“We shall now watch a duel between the Carlisle brothers.”

My brother and I were facing each other in the center of the training area.
Our classmates were looking down at us from the spectator seats on the second floor.

“You can use whatever you want, except for the use of lethal force.
The duel ends when your opponent passes out or admits defeat.

We nodded in agreement.

“Then… let the match begin!”

“I’ll be serious right from the start!”

Gaius pulls out a palm-sized crystal from his pocket.

“Step forth, my strongest and invincible summoned beast!” Gaius slams the crystal to the ground.

A magic circle appears on the ground, and a giant creature emerges.

It is a red lizard twice the size of a human.
Flames emanate from the tip of its tail.

Gaius says, “Do you see it, brother? This is the strongest guardian beast Fire Salamander, passed down in the Carlisle family for generations! Its level is 30!”

“No way… it’s level 30!?”

“Come on, Fire Salamander! Kill the annoying scum!”

The Fire Salamander spits flames at me in response to Gaius’s order.

“Gaius, the rules forbid the use of lethal force!”

“Sorry Sensei, it was an accident.”

“Yeah, I’m still fine as well.”

“What the hell?” Gaius looks at me with his eyes wide open.

The fire sparks on my clothes are wiped away with my hand.
My body is completely undamaged.

“Why? How can you live the attack of a level 30 summoned beast!?”

“What are you talking about? That’s at the level that even a novice adventurer could kill.”

For a hero, this level of attack was nothing.
I have the highest magic resistance.

“Shut up! Kill him, KILL HIM!”

The Fire Salamander spits about 10 balls of fire, which I avoided with minimal twisting and turning.

“What the hell was that superhuman movement?”

“I only predicted the trajectory of the enemy’s attack and avoided it.
These are just the basics.”


After that, the Fire Salamander continued to attack with flames.
The flames on its tail gradually shrank and eventually disappeared.

“Is it out of magic?”

“Noisy! Jump on him and kill him!”

The Fire Salamander jumps high.
It is pretty huge, and if it continues like this, I will be crushed to death.

“That is what you deserve– What the hell?”

I caught the lizard with my left hand.

“How could you catch that so easily? What the hell are you!?”

I used a technique that takes the natural energy in the atmosphere and converts it into explosive kinetic energy.

“Here I go.”

With a grip on the Fire Salamander’s face, I slammed it to the ground with all my might.


An enormous crater is created on the ground.
The fire lizard was crushed to a pulp in the middle of the hole.

“No way… I must be having a nightmare.”

“This isn’t the end, right? They say you’re a genius, so there must be more, right?”


He had no weapon, didn’t strengthen his body with martial arts, and just rushed at me.


His fist was so slow.

I weakly deflected his blow upwards, but he was sent flying.


He flew to the arena’s ceiling and eventually fell back down.

“Help me, help me, help me! Mom!”

I walked over to where he would fall.
Before he could hit the ground, I put out my hands in front of me.

I caught him in the princess carry and then put him down gently.

“Are you hurt?”

… He seemed to be passed out

“… The winner of the duel is Julius!”

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