[The Celestial ‘Nameless Giant’ is protecting you!]

‘I hope nothing has happened to Hye-Bin,’ Woo Yeong-Geun thought nervously.

After the red fog rose, Yeong-Geun had been unable to stay calm; he had been worried not only about the Clan members he had brought, but also Hye-Bin.
He had temporarily been caught in the illusion, but due to his sharp judgment he had figured out what was going on as soon as the [Phantom Maze Circle] was cast.
Thus, he had escaped the illusion without any damage.

However, it was not the same for Woo Hye-Bin.
She had never been interested in becoming a Player, but she had become one anyway after coincidentally gaining power.
Hye-Bin naturally lacked experience, making her more vulnerable to mental debuffs.

‘I gave her a bunch of artifacts for this kind of situation… but they’re useless if Hye-Bin herself is mentally weakened,’ Yeong-Geun thought, biting his lower lip.

Yeong-Geun’s biggest concern was that he did not know what Hye-Bin’s trauma was about.
Although the therapist had not found any issues during Hye-Bin’s therapy sessions, Yeong-Geun occasionally felt nervous for some reason while he talked with his niece, as he sometimes felt as if he were talking to a soulless doll.
Thus, he desperately hoped that his niece had not encountered any problems.

Besides, he still could not tell how to find his way out.
He had been using all sorts of artifacts for some time, but the only message he saw was that he was unable to scan the area.
It was impossible to tell where Hye-Bin could be, making him more and more frustrated over time.
He started to look for yet another artifact, thinking he had to do something.


Yeong-Geun stopped when he heard a loud rustle.
It was a common sound, but this one felt far too loud for Yeong-Geun, making him take his favorite weapon from his inventory.
He slowly revealed the [Black Pearl Scimitar], the black blade that had earned him the nickname ‘Black Shamshir’.

“…Hup!” Yeong-Geun inhaled deeply and turned in the opposite direction.

[The scimitar calls forth ten thousand curved blades!]



The [Black Pearl Scimitar] trembled fiercely, and as soon as Yeong-Geun turned, his blade clashed violently with something.


A very loud explosion filled the air, followed by a large cloud of dust that rose into the air and took the form of a hideous tiger.

“Team Leader Seo?” Yeong-Geun exclaimed, his eyes widening as he realized the tiger was Seo Jeong-Gwon, the ‘Smilodon’ from the White Tiger Clan.
However, his expression soon hardened.

“Grrr!” Jeong-Gwon growled.
His bloodshot eyes were unfocused, and the aura of [Tiger Kill] leaked incessantly.
Anyone could tell that his trauma had caused him to suffer mana deviation.

“Krrrrr!” Jeong-Gwon growled again.

Boom, boom! Boom!

Swish, swish, swoosh―!

As if Jeong-Gwon could not forgive Yeong-Geun for blocking his attack, he moved at incredible speed, bombarding Yeong-Geun with attacks.
Each time his [Tiger Kill] exploded, several flashy skill effects spread through the area.

“Wake up, Team Leader Seo!” Yeong-Geun yelled, trying to make Jeong-Gwon come to his senses.
However, every time he did so, Jeong-Gwon became more aggressive.

Boom, boom!

Deflecting Jeong-Gwon’s attacks to the side, Yeong-Geun said through gritted teeth “I don’t know what you’ve gone through, but you shouldn’t have been caught up in the illusion as a team leader… If you keep attacking me, I have no other choice but to counterattack with full force!”

“Grrrr!” Jeong-Gwon continued growling.

If you insist,” Yeong-Geun said bitterly.



The two fiercely exchanged attacks.
Yeong-Geun was launched backward a great distance, gritting his teeth.
His eyes blazed, but his expression was cold.

[The Celestial ‘Nameless Giant’ rises!]

Yeong-Geun always smiled gently, which made some people mock him and call him a fool.
However, at the moment, he was both cooler-headed than ever before, and filled with a burning fighting spirit.
His presence was amplified several times over, as if a giant had stood up.
If Jeong-Gwon was a vicious beast that charged forward blindly, Yeong-Geun was a giant that could overwhelm anything.

“I’ll also have to fight with my full strength.
Seeing as you’re strong and I have a long way to go, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to subdue you unharmed, so please understand,” Yeong-Geun said as politely as possible as he kicked off the ground, although he was unsure Jeong-Gwon would be able to understand him.



As if Jeong-Gwon had been anticipating Yeong-Geun, his [Tiger Form] grew and clashed with his opponent.

‘The fire has caught on quite well,’ Gwak Do-Woon thought as he observed the situation from a distance.

An intense battle broke out between Yeong-Geun and Jeong-Gwon, leaving their flesh torn and bleeding.
They constantly fought for the first opportunity to slit each other’s throats.

‘All I did was lure them with demonic energy.
Haha, idiots,’ Do-Woon thought with satisfaction.

Jeong-Gwon, whose mana had deviated, would never stop until Yeong-Geun died.
On the other hand, as it was too difficult to escape from Jeong-Gwon, Yeong-Geun had no choice but to fight against him.

