But, but……

‘Then, why was I even brought here?’

Just to become a substitute for Estelle? To die while being played around like a mere toy among those dull and bored demons?

If that was the reason, wouldn’t it be so miserable then? She had already died once, thus why did she even have to do this twice? It would have been much better to not have been born again since only such terrible memories could be left behind at most.

“Sob, sob.”

Julia gently wiped away the tears from her own cheeks.

Nevertheless, she truly wanted to live.
Even if she had to roll in the mud while being crushed by those wretched memories, even if she were to be thrown away eventually just like a mere rug—she still wanted to live.

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I want to live.

A sobbing scream erupted abruptly out from her very mouth.

“Anyone… Please save me! I want to live!!”

At the same time, a large dark shadow had loomed over Julia’s head.
The pitch-black darkness eventually enveloped her whole being as if it was blocking her view.
Then, a huge wave of magical power started striking the earth terrifyingly with a loud bang—thump, thump.

Even though her vision had been blocked, she could still feel it clearly.
The black and disgusting blood that dripped down onto the floor, the desperate howls of those slaughtered beasts together with the fishy and unpleasant stench of death that kept on haunting the lungs.

Julia was utterly stunned that she couldn’t even make a single blink with her eyes.
The overbearing murderous energy that was exuded by a single person had ultimately forced and bound her whole body just  like a noose.


For a rather long time, only such terrible sounds of breaking and bursting could be heard, but a sudden silence came to the surroundings at once.
It felt creepy once again as her heart began pounding like mad.
She could feel it instinctively that someone’s clear gaze was directed towards her hidden self.

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She thought that it would have been better if time could just stop like this.
She was hoping that someone would forcefully tell her how things were actually going.
Even if she were to stretch her hand out a little, she could still tell with all kinds of terrible thoughts running wild in her head, which eventually made her stiffened up.

If it wasn’t for that someone who truly came to help her out……

‘I still want to live and I have already decided to live even if I were to be miserably abandoned anyway.’

Blood started oozing out of her lips, but she soon regained her composure back.
Julia took a deep breath and lifted the pitch-black cloth that had covered her slowly.


The scene of an appalling massacre was right in front of her.
Everything in sight was seen to be only in red—it was literally hell.

And amongst them had stood a demon.
Even after such a horrific slaughter had been committed until it would be engraved in her mind as it would never be forgotten at all, she still possessed a terribly indolent face.

Bael slowly turned his head just as if he had noticed her gaze on him.
That pair of blood-red eyes were staring piercingly at her.

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