“I’ll go home.”

“Hey J-Julius~… I can’t stand up~…help me~…” Historia looked up at me weakly.

“YouI’ll be fine.
Your strength will return soon enough.”

“Hey, take me home.
The woman you love is saying this much, you know?”

“It’s Gaius you love, isn’t it? You’ve seemed so in love this morning.”

“What are you talking about? I love you, my fiancée! You are the only one I love!”

Historia pleaded with a desperate look.

“I’m sorry Julius! I-I… that’s right! That scum called your brother threatened to kill me if I didn’t become his woman!” Crawling on the ground, Historia comes to me.

She clings to my waist and gives a sly smile.

“But I don’t have to worry now because you are powerful! Because you’re really very strong! Right? Protect me from that scum!”

I shrug off Historia’s hand a little harder.


“I won’t let you call anyone in my family a failure or a piece of crap.
Even if you are the princess, that is extremely rude.
Especially since you’re in a position of authority.
You should be more careful about what you say, shouldn’t you?

“Well, that’s…”

“I don’t know if Gaius really forced you into a relationship, but I know you said terrible things about my brother, and I found it disgusting.”

I then declare, “Let me end my engagement with you.”

Historia looked at me with a pale face.

“See you later.”

“Wait! Please don’t! Father will be furious with me!” Even more frantic, Historia clutched at me.

“Are you mad at me for cheating on you? A man should forgive a woman for cheating on him!

“There is no way you believe that…” I am more stunned than anything.

“You’re a princess.
There are plenty of other men out there who want you.
Fool around with one of them instead.”

“No, I can’t do that! Because your father told me you are the Child of Prophecy…”

“Child of prophecy? No, never again.”

I then activate the spell「Teleport」.

“I’m sorry! I’ll never cheat on you again! I won’t cheat on you anymore! So please reconsider! I am the princess of one of the three great families! If you break it, your father will…”

My vision instantly blurred.
I only teleported myself and am now standing in the middle of my room.

“Whew……… I’m tired.” I lay sprawled out on the bed and looked up at the ceiling.

“This kind of life is not bad.”

I felt very comfortable in this world where everyone lived peacefully and didn’t need me, the Hero.

“From now on, the Hero Eugene can rest, and I will live calmly as Julius.”

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