Demons tended to have strong individualistic tendencies, but not all of them were like that.
It was similar to how Barbatos and Lerazier stayed next to each other merely because they had woken up in the same place on the same day.

“As expected, I should have wiped them all away.
I shouldn’t have let them off the hook at all!”

She walked through her room while puffing rough breaths that were mixed with agitation.
Her long hair, which had been already tied up high in a ponytail, whisked as she moved.

Kimaris, who could no longer wait, stepped out once again.
Now, all they could count on was only Agares herself.

“You are not the only demon with such hatred for those humans.
But the moment when the truth is revealed, she will definitely die.”

“If I protect…!”

“How long—humans’ lifespan is so short, can you even live with her for more than a few decades? Don’t forget that.
Humans are just too fragile.
The moment it happens, you’ll never be able to turn it back.”

Kimaris recalled the time when Julia had collapsed amongst the demons and was seriously injured as well.

Even demons with deep knowledge in medical arts—even Agares’s own magic—could not break through her magic resistance.
She didn’t know how Bael had treated Julia, but Agares knew better than anyone else that it was definitely difficult for her to expect his mercy twice at some time.

“If he were really going to kill Julia in order to relieve his wrath, what couldn’t he do? We have no choice but to take off with Julia and run away to the human realm then?”

“The little key is what the Master really needs.”

“But is she truly an existence that only the Master needs?”

Revenna blinked her fan-long lashes slowly.
Her eyes were asking as well.
Julia had been the ‘key’, so she was really precious.

Agares bit her lips and slammed the table.
The thick wooden top was simply split in two and the numerous papers that had piled on top eventually fluttered to the floor.

“Why did you even come to me?! There’s Barbatos or even Lerazier!”



Just like hurling a whip to the wall, the door instantly opened wide as she kicked the door of her office.
The surprised Kimaris soon followed after.

“Where are you going—!”

“Berith had some personal contact with the humans.
I will then have him executed according to the military law.
Any objections?”

The two demons, who had received her fierce gaze, instantly shook their heads.
Even if Agares just spoke like that, they knew that she had already planned to kill Berith and shut his mouth.

The sound of her footsteps that were filled with anger eventually echoed through the quiet hallway.

* * *

Julia was currently being carried somewhere while she had already been forcibly stuffed into a black sack.
In the meantime, Bael’s heartbeat was still pounding over her eardrums.
It seemed that Berith had no intention of leaving a mark by moving far away for nothing and it appeared like he intended on ignoring her right after finishing his work in the Demon King’s castle as well.

Then, the sound of the door opening could be heard and the sack that was shaking all the time eventually came to a stop.
Julia stood vigilant at once.

“If you don’t stay calm, you won’t be able to come back alive.”

She couldn’t use the SIGHT function since the sack was blocking her vision all the way.
Instead, she hurriedly glanced at every nook and cranny of the icon list, which she had never paid much attention to before this.
When she was finally able to enter the skill window, a rather complicated linked tree came to her mind, but it was all still deactivated from the root as if there was an unlockable condition.

Berith ripped the sack and pulled her roughly while wondering the reason Julia was being very quiet.

“Why is there no response?”


She is surprisingly obedient.
If I do well, I can then periodically absorb the magical energy.]

Her field of vision was eventually unfurled and the dialogue window came to her view then.
As Julia began to read it, she quickly shook her head.

“I’m scared…”

“Well, if you follow my orders, it will probably be a very good time for you too.”

His lips rose in a seductive curl.
It had been the usual method used to seduce humans, but it didn’t really work towards Julia at all.
It was all because of his thoughts that swiftly passed through her eyes which appeared so utterly disgusting.


Once the Master leaves the tower, it will then take at least half a day or even as long as three to four days before returning.
There is a lot of time left, so I should enjoy it carefully—taste her down to her very bones.]

The King had left for the tower after a long rest and a thought crossed his mind that it must be a few days.
Immediately afterwards, Berith’s shoulders started to relax more and more.
In order to draw the magic from Julia in the long run, it seemed that it was actually better to seduce her and make her act cooperatively with him instead.

“Can you drink wine?”


“You couldn’t eat anything from the Demon World, could you? But don’t worry, these are tributes offered to me by humans themselves.”

He opened the cupboard and took out a pair of wine glasses.
The sweet scent of wine permeated through the air and the blood-red wine was eventually passed to her hands.

“I know that demon food is harmful to the human body.
And I really want you to stay here as long as possible.”

She accepted the glass without refusing.
And right at that moment—


Story Progress 3%]

Even though she didn’t choose it, she still remembered the progress guide.
Then, another window was created.


1st Episode.
The First Death]


– Mission: Survive.

– Reward: Activate Skill Tree.

– Failure penalty: Player dies.]

The first incident that was required to enter Bael’s Route soon came to her mind.

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