You have reached level 4.


You will be able to observe the continent with a clearer gaze than before.

It has already been a few days since I gave the magic book to Euthenia.

In in-game time, it was roughly almost ten days.

During that time, I hunted steadily and as a result was able to reach level 4 at a fast pace.

Having reached level 4, my magic power grew significantly again.

Also, the observer’s eyes were to increase in level, and the speech balloon floated a different content than before.

— Pan.

Of course, when other content appeared, the level of speech was at most two letters of dialog content.

It was much the same as when the emoji appeared.

Euthenia, who had woken up from sleep and was practicing magic, looked for bread while praying.

It clearly appeared that she meant to ask for bread.

I looked at her with a frown at the sight of Euthenia demanding bread.

“No, did you leave the bread with me?”

I was worried about losing this all at once.

I took a baguette from my inventory and placed it in front of Euthenia.

Seeing the baguette on the floor, Euthenia expressed her gratitude.

— Thanks.

— Gratitude.

The extremely short dialog content is awkward.

After finishing her words of thanks, Euthenia went into the cave and bit into a piece of bread and ate it.

I watched closely as Euthenia ate the bread.

It was true that she looked cute eating the bread.

I wondered if I had developed feelings for her while I was watching her.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with her now.

“Yes, you’re right.
Eat, eat.
Since you’ve learnt magic too, I should at least prepare the food for you.”

And if I kept a steady eye on her, I could also spot her using barrier magic.

The magic book I had given to Euthenia had taken effect.

Having realized that the character could use magic, I was sometimes tempted to give her other magic books to try out.

If I give several magic books, I am sure I will be able to develop the perfect wizard character.

That is, if only I had enough money in my wallet.

“If I don’t have enough money, I can’t play the game the way I want to.”

Because the cost of 10 gachas was also 70,000 won, it was not easy to press the gacha button once.

Still, thankfully, the level of the did not increase when the level reached four?

The price of 10 draws was still stuck at 70,000 won.

There is not much payday left now, so I will have to pay it back once the paycheck comes in.

I kept looking at Euthenia with these thoughts in mind.

“Eat well and grow up well.
Only then can I smash it all with your hands.”

As I continued to watch over Euthenia, before I knew it, Euthenia had finished her meal and came outside again.

Outside, there was a magic book in Euthenia’s hand.

She looked like she was going to practice magic again.

I tried to move the screen as I saw Euthenia preparing for her training.

Watching her practice magic was boring, so I was planning to go hunting while she was practicing.

As I was about to go out hunting, I saw a man character running towards here, armed in the corner of my vision.

“What’s this? I’ve never seen this outfit before.”

I have dealt with several towns so far, but the man in front of me was the first person I had ever seen dressed like this.

A man in a blue uniform was moving in the direction where Euthenia was.

As soon as the man spotted Euthenia, he became alert and started to approach her.

The man still had a sword in his hand, which looked much better than the one the bandits were using.

An intact sword And a clean uniform.

The man’s appearance did not look like a bandit, even in his health.

The sight of the man approaching towards her brought a balloon to the top of Euthenia’s head when she spotted him.

— Cloud.

That’s the word came out from Euthenia’s mouth.

The man’s name was Cloud or something.

Was it because Euthenia had called out to him?

The man who was approaching towards Euthenia also stopped, and a speech balloon popped up.

— You—.

— You—.

The two stood facing each other and started a conversation.

Had they known each other’s faces for a long time?

I watched them as they conversed smoothly.

It was good to beat them all and get the experience, but it was also interesting to see the interaction between the characters like this.

But I had no way of knowing in detail what the man and Euthenia were talking about.

It felt like deciphering a kind of coded message.

— Village.

— Yes, I know.

Of course, every now and then an understandable dialog would pop up one by one.

The line the man had just given was exactly that.

These two words were the only ones I could clearly understand.

“Yeah, I understand.”

Naturally, but other than that, I don’t understand anything.

Since it wasn’t very good to cut a conversational between others.

I sighed and continued to watch their conversation.

Euthenia and Cloud talked some more after that.

