, without his suppression, Shen Yi sat up slowly, he bent one leg, straightened the T-shirt on his body, put one hand on the sofa casually, and looked sideways at Fu Cheng.

“What are you doing here?” Fu Cheng asked, “Why did you ignore me just now?”

“Just now…” Shen Yi’s tone was meaningful, he glanced at Fu Yuhe, Fu Yuhe raised his eyes and looked at him coldly, but there was still lust under his eyes that had yet to fade, just like a wild horse, with his eyes, he easily made people want to conquer him.

“Looking at the stars.” Shen Yi pointed to the wall, “My birthday gift for Brother Fu.”

The light was dim, and although they could see each other’s facial features clearly, they were not so clear about details such as their red and swollen lips, so Shen Yi wasn’t afraid that Fu Cheng would find anything.

“Then… why did it end up like this? Fu Cheng looked at the mess and paused for two seconds, before asking, “Have you been fighting?”

Several pillows were rolled off on the floor, the coffee table was out of position, and the tissues on the table had fallen to the floor and were crushed in disarray.

“Ah…” Shen Yi said, “Your brother drank too much and fell down.”

Fu Cheng threw away his doubts in an instant, and said in surprise: “Brother, are you okay? Where did you fall? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Fu Yuhe, who was forced to take the fall: “…It’s okay.”

Footnotes: –

Dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water.1: Not being afraid of any consequences.

Translator’s Note:

I am sure you guys loved the chapter after looking forward to it all this while.

Total Count: 2184 words

Well, I hope you enjoyed the chapters that I cranked out in the past 6+ hours.
This is just an update on what’s been happening to me in the past week or two leading to such sporadic updates.
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So, the updates are going to be such for at least a month.
Sometimes I might give out 3 chapters all at once or sometimes nothing for two weeks straight.

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