faction at the sight.

Archbishop Roan Hebris.

It was the moment of the birth of the Church, led by him.


Holy Land, Crossbridge.

In the most influential of the six temples, the Temple of Abundance, there is a saint who is respected by everyone in the Holy Land.

The name of the girl who prays piously to the heavens with her hands folded in the air is Serena Edelant.

A saint who leads the Temple of Abundance, she is also the closest being to God in the Holy Land.

In the silence, the sound of Serena’s prayer echoed softly as she closed her eyes.

A faint light was seen coursing through Serena’s body as she prayed.

“O Goddess of Abundance, who sees through all people -”

Beside Serena was the presence of a single holy knight, with a sword attached to his side.

The most important person in the Holy Land, a saint, would have a suitable person as her escort.

Holy knight, Lian-Crost.

He is a Holy Knight chosen by the White Holy Sword, as well as being the Deputy Commander of the Order of Holy Knights.

Lián was looking at Serena, who was praying piously, and was alert to the surroundings.

How long had it been since Serena had begun to pray?

When the light that had circled around Serena’s body disappeared, Lian, who had been protecting Serena along with the Holy Sword, moved.

“Phew, you’ve finally finished your prayer.”

After finishing her prayer, Serena stood up and looked at Lian.

Serena’s body staggered slightly for a moment as her legs relaxed, probably because she had been in the posture for so long.

Lian did not miss that small gap and approached the staggering Serena, supporting her.

Serena, caught in Lian’s hand, looked at him for a moment, then quickly straightened her posture and smiled at Lian.

“I think I have a surprisingly sloppy side too.”

“Be careful.
If Serena gets hurt, everyone in the Holy Land will be worried.”

“Thank you, Lian.”

“It’s no big deal.
By the way, have you heard anything from the Goddess of Abundance?”

Although it was a regularly scheduled prayer time, Saint Serena sometimes received divine revelations.

Divine revelation.
Also known as an oracle, it was something only she, as a saint, could hear.

Lian’s question to Serena was also in response to a trust given by the goddess of abundance.

– Mm-hm.

Upon hearing Lian’s question, Serena nodded and said.

The oracle has come down.”

“Oracle ……, I see.”

“Are you curious about what it is?”

“Of course I’m curious.
What is it?”

According to the rule, the contents of the ‘Oracle’ were not to be disclosed to anyone except those involved in the core of the Holy Land.

However, Lian was a knight escorting the saint and also the deputy commander of the Holy Order of Knights.

He was also the person who usually worked closest to Serena.

Serena was well qualified to disclose the contents of the ‘Oracle’.

Therefore, Lian did not hesitate to ask Serena about the contents.

“It is said that a new hero will appear in the temple shortly.”

“A new hero? Don’t tell me… that an evil god has started to intervene in this world?”

Lian’s eyebrows furrowed upon hearing the word ‘hero’ from Serena’s mouth.


It was a name that referred to the host of the Six Divine Artifacts that appeared with the oracle.

There is only one condition for a hero to appear.

The appearance of an evil god who disturbs the world.

The six gods who watch over the six temples in the Holy Land do not exert influence on earth, except for certain exceptions.

And the appearance of the evil gods was the condition that corresponded to the exception in which the six gods began to move actively.

To Lian, who was surprised to hear the hero’s name, Serena replied in agreement with a calm face.

“The evil gods are on the move.
No, actually, it looks like they started moving long before we expected them to.”

Evil God’s movement

That alone was enough to put the entire Holy Land in a state of emergency.

However, to think that the Evil Gods would move long before Lian’s prediction.

Lian asked the question again to the bad news that was heard one after another.

“What exactly does that mean?”

“For some reason the causality rate was initialised.
That’s why the ‘Oracle’ has come down later than usual.”


“The karmic balance is fair to everyone, so if it doesn’t tip enough, the Divine Artifact won’t be released either.”

Lian’s complexion darkened as he recalled the recorded appearance of the Divine Artifact.

Without the power of the divine artifact, most heroes were merely gifted human beings.

No matter how much of a chosen existence a hero may be, without the divine artifact, they would be unable to even handle receiving Lian’s sword.

For a hero, a divine artifact was something that contained many meanings.

And the words that flowed from Serena’s mouth were in line with the story that for the time being, the heroes’ Divine Artifacts would not be able to display their full power.

“It’s a complicated story.
For the time being, the Elders are going to have quite a headache.”

“Yes, indeed.
The headache starts with getting the hero here safely.”

“What are you going to do, saint?”

“From now on, we must enjoy our freedom.”


“The Inquisition and the Holy Knights will take over the search for heroes anyway, so I can afford it for the time being, can’t I?”

If the temple was busy preparing to welcome a hero, Serena’s schedule as a saint would decrease.

This was Thanks to the interruption of official events as the majority of personnel were mobilized externally.

Hearing Serena’s words, Lian smiled lightly.

Serena turned to him and laughed at Lian’s smile, which he usually didn’t show much of.

“So lazy.”

“What! I can’t believe you called me lazy.
Rest is like preparation for dealing with an evil god anyway.”

“Of course I didn’t think you would be without any excuses.”

“I guess I’m no match for Lian, after all.”

Beyond each other smiling, they gazed at the shadows of the Evil Gods hanging over the continent.

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