“The entrance to the Demon Realm must have been closed, so how could a mere human get inside?”

“Is there a traitor inside then?”

“The door had been tightly closed by the Master himself.
No matter how many traitors there are, they won’t be strong enough at all.
It seems like the human being who got enlightened this time is far more impressive than I thought.”

Barbatos, who muttered softly, eventually got up.
No matter how much magical power was injected, Lerazier’s body just couldn’t accept it.
Therefore, to continue in doing so would just be a waste of time then.

“What about that human then?”


“Okay, just get some rest.”

Despite Barbatos’s question, Lerazier remained silent as he turned his head away.
The one who had been kicked out for speaking needlessly was now shutting his own mouth, so the result appeared rather obvious.

Barbatos beckoned and a familiar eventually appeared before it lifted Lerazier carefully.
Amongst the remaining demons, opinions soon became divided as to the purpose of the human’s sudden invasion into the Demon Realm.

Julia, who had been watching the scene from the top of the stairs, became unable to move as she froze.
When Barbatos asked Lerazier about the intruder, she had read the words which he had not been able to say with her own SIGHT function.


I couldn’t even brush my finger against him.
That little snub-nosed punk who is only around 20 years old!]

When humans had reached the status of a Sword Master, their lifespan would then increase dramatically.
They would also look much younger than their actual age and although she had never seen one in person before, she did hear that the two Sword Masters on the continent appeared like they were only in their early 30s, even though they had already been over two hundred years old.

‘They said that the third Sword Master got enlightened in this war.
A blonde warrior who has just turned 20—with no nationality or even status.’

An ominous feeling instantly flashed through Julia’s mind.
He wouldn’t have really come here, right.
There was no way……

Revenna softly tapped her shoulder as she was chewing on her lips.

“Julia, aren’t you going?”

“The atmosphere is… I don’t think I should be here.”

“You are Master’s, no matter what anyone says, do you not know that there is a much stronger protection than just this?”

Revenna was trying to encourage her in her own way, but unfortunately, it didn’t help Julia at all.
In fact, she was currently under Bael’s watch as she had disobeyed his order and was now punished for going out of bed against his will.

‘I can’t really believe it since humans lie just like breathing.
I’ll have to wait and see, so stay in my nest from now onwards.
If you don’t want to be tied down, you’d better be very quiet.’

At that moment, the blood on Julia’s fingertips as she was recalling Bael’s terrifying expression, suddenly drained out.
A bad thought immediately flashed through her mind.

‘If the intruder was truly Legion, he would then do anything to find me.
But if he ever runs into Bael, what will happen to Legion then?’

From the day they had a relationship together, it was fortunate that Bael did not force anything at all.
Still, right after the sun went down, she had to stay in the nest where his eyes could always be in reach.

The demons who had experienced Bael’s severe magic rampage took it for granted, but those who did not know the circumstances would certainly think that it was a tad bit strange.
They said that the Princess who was taken away like a slave had been locked up in the Demon King’s bed for every night and couldn’t get out at all.

Her vision suddenly went black.
The cold that cut into her flesh like a knife and the blood that had dyed the white snow-covered floor in crimson red……

‘It will be like that time yet again.’

Julia unknowingly stumbled and leaned against the railing.
Even though she had been standing on such an ordinary staircase, the memory of that day was etched into her mind like an afterimage that could never be erased.

“Do you know where the Demon King is right now?”

“Well, I don’t really feel his presence in the castle, but maybe he hasn’t gone too far yet?”

Bael’s magical power had been enormous and he did not even try to hide his mighty power as well, so the demons could easily guess where he was.

After hearing Revenna’s answer, Julia gently nodded her head.

“It would be better to go in early for today.
There’s something I’d like to ask the Demon King…”

“Well, it looks like the Demon Realm is going to be noisy for a while, so that place should actually be safer? But please, if you could just tell me, you don’t have to wait until night, right?”

“No, it’s not really a big deal.”

There was a fleeting hesitation, but the quick-witted Revenna knew that it wasn’t the kind of thing which she could actually listen to.
Revenna then casually nodded her head and grabbed Julia’s hand before tugging her out, which made it the end of the day’s short outing.

* * *

It was King’s spacious bedroom.
As she sat in the corner, Julia looked out the window where the setting sun was sinking with such an anxious face.

After returning early during the day, she had been listening to the news of the outside world.
She wondered if Bael had gone back to the tower again or what if someone else had returned just almost like a corpse like Lerazier or in fact, if there was at least one news story about the one who broke through the gate of the Demon Realm had truly been Legion himself?

But right until the sun went down, it was just quiet as usual and at the same time, she felt a sense of relief while feeling rather fatigued too.

“I feel quite dizzy…”

Her pulse was slow and she was now about to rest her head briefly.
But from the outside of the hallway, a set of slow thumping yet heavy footsteps could be heard.
That was ultimately Bael.

She quickly raised her body from the chair.
Then, she put on a bright face so that she wouldn’t be showing any pain.
It was fortunate that he had not been in his rampaging state.
If that had been the case, her request would not have been accepted either way.

The door eventually opened, but Bael entered without paying any attention to Julia who was currently looking at him.
Even Barbatos, who was following behind him, just closed the door as if she was invisible and went straight inside.

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