As the White Tiger Clan’s three Raid Team leaders chased after the Grand General, Yeong-Geun focused on leading the people on the ground.
He thought about joining the aerial battle since he also had grudges against the Grand General, but he thought it would be better to fend off the Yetis approaching from the ground as it would minimize the damage the volunteer corp was taking.

Besides, White Tiger Clan members were the ones dealing with the Grand General, so Yeong-Geun, who wasn’t even good at aerial combat, felt as if joining the fight wouldn’t be very helpful.
In cases like this, it was better to focus on the area he specialized at, which was leading people during battles and protecting his corpsmen.

[The scimitar calls forth ten thousand curved blades!]

Swoosh, swish, swoosh―!

A black arc was drawn in the air every time the [Black Pearl Scimitar], his favorite weapon, cried.
Yetis and Snow Pterosaurs would fall to the ground right after, bleeding.
However, more of the Winter King’s guards had flown up in the air than Yeong-Geun could kill.
The Yetis and Snow Pterosaurs also gradually avoided approaching Yeong-Geun, so he eventually ended up slashing nothing but the empty air.

‘They’re increasing in numbers,’ Yeong-Geun bitterly thought Since the creation of the Sudden Quest that warned the Players about a possible Dungeon Break, more of the Winter King’s guards had been showing up in the sky.

Where in the world were all those monsters coming from? The volunteer corpspeople, Yeong-Geun included, felt as if they were going to go crazy.

‘I have to come up with a solution somehow…!’ Yeong-Geun gritted his teeth.

In this state, the punitive force would truly end up like the fourth raid unit, which had been annihilated.

“Department Head Woo! Behind you!” Yeong-Geun’s subordinate urgently yelled from behind.

Yeong-Geun let his guard down since the enemies didn’t approach him, but he realized he had put it down for far too long, considering some enemies managed to use that moment to ambush him.
He urgently turned to swing the [Black Pearl Scimitar] in the enemies’ direction, but the Yetis had already closed in him by quickly sliding down the snowfield while holding sharp-edged knives horizontally.

‘I’m too late…!’ Yeong-Geun’s eyes widened.

Someone abruptly jumped out from his blind spot, and Yeong-Geun’s face hardened as he noticed it was his niece Woo Hye-Bin.
However, she seemed different from how he knew her.
With an expressionless face, Hye-Bin held up daggers her parents had paid a great amount of money to get when she had said she was going to become a Player.
One of them was [Storm Deity’s Dagger], which was imbued with the blessing of the famous ‘Storm-Riding Deity.’

[The Player ‘Woo Hye-Bin’ has activated the Skill ‘Gale Dash’!]

[Your speed has increased the damage of your attack!]

Hye-Bin began to use her specialty, which was quick movements, and formed strong gusts of wind using the [Storm Deity’s Dagger].


Boom, boom, boom―!

The Yeti’s sword and Hye-Bin’s dagger clashed.
Under normal circumstances, that would have sent Hye-Bin, who had a petite physique and low level, skidding away.
However, the moment her weapon collided with the Yeti’s, she released all the gusts of wind she had created so far using [Storm Deity’s Dagger].
As a result, the Yetis and Snow Pterosaurs were the ones that were pushed back instead.


The Yetis pulled on the Snow Pterosaurs’ reins to maintain their balance.
They then straightened their posture and prepared to attack again to make her pay for humiliating the Winter King’s proud knights.
However, Hye-Bin was quicker.
She swung the new dagger in her left hand vertically.

[Bolts of lightning are striking the ground!]

Rumble, boom, boom!

The dagger she just used was the [Lightning Deity’s Dagger], which used to be the celestial object of the apostle of the deity named ‘Lightning-Summoning King.’ Her parents had bought it as a set item with [Storm Deity’s Dagger].
While the [Storm Deity’s Dagger] could create storms, the [Lightning Deity’s Dagger] could summon bolts of lightning.
Vertically cutting through the sky, the summoned bolts simultaneously incinerated the Yetis and Snow Pterosaurs, spreading a thick burning smell in the air.

“Get it together, uncle.
How in the world did you survive the rough life of a Player?” Hye-Bin admonished Yeong-Geun, then turned in the other direction.

Her clothes sparkled and replenished her mana, which had been depleted when she created storms and bolts of lightning.
Her boots shone as well, increasing her speed along with the [Gale Dash].


She was wearing the [Mana Deity’s Armor] and the [Monster Deity’s Shoes], which were relics imbued with the blessings of deities, much like her daggers.
Relics were very rare, so acquiring them was like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity even for rankers.
Despite so, she didn’t just own one but four relics, making her already more powerful than most Players.
To top it all off, she learned how to fight from Chang-Sun, so no one on this battlefield could stop her.

Her relics cost at least a total of over 100 billion won.
She only managed to buy them because her parents were chaebols.
Yeong-Geun was a chaebol as well, but he couldn’t even buy a decent artifact aside from weapons because he wasn’t sure how the president of Ohsung Group, his father, would react.
Hence, he envied his niece for the first time in his life.

