“I want to do it with you too.
I think it’s going to be absolutely good.
But if I really do, Master will definitely kill me then.”


Julia’s mouth became wide open.
She had just understood what Lerazier meant.
He said that he instinctively felt when there might be lust and pleasure abound.

‘Was Bael just trying to do it again?’

She glanced down at the bed sheets.
It was so crisp and clean that she couldn’t even find any signs of last night’s uproar.
The mark of the dagger that had been on her neck was clearly gone as well.
However, the body that had still been under the sheet was unquestionably naked.

Lerazier smiled gleefully as he skimmed through her brightly crimson face.

“Yes, I was the one who cleaned up all the mess.”


“There’s no way that the Master would actually do such a complicated thing.
So, you’d better thank me, right?”

Julia didn’t know what to say, but she also couldn’t think of any words that came to mind.
Her memories of that time were all blurry, but it must have been incredibly bad anyway.
Nevertheless, to think that she had shown it to another man instantly made her feel insanely ashamed.

Lerazier, who giggled as he watched her blankly shed tears in blank, then continued saying to her—albeit belatedly.

“It was just a joke.
How strong is the Master’s desire for monopoly after all.”


“But they’re not all lies anyway.
If it wasn’t for Brother, Kimaris would have already died by now.”

Her expression, which had grown cold earlier, stiffened awkwardly at the moment she heard Kimaris’s name.

It had been difficult for her to expect that the demons would divulge the truth at first, but when she got told that his well-being was in danger, she just couldn’t let it go.

“There was no such scene like that at all.
If I was the one who had been there other than that guy, I would have definitely enjoyed it all properly.”

So much had transpired in just one day.
In fact, she could barely remember what happened after she had killed Berith.
Only the insanely fervent pleasures were etched deep in her mind.
And the person who engraved it was probably Bael himself.

Julia then slowly asked while pulling the pure white sheet up to just below her nose.

“What happened to Mister Kimaris?”

“Oh, it’s no big deal really.
He got his limbs cut off and was then put in prison.
He was making a great fuss in attacking the Master with his eyes completely wheeled around all over—ooffff.”

The more she listened to it, the more she couldn’t understand it all.
Why did the man, who was very fine until yesterday, get his limbs cut off and why did he even try to attack Bael anyway?

However, one thing that eventually became more certain once she listened more to Lerazier was the fact that she had more of the feeling that Kimaris did such a thing simply for her own self.

‘If I—as a mere human—were to ask for mercy, the situation would only get even worse.’

No matter how close she had become with demons, she was still only an outsider in the Demon Realm.
In such a case, she could then have put him cornered back in prison once again if she recklessly acted out all on her own.
And the only consolation was that his limbs would be returned to their original state since he possessed an amazing trait of resilience.

Besides, she was also concerned about how Agares had dealt with her true identity after the whole thing transpired with Berith.
She might have harmed even Revenna and Kimaris, who had been hiding the truth all along.

‘I’m only causing trouble to those around me right until the end……’

As she scolded herself and had her shoulders drooped helplessly, Lerazier clicked his tongue in boredom.

“What—you’re actually calmer than I think, even after you listened to everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Brother told me to watch over you so that you don’t run away.
Well, considering your personality, I’m sure that you would run away and this time, Kimaris will definitely die.”

So, what he had mentioned to her right now was something that Barbatos told him not to say at all.

It had been a good thing to be thankful for her lack of stamina and the fact of not being able to use the SIGHT feature, but was it really okay for her to just be like this still?

‘Anyway, it was right not to take any action.
Then, Mister Kimaris—he should be fine now.’

It was like treading on a very thin sheet of ice.
Even the slightest mistake could really plunge her down to hell.
If it had been just a game, restarting would already be enough, but this was reality.
The unmistakable reality where raw hostility and the weight of life could be directly felt on her own skin.

“Ah, I really should say this first.
Revenna has gone to the Human Realm for the time being.
She says that she’s going to heal you.”


“It became a real fuss when you were down unconscious.
It was quite fun to watch the Demon Realm get overturned because of one mere human, but I still don’t want to experience it twice.
So, you should behave well.”

Lerazier continued to talk about all kinds of stories to the extent that she wondered if it was really okay to just be like this.
And to sum his words all up, it was said that after Berith’s death, Agares used her political power which she possessed to completely rewrite the Demon Realm’s records instead.

To say that Estelle Vestra was the key had been a lie which got made up by the Master himself.
Bael knew from the very beginning that the key was actually ‘Julia Vestra’, but Estelle was presented as a shield just in case there had been a threat to her life.

It would have been inevitable at other times, but it was now clear that Julia had been the real key and Bael also tolerated Agares’s remarks in the end.

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