‘I don’t care who dies first, as the White Tiger Clan and the Sword of Ohsung Clan will become enemies after this.
I’ll just wait for the right moment and take out the other one,’ Do-Woon thought, his eyes gleaming sharply.
‘Who will survive?’

People often compared Yeong-Geun and Jeong-Gwon because they were the symbols of their Clans, which had long competed to become the best Clan in Korea; additionally, their levels were in a similar range.
However, they had completely different personalities, which was why people often ended up comparing the two.
Even Do-Woon was curious about the fight’s outcome, and found it entertaining to watch.


‘Hmm…? Was their level of ability this different?’ Do-Woon thought.

Despite his violent temper, Jeong-Gwon was losing helplessly—no, more than that, Yeong-Geun was quickly deflecting Jeong-Gwon’s attacks and tenaciously seizing any opportunities to counter.
In the end, Jeong-Gwon ended up covered with bleeding wounds.

“Krrrr!” Jeong-Gwon roared loudly in anger and discontentment.
However, he weakened little by little beneath Yeong-Geun’s calm attacks.


Suddenly, Yeong-Geun pierced Jeong-Gwon’s chest with the [Black Pearl Scimitar].

‘It’s over,’ Do-Woon thought, watching Jeong-Gwon fall forward while bleeding.

Yeong-Geun panted, pulling out his sword with great difficulty.
Do-Won assumed he was about to finish Jeong-Gwon off for good; anyone could tell Yeong-Geun had won.

‘Now!’ Do-Woon thought, moving in that instant.

After being stabbed in the heart, Jeong-Gwon was unable to fight any further, but Yeong-Geun was still preparing to finish him off, which meant it was the perfect moment to stab Yeong-Geun in the back.


Do-Woon quickly became a ghost that radiated red energy and appeared behind Yeong-Geun.
He reached out with a hand, intending to snap Yeong-Geun’s neck instantly.
The moment he, a master of the [Jade Smashing Fist], was shrouded with red ghost energy, his body became a lethal weapon.
It seemed that Yeong-Geun had failed to notice that Do-Woon was right behind him, and Do-Woon’s fingertips were about to pierce his throat…


A flash suddenly sprang up beneath Do-Woon’s feet.

“…Hup!” Do-Woon instinctively held his breath and leaped backward to create some distance between him and Yeong-Geun.
However, he was unable to avoid the flash completely.
Part of his shirt split open, as if a beast had torn it apart with its claws, revealing a bleeding wound.

“Shit! I thought I got him, but that old man escaped like a weasel,” Jeong-Gwon grumbled.

“Can’t you do one thing right? You’ve blown the opportunity we seized with such difficulty,” Yeong-Geun remarked, clicking his tongue.

“Shut up! My wound hurts so freaking much! Should I leave one on you too?” Jeong-Gwon retorted, scowling at Yeong-Geun.

“No thanks.
I’m a crybaby,” Yeong-Geun calmly said.

Jeong-Gwon quickly stood up with a frown; the wound created by the [Black Pearl Scimitar] was still bleeding.
It seemed his wound was so deep that it was difficult to stop the bleeding, leaving him noticeably annoyed by Yeong-Geun’s playful joke.

“…Was it a trap?” Do-Woon muttered to himself, feeling a shiver running down his spine.
He thought he had lured them into a trap, but it turned out to have been the opposite.

“Of course it was.
Ptui! Ah, fuck.
My chest is freaking sore.
Hey, you should have taken it easy when you stabbed me.
How could you stab me so deeply?” Jeong-Gwon groaned.

“Do you think he would have been fooled if I stabbed you lightly?” Yeong-Geun retorted sarcastically.

“Well, you’re right… Ugh! Shit, I can’t believe I’ve been injured like this before I get a chance to fight properly.
Anyway, old man…” Jeong-Gwon trailed off, his eyes blazing.
His deep wounds had already begun recovering quickly.

[The Skill ‘Tiger Kill’ has been activated, and is rising!]

“You should die for leaving me in this state,” Jeong-Gwon said coldly.


Jeong-Gwon charged toward Do-Woon like an angry bull, but Do-Woon quickly leaped backward without counterattacking.
Taking the two at once was an unwise choice even for Do-Woon; thus, he intended to retreat into the red fog and look for another chance to attack.

“I usually respect elders, but I won’t go through this twice,” Yeong-Geun said, already standing behind Do-Woon; he fiercely swung the [Black Pearl Scimitar].

“…!” Do-Woon’s eyes widened in shock.


Do-Woon had nowhere to run.
Jeong-Gwon was blocking the path ahead, and Yeong-Geun was standing behind him.

“…I have no other choice,” Do-Woon muttered with a sigh, narrowing his eyes.

If he could not escape, he had to fight.
His red ghost energy flared up like fire, and Do-Woon focused the energy into his fists, amplifying the damage of [Jade Smashing Fist] several times over.
He still believed he would win as long as the red fog was in the air.

