Entering into the labyrinth was a new experience. I never would have thought that the labyrinth was inside of the garden behind the church. Whenever someone would walk into the gardens gates they would be randomly transported some where on the first floor of the labyrinth. When Sister Francis lead me to a door taking me out of the church I didn think this would be it. Besides when I turned around the door had disappeared only a solid wall remained . The insides of this labyrinth looked like a cave. Well Father Marshal did say that there would only be the basic monsters would be here. They do normally live in odd places. The first was easy all you had to do was defeat a twenty slimes. The second floor was simple but annoying. To pass all anyone had to do was collect fifteen horned rabbit horns. Any normal person could have passed the first and second floor. The reason for the first, two floors was to absorb mana from the slimes since the love eating magi-stones. Also for Aura users it was used to unlock their dormant spiritual energy. The other was to get the feel fulfilling orders. After fully awakening the World system will randomly give a quest to the awakened. The only thing was the awakeners couldn use the status menus outside of dungeons. We could only read and accept what the World System shown. No one really knew where the World system came from only that it helped humanity in dark times. After reaching the third floor I began to walk towards the only light I could see down the narrow walk way. I continued walking for about five minutes before I caught my first prey. But I had to make sure he was the only one there. It was a goblin about three foot two inches. It had green colored skin and a tooth hanging out from the lower jaw. It only had a small dagger and some basic gear on a pair of trousers. It doesn have much armor so it should be easy with the basic spear I picked. Im not really fond of spears. Im more of a Bo staff kind of guy. But I also wouldn mind a scythe. Not only is it versatile but it can attack while defending. With the blade on the end it gives me enough distance to protect myself while steadily attacking my opponent. For now I don see any others. He might just be patrolling. I grip my spear in the middle. Giving my self a good grip, the goblin is a good ten yards away from me. With some strength I lean my right shoulder back and launch my spear directly at the goblins head. With me making a little noise when I threw my spear. The goblin looked towards me. But it was already too late my spear was in between the goblins forehead. His body slowly dropped while my spear was still pierced through his skull. ”Gotcha. ” I said to myself as I ran to grab my spear and whatever else they goblin had on him. Which wasn much but a pair of trousers and the small dagger. So I just left the trousers and took the dagger and continued on. After forty-five minutes later I approached six goblins. Four of them were by them selves but the last two a male and female ambushed me as I was looting the dead goblin. It took me around twenty minutes to finish them. because one of them cut my left arm while the other tried to launch itself and stab me. On the other hand he didn know I had multiple daggers from the other dead goblins. So when I got cut at first I was shocked but continued without hesitation. One of the first things you learn in school is to be battle heart. Some survive only because of their families and factions. So I threw myself to the side simultaneously tossing a dagger at the goblin that launched himself at me. Big mistake not only can you not fly but in air you can evade and you do not have a ships only a small basic dagger. With every vital spot open the dagger landed cleanly in his chest killing in instantly. The other was shocked I killed his comrade. Giving me enough time to grab my spear. When I tried to stab him he evaded. So I tried it again as a feint to distract him so I could really hit him in the middle of his forehead with the end of my spear. But before I could he got into close range instead of stabbing me he punched me right in the middle of my stomach. I instantly dropped to my knees vomiting. As I was vomiting the goblin took ten steps back then took of his shirt. It was odd because most goblins should be dumb and only have a basic thought process. But this one was enraged and wanted to show her strength I think the goblin I kill was a relative or something. I stood up wiping my mouth from the vomit as I caught my bearings. After wards the goblin began to speak. (Female Goblin??) ” #*+#^%?!^ ” what did she just say. What language is she speaking I can even understand her it doesn matter. After the goblin said that she hit her chest one time and ran towards me. She wanted a bare knuckle fight Ill give her one. For some reason this goblin was different she was as tall as me and her skin was still green but he also had a horn on each side of his forehead. As she ran towards me she set a right ,left, close right uppercut followed by a left hook. I dodged everything but that damned left hook. It left be dazed for a second. Evange hits a hell of a lot harder though. Right after gaining my composure, I instantly head butted the goblin making her drop some. It did hurt a little but I had to endure. Right after the head butt I grabbed the back of the goblins head while letting her face meet my left knee. This sent the goblin back two feet. I didn charge immediately because I