‘I want to be overgeared too…’ Yeong-Geun thought.

* * *

[The Celestial ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ frantically praises your exceptional talent for hunting.]

[The Celestial ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ hops around, frustrated by the fact she did not recognize a woman of your talent sooner.]

[The Celestial ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ whispers that you can improve your dagger skills under her tutelage.

[The Celestial ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ asks if you intend to take her lessons right now since you won’t get another chance like this to learn in the future.]

[The Celestial ‘Nameless Giant’ feels uneasy about another Celestial showing interest in you!]

‘Who… is this deity?’ Hye-Bin’s eyes widened as she read the messages from a deity who started sending her messages a moment ago.

She had never seen the divine name ‘A Good Season to Hunt,’ but the deity was making so much fuss it was as if she already knew Hye-Bin well.
She seemed to be especially interested in her speed and dagger skills.

‘Does Mister know this deity?’ Hye-Bin thought that would be the case, considering all her fighting techniques were based on what she learned from Chang-Sun.

Ever since they parted ways, Hye-Bin had been constantly trying to imitate Chang-Sun’s combat style.
She even started using two daggers because she was impressed by how Chang-Sun proficiently handled [Tiamat’s Snaggletooth].

However, there was one thing that bothered Hye-Bin the most.
The ‘Nameless Giant,’ her family’s Guardian, felt uneasy around this deity but didn’t get rid of her.
As far as Hye-Bin remembered, the divine class of the ‘Nameless Giant’ was definitely high.
However, considering the way he acted around the deity named ‘A Good Season to Hunt,’ her divine class had to be just as high.

‘Is she… a star? Or related to one…?’ Hye-Bin wondered.

She doubted she should have anything to do with this innocent-looking deity, though, so she focused on hunting the Yetis instead.
Since Hye-Bin seemed to be the fastest and greatest jumper, she had to move around as much as she could to save many people.

‘Just like Mister did!’ Hye-Bin thought determinedly.


Slash, slash―!

[The Celestial ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ gasps upon seeing how high you can leap.]

Swish, swoosh, swish―!

[The Celestial ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ admires your brilliant skill with the daggers, but she worries you’d make a mistake.]

Kick, kick, kick!

[The Celestial ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ is watching your powerful kicks with sparkling eyes.]

Whenever Hye-Bin did something, ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ would send a message, making Hye-Bin quietly chuckle during the fierce battle.
Some could consider her bothersome, but Hye-Bin strangely didn’t dislike her messages since she reminded her of someone else.

“Woah, Hye-Bin, did you really knit this scarf? This is amazing.
Huh? You’re giving this to me? C-can I really get this?”

“Me too! Me tooooo! Home come only Seul-Ah gets one? Hye-Bin is discriminating against us! Stop the discrimination! Woo Hye-Bin should give me a scarf too!”

“You know it was my birthday a couple of days ago…”

“What about me?”

The deity reminded Hye-Bin of the friends she could never meet even if she wanted to.
Every time Hye-Bin did something, they shrieked beside her, so she didn’t have a single quiet day.
However, she was never bored when she was with them.
It was also thanks to them that she, a very timid girl, could become more confident.

‘I miss you guys.’ Hye-Bin bit her lower lip as she crossed the [Storm Deity’s Dagger] with the [Lightning Deity’s Dagger].


Her weapons’ mana waves mixed, creating extremely powerful lightning storms that struck her enemies from every direction.

[The lightning storm is raging!]

Crack, crack!


Woosh, swish, swoosh!

[The intense storm has sent the Snow Pterosaurs plummeting to the ground!]

[The shower of lightning bolts has incapacitated a large number of Yetis and Snow Pterosaurs!]

[The Player ‘Woo Hye-Bin’ is dominating!]

[The Celestial ‘A Good Season to Hunt’ yells out a cheer!]

She used the wind to freely dash in the air even though the weather was bone-chillingly cold, instilling fear into the Yetis.
Now that it had come to this, the Yetis instantly reacted.

“What’re you waiting for?! Take her out first!” the Grand General ordered.

[The Named Monster ‘Winter King’s Grand General’ has perceived the Player ‘Woo Hye-Bin’!]

[The Player ‘Woo Hye-Bin’ has been labeled as the Yetis’ public enemy.]

[The Player ‘Woo Hye-Bin’ has been selected as the Yetis’ primary target.]

To kill Hye-Bin, the Winter King’s guards simultaneously pulled on their Snow Pterosaurs’ reins and flew toward her.

[The Yetis have run into an invisible barrier, losing their target.]

However, the Snow Pterosaurs crashed into an invisible magic barrier instead when they glided down, causing them to rebound away.
On the ground, Shin Geum-Gyu was holding an opened magic book in his right hand while his left hand was stretched toward the monsters’ direction.

[The Player ‘Shin Geum-Gyu’ has activated the Skill ‘Uroborus Structural Formula,’ temporarily creating a magic barrier!]

