H-How!!! How can this happen. A Demonic beast could be seen devouring a human corpse. Around the beast were hundreds of bodies. Blood dripping from the beast mouth as he smiled and tore the corpse limb from limb. The sounds of bones breaking and crunching made the boy even more fear stricken. The bloodlust and killing intent this beast gave off could put fear in any full grown adult. The beast was at least fifteen feet tall the size of a Small house . It was completely black with two large horns protruding from its head. The tips of the horns were purple. It had a long powerful tail. Any time something came to close. The tail cut it clean in half. The beast was unknown. But one thing was for sure this was a Disaster Rank beast. And right now its eyes were focused on me. As I was trembling in fear. My legs wouldn move. I tried to run. Even when the beast killed my friends I tried to run. But my body wouldn move. ” What is this? Why is this happening.Where are the gods. ” At the moment the beast looked up at me smiling. Blood dripping from its mouth as it smiled at me. The beast began to speak. ” Im coming. ”

Uh uh uh uh uh uh!!!!!!!

”Damn it not another one. This is the third time this week and its only the day of the blue. ” Solomon got out of bed and grabbed a towel off the towel in his cabin to wipe the beads of sweat off his body. Today was the second day of the week. The year is 273, the month of Ronza. This month was named after the second Ruler of the Elbina Empire. The second day of the week is called The day of the blue because when our Empire was created on this day two hundred and seventy-three years ago. The first Emperor , Emperor Atam Elbina connected the one of the biggest rivers to our Empire Giving fresh water and fish to his citizens. Each day of the week was named after a miracle Emperor Atam delivered to us. Sadly he died from old age. But with his death ushered a new beginning. After Emperor Atams death empires and all sorts of other kingdoms all over the world was created. ushering the world out of the dark ages. But in these days the Empire has changed. It is now run by the new ruler, Emperor David. His great Grandfather Luca Hemington killed the Third Emperor , Emperor Telmar Eldina. Emperor Telmar was assassinated with all of his remaining family and his advisors by Emperor David and the royal families at the time. David and Emperor Telmar were best friends growing up. But Emperor David began to resent Emperor Telmar after he became Ruler thus killing Emperor Telmar along with anyone loyal to him. ” Hey Solomon stop day dreaming and come on if we are late again for class. Sister Isabelle will beat us punish us again. And I for one don want to have to clean the girls Laboratory again. ” With the brightest smile from my best friend to save the day Evan. ” yeah yeah Im coming. I also wouldn want to clean the girls Laboratory. Not with your sister being a girl anyway. Haha ” ” Well I can say your wrong for that one. But you better not let her hear that. ” Evan said while walking into Solomons room as he tried to close the door a hand reached out and grabbed the door stopping it with much force. ”I better not hear what? ” My eyes got wide and Evan turned around slowly as he began shaking a little. ” um uh no-nothing Evange I was just teasing Solomon. ” ”Hey don try to through the attention my way Evan. ” ” you know Solomon I could hear you and Evans conversation as I walked up. And I could hear you say something about me being a girl. ” The killing intent Evange gave off ram chills down both Me and Evans bodies. In unison both Me and Evan began begging for forgiveness. ” we
e sorry. We
e sorry please don beat on us again. ” Evange and Evan were fraternal twins. Evange has red colored eyes with light red boyishly cut hair. You couldn really call her girly because never not once since I was six have I seen her dress like a girl even once. Shes of the most violent one of us. You see Evan was born blind and when he was little got picked on a lot because he was always bumping into things. He also had a weak body. Unlike Evange Evan hair is a dark auburn. Even tho Evan can see his reflexes are better than any kid I know. ” are you guys going to sit around here while the rest of us uffff-. ” **ACK !!!!!!!!!!!! ”Ow. That hurt. ” Zeke was saying as he fell off Solomons windowsill. Evange looked at Zeke like he was stupid. While Me and Evan just looked dumbfounded. ”Well no one told you to try and come through the window. Like some kind of monkey. ” I said as i looked at Zeke. ”Oh come on. Im gonna be a hunter. I need to be as versatile as possible. ” Zeke said as he began fixing himself up. ” being versatile and stupid are two different things Zeke. ” Everyone looked at the door to see Samuel there smiling. ” Are you guys going to just smile or come on we have to hurry the bell is going to ring.. Me, Evange, Zeke and Evan got our things and joined Samuel as we walked to school. I pushed Samuel in his wheelchair so we could get there faster. Samuel was a good friend of ours in a way he was similar to Evan. Samuel is born paralyzed from his waist down since birth. Not like that it has any disadvantages to him because Samuel is one of the smartest people I have ever met he has the IQ of a scholar at a young age. Samuels father was one of the blacksmiths for the royal family. But after so many wars. Samuels father body shutdown. Not to long after he passed away. Samuel never met his mother it was a rumor that his mother was killed on her way home from work. As she was a maid for one of the noble families. But just like us he lived in the orphanage. ”You had another nightmare didn you Solomon? ” Samuel said as we walked. The other three were in-front of us so they couldn hear what was said. ”I can tell when I came to your room you had another towel by your bed. ” ”I did but its ok now. ” ” Solomon it has to mean something. You didn start having these nightmares until you were ten and now your fourteen and there getting worse. I think you should ask for another baptism from Father Marshal. Maybe magic could do something for you. ” ” I know. Its just. I don know. I know lately its been getting more vivid. But now they are getting stronger as if warning me. ” ” Maybe there visions or something. Even in some of scrolls Ive seen I haven read of anything like your dreams. ” With even the vast knowledge Samuel had. Even he couldn think of anything maybe the best thing to do for now is see Father Marshal. But that has to wait because today is the awakening ceremony. This ceremony has been a tradition of the Elbina Kingdom for generations. The first King himself started this in his village when the world was still in dark times when monsters and demons beast roamed freely. In this ceremony when children of between the age of fourteen they undergo test to awaken their dormant abilities. As of now the kingdom of Elbina has ten third stage awakeners, three fifth stage awakeners. The King himself being at the sixth stage. In these times a sixth stage awakener is what the World system would consider a Demi-god. Once a individual breaks through to the tenth stage. The world system would consider that individual a God or Demon Lord. Those are all rumors though a G

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