wanted to repay her for letting me get myself together before attacking. The goblin got herself together. He looked at me and began speaking again. (Female Goblin) ” #%*>you? ” What did he just say. ” Hey what did you just say I almost understood you. ” What did he say the thing thing I could understand with everything he said was YOU? (Female Goblin) ” &#%who are you? ” The goblin was looking at me breathing hard as she wiped the blood from his broken nose. ” My name is Solomon Jafahr. ” When I said my name the goblins eyes got wide and he began to smile. (Female Goblin) ”You are a Jafahr this must be fact you must be the last prince of King Byass. ” Huh? Who is King Byass? I thought to myself. Second how can I understand her. ” What are you? How can I understand you? And whose King Byass? ” The goblin looked at me and laughed. (Female Goblin) ”You know nothing you are the youngest. This is amazing if I can kill you before anyone else does and offer your head as proof. Do you know the rewards I would get from. I have worked so hard to evolve into a hobgoblin. And I will do whatever I have to to grow stronger. In this work its survival of the fittest. So please lay down your life for my-. ” Before the Hobgoblin could finish her speech. I dashed forward with enough range I forced my body to spin while stilling sprinting at that time I obtained the basic skill spin slash. One of the basic spearmen skills. Due to being a picking the Wanderer bracelet. Im able to learn the skills of the other classes. So Im not technically special in any category but also special in all of them. A jack of all trades if you will. As I stood breathing hard from e teething too much stamina in the attack before it was it was given to me by the world system. The female hobgoblins head fell to the floor rolling in shock. Next his body dropped like a sack of potatoes. When it was all said and over the world system rewarded me with the basic hunter kit for dungeons. It happens when you first enter a dungeon a fight at least one monster slightly stronger than yourself. No one really knows what the world system is all anyone knows is that before the empire of Eldina was created the World system appeared rewarding all awakeners on their journey. Since Im being rewarded by the World system it must mean I have just awakened. The next thing I knew I could feel my whole body tingling. It was like my body was on fire but also being frozen at the same time. Next my bones started breaking and reforming. This happens in the awakening process. As the body has to reconstruct itself to be stronger than before after every advancement the body will undergo changes. There are certain circumstances the body will undergo changes without advancing to the next stage. After about two and a half hours of agonizing pain. I finally made it through. As I stood up I began to look around and make sure I was still by myself. I was indeed still alone which was good. So I ripped of a piece of a goblins shirt to wipe my face and body of sweat. As I began to finally get a good look at myself I grew three inches in height I was five foot even now I am five foot four inches. And my body is full of muscles. I was already fit but now every muscle on my body is well defined in every detail. Also I feel this weird energy coming off of me I also can see something like translucent sparkles coming from the dead goblins theres only three goblins and the hobgoblin but why do the dead bodies have translucent sparkles coming from them too. The closest monster to me was the hobgoblin. I reached out and touched her body. When I touched her body the translucent sparkles started to move as it was trying to stand up. I took a few steps back as I watched the begin to rise it was still the same height as the hobgoblin. The translucent sparkles then began to take form. Not only was it the same height but it began to look exactly like the hobgoblin. The translucent hobgoblin stood there looking at me. It didn move. Nor make a sound. It was as if it was a life like statue. Then I thought one of the most basic necessities when someone awakens is to check the status menu. It was also one of the gifts of becoming an awakener by the World system. The World system gives everyone that has awakened a system to help them understand their progress and help them on their journeys. The status shows the individuals stats like strength to stamina all the way to intelligence and luck. What was weird is for my luck stat is says fifty Im not sure if thats normal . But to have a luck stat of fifty has to give me the best rewards early on. Also what is this? my attribute stat it says Chaos. What is Chaos is that some kid of variant attribute? All my other stats look above the normal levels they are all at twenty-five except my mana has a star next to it. Ehh who knows Ill ask Father Marshal after I get out of the labyrinth. After looking at my stats I began to look at my skills and obviously I have the basic wanderer attack skills. Spin slash which I can use with any weapon. Thrust that also gain be used with any weapon,slash from the swordsman class,close counter which a bare handed skill that ever my Monk class has. Mana blast, Mana Manipulation it allows the user to manipulate the Mana creating different attacks and defenses. Most mages use this instead of carrying weapons around other than a magic staff. Basic heal where I can heal myself and others minor injuries given to all Clerics. Also I have other