Julia was currently walking through the Demon King’s Castle’s hallway that had already been surrounded by many demons.
She was dragged into the Demon King’s bedroom before and only after three days after did she  safely escape at long last.

During that time, the Demon King’s flow had become very stable and solid.
Thus, the demons eventually accepted that Julia and Bael had already slept together.
Also, rumors that Bael was quite fond of Julia were also circulating around.
From her point of view, it only started to be very difficult.

‘We did sleep…… on the same bed.
Since he only slept for that whole three days.’

Anyone who saw that would begin to think that he was actually a sleeping demon.
How could he seriously sleep for such a long time just like a corpse?

But if she had told them the truth, it was obviously clear that her life would be threatened once again.
At the most, the reward for taking such risks while entering the Demon King’s bedroom would definitely disappear.

She decided to only inform l Agares or Revenna later on as she gratefully accepted the escort, whom Barbatos had officially assigned under the pretext of her being ‘The Demon King’s lover’.

However, the composition was a bit burdensome with Revenna and Kimaris as well as Agares, who was always busy as the second in command within the Demon Realm.
Not to mention, Lerazier, who was just busy even though he had no real responsibilities, and also the young wolf that he was currently raising.
It had been the young wolf which she had met at the stable the other day.

“How’s your body?”

“It’s okay.”

“Where do you feel uncomfortable?”

“Nothing at all.”

“Kiing, kiing?”

“I’ll play with you a little while later.”

Although she was busy responding to those people one word at a time, Julia worked really hard.
It was a little awkward, but it was still energetic—thump thump.

Yes, the demons around her were all so tall and had long legs, so as she walked along with them, she would lag behind further and further.
In the end, the wolf cub was already walking a long way ahead of her as well.

It was kind of a magical beast which she hadn’t seen only for a few days, but it had already doubled in size.
If it wasn’t for those soft pink jelly paw pads, she would have mistaken it for an adult.

Then, Agares, who was already moving ahead, looked behind.

“Little key, why are you walking so slowly? Are you in pain somewhere?”


As she was unable to bear it any longer, Julia eventually stood still.
Then, the demons, who had already gone all the way in front of her for that moment, stopped as if they were puzzled by her.
Julia puffed up her cheeks and she began to whine in her own way.

“There is such a difference in height and even if I walk at full speed, I still can’t follow after you.”

“Huh, so that’s why you were walking as slowly as possible.”

“I already thought of our race difference!”


“Not you.”

The young wolf returned and tilted his head.
Julia calmly held out her palm.
Being cute was definitely cute, but large dogs still needed to be properly trained so that she wouldn’t have to suffer later.

Just as she was about to praise the wolf who took a seat quietly as she had taught it the other day, Lerazier quickly approached her before he carried her off.
Julia was startled by the sudden rise in her eye level as she clung onto his neck tightly.

“Please, please put me down!”

“If we just move on like this, it’s going to be nice and comfortable for each other, isn’t it?”


Actually, I’m all fine with this.
Hoho, such a sweet and delicious smell.]

A proper dialogue window popped out to her after a long time away from Bael, but the content was still not that pleasant.
Julia pretended to push him away while pressing the SKIP button to turn off the window.

A sword was suddenly aimed at Lerazier’s neck.
Kimaris’s ferocious glare was already piercing intently against him.

“Put her down.”

“Hoh, are you actually trying me? Your confinement spell has not come off yet, right?”

Even though there was already a red mark on his neck, Lerazier just glinted his eyes in amusement.
Julia unknowingly covered her eyes as she began to watch the wound grow deeper and deeper.
When he realized that she was frightened, only then did Kimaris withdraw the sword.

“Are you not able to think too? Stop being so stupid.”

Revenna, who came to her, instantly took Julia from Lerazier and held onto her instead.
Although Revenna was on the short side amongst the demons, her physical strength itself was still superior to that of her own race, so she grasped Julia and moved her steps lightly at once.

Agares’s eyes gleamed as if she had found a prey, but Julia begged her not to while waving her hands away from Revenna’s gaze.

“If that’s what the little key wants…”

Thanks to that, the battle for Julia had ended before it could even get started.

Nevertheless, after fighting several more times, they eventually arrived at their destination: the main hall of the Demon King’s Castle.
It was said that this space, which had been once enlarged so that all 72 demons could enter, would sometimes be used to announce some important meetings or events.

‘I always get help from Barbatos.’

In truth, the matter that Julia was finally able to escape from Bael’s bedroom as well as the fact that she could then be able to go out like this had all been Barbatos’s work.

The Demon King Bael had been born and lived alone for a long time.
Plus, he never gave his side up to anyone at all.
Many demons were dubious as they did not believe that he suddenly had a ‘lover’.
And today was finally the time to prove it.

It would be much easier if Bael had come forward himself, but there was no chance of that, so it became Barbatos’s plan to play around with the engraving that Bael had already etched on.

“That woman is…”

“You seriously brought the Princess of the human world for real.”

Most of the 72 demons had gathered except for those who could not be summoned due to reasons such as they were dispatched to various parts of the Demon Realm or were all sleeping in the inner core of Hell.

As she stood behind Agares’s back, Julia carefully scanned through their faces.
She thought that it would only be full of scary-looking demons like Bottis, but surprisingly, there were also demons who appeared  dazzlingly beautiful like Revenna or even had an innocent-looking face like a child.

When Julia looked around the room with a curious expression, she suddenly met with a certain devil’s gaze.
Startled, she immediately tried to turn her gaze away, but it was quicker for the demon to raise the corners of their lips softly instead.

It was that demon from before, the one with a blinding appearance that had been as dazzling as Revenna herself.

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