The ongoing dialog ended with the man raising his sword towards Euthenia.

I wondered what the conversation was about, but it seemed like they were going to fight after all.

If it’s a game, after all, fighting in a fistfight is the best part of the game.

The moment of the battle I had been waiting for had arrived.

“So the prey has walked in on its own two feet.”

Watching the interaction is over.

It was now my turn to convert the character in front of me back to karma.


I lightly touched the man aiming the sword to test it out.

The plan was to inflict damage and watch for a reaction.

And at that moment.

I witnessed an unexpected scene.

— No way.


The man swung his sword to block my touch.

Zero damage floats above the attacker’s head.

He used the sword he was holding to completely cancel out the attack.

I was forced to show my confusion at the sight of the man who had prevented the touch attack without damage.

“What? You prevented it?”


I moved my finger and tried to touch again.

Of course, the man’s reaction was much the same as before.

Cling-! Cling-! Cling-!

The sword swung around and 0 damage floated on the man’s head.

That action proved that the earlier defense was no accident.

“Wow, what’s this.
It looks like a boss monster or an event monster.”

Sometimes there are games with unusual patterns of monsters.

Event monsters or Boss monsters.

They show a different pattern from normal monsters and force a different method of attack.

And the male character in front of me still seemed to belong to such a category.

“I guess the basic attack doesn’t work very well or something.”

I didn’t expect him to prevent my basic attack.

It was natural to be surprised at the unexpected pattern.

But a game monster should have a way to destroy it, after all.

I decided to use my skill, which I paid a lot of money to buy.

I put target mark on top of the moving character.



The screen flashed and lightning struck down at the man.

The man who saw the lightning striking down took a defensive posture, stooping unlike before.

There was no way he could have prevented the lightning with his sword.

The lightning fell from the sky and pierced the man’s defense.

— Kuh.

The man who was hit by screamed.

The damage that floated above his head was 9.

Compared to the 15 damage it usually inflicts, this is a small number.

Looks like I need to put more magic power in when hunting other characters.

But considering the fact that the opponent was an event monster, being able to conquer it was important.

“You’re already dead.”

I launched a barrage of skills.


A succession of light thunderclaps erupted.


It has been two days since Rick, Cloud’s third level agent, left in search of traces of the Evil God.

So far, Rick had walked around various villages looking for traces of the Evil God, but he didn’t find any, and wasted a lot of time.

This was because no matter how much he searched around the village, he could not see any trace of an evil god.

Then, through long hours of trouble, he finally arrived at a village, which was facing the entrance to a mountain range.

However, the anomaly occurred when Rick was about to leave the village and enter the mountain range.

A horse that had entered the mountain road immediately threw Rick off and tried to run away.

Rick barely managed to calm the horse down and tie it up in the village, but he could not move with it any further.

Reluctantly, Rick had to move alone, leaving his horse.

“The atmosphere around here is unusual?”

As he entered the mountain path, the grim presence he could feel around him gave Rick goosebumps.

There is something in the mountain range.

It’s also something unfathomable from a human perspective.

Rick walked forward without letting his guard down.

With every step he took, he felt a cold sweat running down his back.

Had he wandered down the mountain path for that long enough?

Rick who was alert to his surroundings, saw someone in his field of vision.

(There’s someone here?)

Rick’s eyes peered into the figure of a man standing in front of the cave.

Also an unknown girl with gray hair stood before him.


Rick’s hand gripped his sword.

Her clothes are too clean to be living in the mountains.

Either way, it is a suspicious look.

(Is she a priest of the evil gods?)

The book in her hand also had an unusual appearance.

There was no reason for her to carry a book as thick as that while visiting the mountains.

Even the thickness and shape of the book looked suspiciously like a scripture or a magic book.

A wizard.
Or a priest.

Either way, the occupation was enough to arouse suspicion.

“I’ll be able to find out for myself if I check it out in person.”

It was the investigator’s main job to embark on a life-risking mission.

It was necessary to face the person once, after all, to confirm their identity.


Rick drew his sword and moved towards the girl.

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