the Demon Lord.
Now, I am relieved of my duties…”

My strength slowly drained from my body.

I kept losing blood.
If I don’t heal myself, I will die soon.

But I don’t have any magic power left.

“O Hero, I’m afraid you cannot do that yet.”

“… What… did you say?”

“The demon king’s army still remains.
Therefore, your mission will not be complete until the
hunt for the remnants is over.”

That can’t be…..

No, I can certainly feel the presence of my mentors coming closer to me.

They still intend to make me fight, even though I’m in such a state…

“O Hero, Shall I grant you your wish?”

“Huh…? What do… you mean…?”

“Sword saints, Gods, Kings of Spirits, the ones who have challenged me, fighting them was nothing but a trivial child’s play.
But the battle with you is the most exciting thing I have done in a long time.”

The Demon Lord… laughed like an innocent child.

“As a reward for entertaining me, I will use my power to give thee the peaceful life you desire.”


“As long as you stay in this world, you will never escape the constraints of being a hero.
Then, how about leading a different life?”

“You mean… reincarnation?”

“Indeed. [Secret Art of Reincarnation].
You can gain your newfound freedom in exchange for giving up your life as the Hero Eugene.
What do you think?”

I couldn’t answer right away.

It’s not that I’m afraid of dying.

It was so hard every day; I wanted to die.

But what will happen after I die?

What will happen to this world?

“Put your mind at ease, Hero.
You have subjugated the majority of my forces.
The rest are just a bunch of small fries hiding.
Even without you, surely, your friends will bring peace to the world.”

“I see… But still, I…”

“Sigh~, What a vexing guy.”

The Demon Lord opened his mouth wide.


At that moment, a magic circle appeared under my feet.

“Wai-! I haven’t responded yet!”

“Farewell, O mightiest of men! Hopefully, we will cross paths once more.”
The magic circle shone brightly.

[Hero Eugene] disappeared.

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