passive skills meditation all Aura users use this skill, it helps them with gaining enlightenment to break through each chakra block. I have the basic potion maker and forge. Those two are the two make basic passive skills for the creator class. I also have the skill Bind given to the Druid class it uses flora and fauna to entangle the enemy. Eagle eye from the ranger class along with charge. Charge allows the user to charge up each attack with mana the more mana and use has the longer you can charge your attack making it stronger. The only thing is the attack also uses slot of stamina so its a double edged sword so to speak. Sneak attack and the passive skill stealth which allows the user to hide his/her presence from the rouge class. The most powerful passive skill a berserker has the berserk skill this allows the users stats to be amplified by five times depending on the users stamina. After the skill is used the users stats after cut in half for twenty-four hours its a very strong powerful skill but if not used right it could be the down fall of battle. War cry from the warrior class this drops all enemies stats by 1/4 and stuns them for fifteen seconds depending on the power level of the enemy. Its a given the special skill only a wander class has Weapons-master it allows the user to improve the Proficiency use of each weapon starting from basic to master. For anyone without the weapons master passive skill the proficiency of each weapon would improve at a poor rate. Most awakeners know of this strong skill but would rather choose something less complicated. Thats why there are only four wanderer class awakeners in the world. That should be all the skills I have for now but there are a few extra skills. Also for some reason Im immune to poison based skills. I didn know this could be given early on. It must be because of my wanderer class. Ahh! Here it is Chaos manipulation a power given to the true children born from the Abyss. Also for some reason i have two strange passive skills one called Purgatory King. Its description says Im able to bind the soul of the ones Ive defeated. After being summoned the power of the soul with be half at level one. As the familiars level increase so will their power. The power of each familiar will be granted to the summoner. It also says that the familiars will revive as long as my mama can sustain them. It also has questions next to every word that has abyss in it. Thats weird, what exactly is the Abyss? For some time I began messing around with the power of the chaos it looked translucent with different colored sparks inside. Also after awhile of playing around I began seeing what I could do so I created three balls from the chaos attribute and shot them at the far right wall. When they hit then wall the sight was confusing it didn just attack the wall when it hit it made a strong explosion but also where it hit there were three small crater sized holes on the wall. I was about to attack the wall again. I adverted my as to my side to look at the details of the hobgoblins soul. Above the hobgoblin soul was the number three . Hmm it must be her level. Three should be good to help me fight until the third floor every monster on floor one and two the monsters should be between level one to three expect for the boss monsters who are level five. I myself as of now am a level two it seems it would take ten goblins to gain a level but because I defeated six goblins and one hobgoblin. I am 1/4 from having enough experience to level up. ” can you speak? ” The hobgoblin just stood still looking forward. In front of me a message appeared asking me to give the hobgoblin a name. I guess because it didn have a name already I have to give it one. Hmmm I don know if its me but shes just as fit as I am also she had a strong sense to fight. Ah I got it. Ill name you Ailith meaning battle seasoned. As I gave her a name I could see all her stats which were all five other than strength and stamina which were at fifteen. And her mana was at ten. Hmm seems like most of her stats are basic while others are above and she a unique growth trait. Uhhhhhhhh!!!! Does that mean even as a soul she can continue to evolve. Wow hobgoblins sure are a unique species. Only if goblins weren so dumb and would focus on evolving instead of just feeding and fornicating with human women they take as slaves. But no one really knew what happened to the female goblins and hobgoblins this is already a rare find. As of now Ailith is a common rank monster soul. Maybe while Im in the labyrinth I can make her evolve again. I guess for now you can do this. ” Ailith gather all the items from the dead goblins and put them in this bag. ” With the Forge skill I created a bag out of one of goblins skin. Its good for now until I can get an small storage ring. After defeating the goblins and hobgoblins I was rewarded twenty-five copper coins ten silver and two gold coins. A storage ring cost five gold coins. So it won take long to get it . I should have enough before I reach the second floor. After a few moments of preparing I touched the six goblins obtaining there souls adding six to my collection. For now I can only summon ten familiar souls at once. Now I have seven soul servants. I gave each goblin a bagger to add to there strength. I won be naming any of them because Ill just be using them as basic soldiers even when I leave the labyrinth. Now lets continue on.

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