the morning.”

“Shut up! I told you not to act like a big brother!”

“Would you two like to learn swordsmanship from me?”

“… what?” Gaius and the old man widened their eyes.

The old man breaks out from his stupor first.
“You are going to teach me?”

Because you’re both still inexperienced.
At least you have some knowledge of the sword.”

“You dare!”

The old man suddenly became furious and swung his sword at me.
I dodged the slow attack that almost made me yawn by twisting my body a little.

“When you are new to the sword, it’s best to have a teacher who can teach you the basics.”

“You’re just a little kid, and you’re getting ahead of yourself!”

The old man relentlessly attacked me.

I made a sword with [Creation] and lightly parried it.


The old man is blown away behind me, spinning dozens of times in the air.

“H-huh! What the hell was that?”

“A parry, what else?”

“A-a Parry!? No way… it’s the ultimate secret of swordsmanship, as described in the manual of swordsmanship!”

What? This is the basics of the basics, right?

“Also, since when did you have a sword?”

“I made it with magic.”

“… eh? What nonsense are you talking about?”

Gaius throws a poor blow.

I use my Fighting Aura to strengthen my body.
I move a little faster and flank him.

I raise my sword, intending to block my brother’s sword.


“Impossible… the treasured sword that has been in our family for generations shattered…?”

“Oh no.
I’ll make a new one, so please don’t tell anyone.”

I create the exact same sword with [Creation].

“… and my brother can just create the sword again…” Gaius slumped down.

“So yesterday was not a dream… how… did you suddenly become so strong?” He looks up at me, frustrated for some reason.

“H-huh, wasn’t it like this since before?”


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