“You arrogant greenhorns, I’ll teach you why I’m called the Red Ghost,” Do-Woon said as he took on the two other Players at the same time, gritting his teeth.


* * *

The battle between Do-Woon, Yeong-Geun, and Jeong-Gwon was intense.
Despite their initial expectations, Yeong-Geun and Jeong-Gwon could not quickly subdue Do-Woon; Jeong-Gwon had sustained too many injuries while trying to lure Do-Woon out of hiding.

“Shit…!” Jeong-Gwon grumbled, frustrated by the current state of the battle.

He had poured potions down his throat whenever he got a chance, but potions were not omnipotent.
It would still take a while for his wounds to recover.
On top of that, Do-Woon resisted fiercely.
Living up to his reputation as a Player of the 1.5th generation, he moved very well for his age.
He skillfully took opportunities to attack and destroy his targets with the [Jade Smashing Fist].

It seemed that any armor or weapons Yeong-Geun and Jeong-Gwon had would be shattered if they remained within range of the [Jade Smashing Fist], which made it difficult to fight against Do-Woon.
Of course, that did not mean Do-Woon was at an advantage.

‘…It’s going to get really dangerous if I keep going on like this,’ Do-Woon thought, getting more frustrated over time.

He tried to lose them and disappeared into the red fog, but Yeong-Geun and Jeong-Gwon tenaciously pursued him.
On top of that, Do-Woon’s stamina had lessened as he aged; thus, he was already fatigued and had sustained many dangerous wounds.

‘I haven’t eliminated the other rankers in the maze circle.
It’ll be difficult for the illusion mages to take them out no matter how hard they try… We’re in trouble,’ Do-Woon thought bitterly.

In the end, he had to escape from the two by any means necessary; he tried to observe them, looking for an opportunity.

[All the focal points have been eliminated!]

[The Trap ‘Phantom Maze Circle’ has been destroyed, dispersing the fog.]

‘…What?!’ Do-Woon thought in shock, reflexively looking up as he saw a pair of messages he had never expected to see.
He was in a dangerous situation, but he could not help it.
He had known that the punitive force would destroy the [Phantom Maze Circle], but he had never expected it to be obliterated so quickly.


The red fog, which had obstructed Players’ view similar to the system messages, was fading, and the distorted space within the circle had returned to normal.

“Huh?” Jeong-Gwon exclaimed, tilting his head in confusion.

“…I don’t get what’s happening,” Yeong-Geun muttered.

“The Sword of Ohsung Clan guys didn’t do this?” Jeong-Gwon asked.

“How should I know? Still, I definitely know we won’t be losing anymore,” Yeong-Geun replied with a smile.

“I agree,” Jeong-Gwon said with a grin.


Neither Jeong-Gwon nor Yeong-Geun knew what had happened, but they could not miss the opportunity, as they no longer had to worry about Do-Woon disappearing into the fog.

‘What…?!’ Do-Woon thought, gritting his teeth.
The only thought filling his mind was that he had failed.
All his plans had gone awry, and he could do nothing more.

‘What should I do…?!’ he thought.
He could not even see an exit; would it be better for him to give up on getting out alive and at least kill one of them?

While Do-Woon was pondering his next move, however…

“Assistant Clan leader!”

“We’ll save you!”

Several of the Highoff Clan’s demonic Players jumped out from the red fog as it faded abruptly.
Gritting their teeth, some pounced at Jeong-Gwon and Yeong-Geun together like moths to a flame, while others stood in front of Do-Woon as if they were guarding him.
The situation took an unexpected turn, and the distance between Do-Woon and his opponents widened significantly.

“W-What are you…?” Do-Woon stuttered.

“We’ll take them, so run!” one of the demonic Players yelled.

“But…!” Do-Woon protested hesitantly.

“Come on! Go!” the demonic Player replied, pushing Do-Woon away.

Most of the Highoff Clan members were Do-Woon’s disciples, and he had taught them his [Jade Smashing Fist].
Although some called them inhumane villains, they shared a bond that others could never understand.
Do-Woon was like a respected father to everyone in the Highoff Clan.

“…I’m sorry,” Do-Woon muttered.
He was unable to ignore their pleas in the end, and he ran in the opposite direction.

Boom! Swish―!

“He’s getting away! We should get him!” Yeong-Geun shouted.

“Of course! But these guys keep…!” Jeong-Gwon yelled in frustration.

“You won’t get our assistant Clan leader!” one demonic Player yelled.

“You shitty vermin…!” Jeong-Gwon cursed, frowning.

Yeong-Geun and Jeong-Gwon tried to chase the escaping Do-Woon, but the demonic Players kept getting in their way.
Jeong-Gwon’s eyes burned with anger as he shouted, “Alright then! I’ll rip all of you apart!”

[The Additional Skill ‘Fierce Tiger’s Tiger Kill’ has been activated, seething fiercely!]

A beast that would kill anything in its path had been unleashed.

“He’s going to fall into the trap,” muttered a person who had been watching the fight from afar as they began to move.


Only heat remained after that person left.

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