After breakfast.

With [Teleport], I came to the front of the classroom instantly.

I go to the same seat as yesterday.

‘It’s Elise.
Hm? There are a lot of people around her.’

A group of girls surrounded the half-elf.

“You’re so creepy, and your hair is always messy.”

“You look like a ghost.
You should at least cut your hair.”

Apparently, the girls were warning Elise about the length of her hair.


Elise cowered and remained silent.

‘I should cut my hair later.’

“Should I cut your hair for you?”

One of them brought out a pair of scissors.

“I’ll give you a shaved head.
And then expose your long and ugly ears.”

The one with scissors violently grabs Elise’s long hair as she tries to escape.


“Alright! Time to say goodbye to your… where are the scissors?”

“That long-eared woman is gone too!”

I’m holding Elise in a princess carry.

I had the scissors hooked to my fingertips.

“Are you okay?”

“Ummm, yeah…”

I put Elise down.
She was looking at me with a pout.

“What? I didn’t see him go near us at all!”

“I was just moving slowly, though?”

In an instant, I approached, took the scissors, retrieved Elise, and returned to my spot.

That was all done in 0.01 seconds.
That’s slow.

‘I can’t do my best with a girl in my arms, so it’s not that bad.’

“Hey, manaless! Don’t get in my way!

The nameless female student holding the scissors earlier now glared at me.

“I was doing her a favor! That ghost girl with the long hair is breaking school rules.”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Yes, it says here that you must keep your bangs out of your eyes.”

I don’t know the school rules; I’ve just arrived.

“Elise, can I cut your hair? It won’t hurt.”

“H-huh? Uh, sure.


“Eh? What? My hair was cut?”

Blonde hair falls around the perplexed Elise.

“…what in the world?”

“I can cut hair easily with my hand.
See… aren’t you a beauty?”

Elise had had her hair cut and had become a gorgeous girl.

Skin as white as snow, blue eyes.

All parts of her face were perfectly in place.

“Who is that! She’s so beautiful!”

“What? I didn’t know Elise, with the shaggy hair, was such a beautiful girl!”

“Ugh, I should have talked to her!”

Our male classmates are buzzing.

“I’m sure you don’t have a problem with this, do you? Here, I’ll give you back your scissors.”

The nameless woman gritted her teeth when she saw the beautiful Elise.
The woman says, “Hey, don’t get too full of yourself just because you’re a little bit more beautiful!”

The woman takes the pair of scissors and tries to slash Elise’s face.

“You have a bit of hair left in your eyes! I’m going to shave it for you!

“That’s not good.”

I wave my hand lightly.


“The scissors shatter… from a distance.
What did you do…?”

“Well, you can at least make a slash fly with your hand, right?”

“Not even a master swordsman can do that…”

The woman’s knees gave in and didn’t move, but her friends lifted her up and carried her off.

“Thank you so much for saving me.” Elise bows to me.

“Did I help you? I didn’t do anything?”

Her face becomes blank for a moment.

“Julius-kun, you are very strange.”

After a moment, she giggles to herself.

“At first, I thought we were the same, but …… I like this a lot more,” she said, looking at him warmly.

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