On the training ground.

The one who was summoned as my familiar was the Demon King Venomzard.

He has a majestic appearance befitting his other name, the Evil Calamity Dragon Emperor.

An enormous amount of magical power was constantly gushing from his body.

This evil dragon was undoubtedly the same demon king that I, the hero, once defeated.

“I am not hostile to you now.”

As Venomzade spoke, an enormous amount of magical power surged forth.


The magical power hit Gaius, the person closest to Venomzard, and he fell to the ground.

“You remained calm even after being hit by my magical power.
Umu, as expected of a hero, your strength is evident even after reincarnating.
It’s good.”

“That’s good to hear, but if you aren’t hostile, can you tone down the magic power you release?”

“Very well.”

Venomzard spreads his wings.

Kaa……! and glowed black.

The colossal dragon shrank quickly and soon transformed into a human woman.

“How about this?”

She was in her early twenties in appearance.
She wears a luxurious and gorgeous jet-black dress.
Her long, lustrous silver hair is like the stars in the night sky.

What caught my attention were her surprisingly large breasts.

“Now that we have met again after all this time.
Hero, first of all, let’s make a promise…”

It was then.

“What? A familiar became a human being?” My brother looked at the transformed demon king and was astonished.

“The enormous amount of magical …… power …… and talking intelligence …… compared to mine is nothing …… compared to mine.
No, that’s not true!”

Gaius stood up and pointed to me.

“Ni-san, let’s see which of our servants is stronger.
I challenge you to a duel.”

“A duel, huh? Fine, I’ll play with you.”

With a belligerent smile, Venomzard stands in front of Gaius.

“Bring it on, winged insect!”

“You’re a nasty familiar, just like brother! Go on, Griffon! Kill her!”

But the eagle lion standing behind Gaius was shaking and unable to take a single step.

“What’s wrong with you? Listen to me!”

“The familiar is wiser than his master.”

“What? What do you mean?”


The demon king glares at him.


“What happened? Where did my familiar go?”

The Demon King has an enormous amount of magical power in his body.
Because of that, all of his actions are imbued with magical power.
The act of glaring has the same effect as a spell.

“What an incredible familiar.
Is this my brother’s potential… it’s tens of thousands of times greater than my own… hahaha…”

Gaius falls to his knees and grieves.

“What an insignificant little bug.
As expected… you are the only one who can give me entertainment.
Isn’t that right, Julius?”

Venomzard approaches me with a radiant smile.

“You really are the Demon King, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.
But it seems I am not the real Demon King but an imitation copy of Venomzard.”

‘A copy?’

According to the Demon King, summoning a follower does not call the real thing.

It is said that a copy with the same abilities and memories is made to appear in front of the magician across time.

“When manifesting in this world, the familiar is bound to obey the summoners’ orders.
I am the Demon King and not the Demon King simultaneously.
I am your faithful servant.

Venomzard laughs happily.

“I’m so excited right now,” he said, “I am very excited right now.”

The demon king’s body was filled with a massive storm of magical power, fighting aura, and the will to fight.

“Ahi …… ahi~ …….”

Gaius looked directly at it and fainted, foaming at the mouth.

Other classmates and teachers did the same.

“Come, my master.
Let us celebrate our reunion and talk to each other with our fists!”

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