Geum-Gyu was obviously fatigued, seeing as how beads of sweat ran down his forehead.
Stopping many Yetis at once caused his legs to shake and almost depleted his mana.
Nevertheless, he didn’t back down.

[The Celestial ‘World-Encircling Serpent’ delightedly swings his bell-tied tail upon seeing his subordinate ’s pretty useful ability.]

“Eun-Seo!” Geum-Gyu shouted.

Shin Eun-Seo smiled and energetically pushed the tower shield she was holding on her left arm.
“Alright! Leave it to noona! Argh!”

The barrier Geum-Gyu formed used her tower shield as the core.
Every time Eun-Seo moved the tower shield, the barrier would move along with it.

[The Player ‘Shin Eun-Seo’ has activated the Skill ‘Tower Attack’!]

[The Strength of the Player ‘Shin Eun-Seo’ is insufficient.]

[The Strength of the Player ‘Shin Eun-Seo’ is insufficient.]

[The Celestial ‘Twilight-Piercing Owl’ admires your spirit and blesses you!]

[The blessing has made up for the Strength insufficiency of the Player ‘Shin Eun-Seo.’]

[The Effect ‘Gildal’ has been applied.]

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

[The Skill ‘Tower Attack’ has been activated at its maximum output!]

It was difficult to move the barrier with Eun-Seo’s power alone.
With the blessing, however, she could now move it with ease, allowing her to slam away the Yetis and Snow Pterosaurs that were flying toward her to destroy the barrier.





The barrier was so thick and sturdy that every Yeti and Snow Pterosaur that crashed into the barrier turned into bloody pulps as they fell to the ground.

“Miss!” Geum-Gyu urgently yelled at Hye-Bin as he looked at the sight.

Hye-Bin nodded, then crossed the [Storm Deity’s Dagger] with the [Lightning Deity’s Dagger] again.



When the two daggers resonated, the lightning storm spread to every direction again and put the guards, who had already been disarrayed, into confusion.

[A massacre is taking place!]

“You idiots…!” The Grand General became infuriated as he watched the whole fight.

He believed the Yetis would be able to easily take out all the humans, but they resisted much fiercer than he expected.
At this rate, they would get exterminated even before they could head ‘outside’ and kill the king of humans.
Thinking he should take action himself, the Grand General was about to instruct his Snow Pterosaur to glide down to the three most outstanding humans on the ground so he could kill them.


“Where do you think you’re looking?”

However, the White Tiger Clan’s three Raid Team leaders, who had already closed in on the Grand General, attacked him.


The Grand General’s eyes blazed up with anger as he managed to block their attacks, albeit with difficulty.
“Move, you idiots!”

As soon as the Grand General shoved them away, he gave the reins a strong tug with his left hand.
Reading its owner’s thoughts, the Snow Pterosaur folded its wings and freefell down.

The trio immediately went after them, but it wasn’t easy to control the elemental spirits—no, maintain balance in the air.
Since their powers in the air were halved, fighting the Grand General proved too difficult.


[The Named Monster ‘Winter King’s Grand General’ has appeared!]

Meanwhile, concluding that the Yetis would fail to secure victory if they couldn’t kill Hye-Bin, the Grand General himself approached Hye-Bin, who was incessantly creating lightning storms.

“Run!” Eun-Seo tried to rush to Hye-Bin’s side, but using a substantial amount of her mana at once caused her to be too light-headed to move.

Geum-Gyu also tried to stall the Grand General by quickly casting a black magic spell, but…

[The Player ‘Shin Geum-Gyu’ has activated the Skill ‘Serpent Curse Formula’!]

[The Player ‘Shin Geum-Gyu’ has cast the Curse ‘Confusion’ on the Named Monster ‘Winter King’s Grand General’ and the ‘Grand General’s Snow Pterosaur’!]

[The curse is ineffective!]

[The Player ‘Shin Geum-Gyu’ has cast the Curse ‘Blind’!]

[The curse is ineffective!]

They weren’t enough to overpower the Grand General’s strong magic resistance.


In the end, the Grand General still managed to swing his greatsword at Hye-Bin, just like what he had done to Son Jin-Seok from the Myeongga Clan.
Hye-Bin noticed too late how much the Grand General had closed in on her, so the only thing she could see now was his white sword.
With her stamina now depleted from creating too many lightning storms, she could no longer avoid his attack even if she wanted to.

“… Mister, have I done enough?” She mumbled as she felt a cold snowflake on her nose, seemingly asking if she had done a good job as Chang-Sun did.
After all, she did try to save people today, much like how Chang-Sun saved her.
Although she knew her question would be left unanswered, she had no regrets.
She could already tell what Chang-Sun would say anyway.

“More than enough.”

She heard Chang-Sun’s voice from beside her, almost as if he had read Hye-Bin’s mind.

Chang-Sun rarely expressed his emotions, but he smiled faintly this time as he spoke warmly.

[The Player ‘Lee Chang-Sun’ has broken onto the battlefield!]

Chang-Sun dropped down before Hye-Bin.


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