the room were destroyed to the atom and disintegrated into the current kicked up by the burst of mana.
To the naked eye, they all simply vanished into thin air. 

Despite the raging mana storm around him, Raymond tried to remain calm. In fact, he expected this much.

“If you don’t believe me…” 

Simon had to accept it quickly. The faster he did, the faster he could go find her. 

Raymond stood up and opened the door for his angry cousin.
Pointing at the open door with his chin, he said, “You can go and confirm if for yourself.” 


‘Damn it!’ 

Despite denying all of Raymond’s words, Simon still ran with all his might. Though he was so perplexed and surprised to the point he felt like he couldn’t properly use his teleportation magic to move about quickly, he continued to try and deny everything. 

‘This is ridiculous.
Kalia left? That can’t be true, right? Why would she do this without telling me?’ 

Though he was in denial, his heart already knew that Raymond’s words were not false. 

The subtly different air in the imperial palace today. 

The numerous pairs of eyes that darted wildly to avoid his gaze when he glanced their way. 

The tilts and shaking of their heads, as if they were gossiping about her absence. 

The voice inside his head whispered that all of Raymond’s ridiculous statements were true. 

‘No no no.
This can’t be.’ Simon vehemently returned that voice’s words with lies. 

This was absolutely not happening.
All of Raymond’s were a lie and he was only caught up in a bad joke. However, no matter what he was telling himself, the pace of his running feet did not change and his face whitened in his urgency. 


His chin tipped down as he ran out of breath.
Gasping for air, his inner turmoil continued, 'Where did Kalia go after she left! She's supposed to be here! Where, where'd she go…!' 

It felt like his lungs were going to be torn in two from the splitting pain. 

‘Why? Why the hell Kalia? Why why why?!’ 

The soles of his feet were hot to the point of scalding. 

‘……Why did you leave me.’ 

This was the first time he was running so desperately in his life. 

As he approached Kalia’s mansion, he gazed up at it with a distorted face. This was the first mansion she was bestowed. Kalia had wished her house to be noisy and lively and had hired a bunch of employees. Though her expression seemed a bit lonely, she had casually told him how nice it would be if there was someone to welcome her home everytime and to greet her at any time. 


'Please be there.
Please, please.
You’re still here.

Even when Kalia’s arm fell off during the Battle of Nuhakon, he wasn’t this scared. Despite the many times he saw Kalia bloodied or injured on the frontlines, he had never been as desperate as he was now. It was because back then, she was there in front of him and in his arms; he was confident in his skills to heal her.
Even if she was heavily injured, he was willing to squeeze out every last drop of his mana to save her. 

“But this isn’t it…

Madness gleamed within Simon’s eyes. He was running like a lost madman, his elegant silver hair extremely messy and scattered. Any fool could guess just by looking at his reckless and uncoordinated movement how dazed and panicked he was. 

‘Kalia, Kalia!’ he repeated in his heart as if he were reciting a mantra. He couldn't even remember how he got to Kalia's mansion. Heart dripping with desperation, he arrived at the mansion’s front door and gripped the cold handle of the firmly closed door. 

The solid door easily gave way and opened beneath his strength. 

For a moment, he felt a rush of belief that the door was not locked but that quickly faded away when he realized that Kalia’s mansion, which was usually bustling from the amount of more-than-necessary employees, was overly quiet. 

He broke out in a cold sweat and his heart tightened painfully at how horrifyingly silent it was.
It was a chillful and sorrowful stillness that enveloped him. His instincts screamed hastily at him, trying to prevent him from heartbreak. 

Don’t go inside the mansion.
You will only encounter despair. 

Run away now. 

'No, I never run away.'

Gritting his teeth, Simon ran up to the second floor where Kalia usually stayed, screaming, “Kalia! Kalia, damn it! Come out now, Kalia!”

Sweat formed all over his neat forehead. When his screams weren't answered, his heart sank with a thump. He opened Kalia’s door without permission; it was a rude gesture that he would never normally do. However, to his dismay, the usual warm space that greeted him was empty and only cold emptiness welcomed him. 

“….Kalia! Come out! If you don’t want to see me go crazy, come out!” He barrelled through the room, searching it like a madman. 

In his storm of grief, the curtains were torn off and parts of the ceiling were ripped. Under the bed.
Anything on the walls.
Everything was turned upside down in the frenzied rampage. 

“Come out! Come out before I break everything.
Kalia! Damn it! Come out.
Please! Before I destroy the Empire, come out!” 

When the search through her room came up empty, he tore through her place, leaving a trail of broken doors in his wake.
The gardens didn’t escape unscathed either.
Unable to control his power, one of them was blown up and scorched dry.  However, no matter how he threatened, the only response Simon got were the echoes of his own destruction and cries, leaving him in deep sorrow and anger. 

Kalia,” he repeated her name again and again as if his pleas would summon his beloved to him.  

'Did you really leave? So suddenly like this? Without even saying anything to me?'

By the time his frantic actions had calmed down a bit, the mansion and Simon's heart were both in ruins . Simon staggered to Kalia’s broken bed like a man who had lost all his strength. He laid there, face down in the mess of her sheets and desperately grabbed onto the faint scent of Kalia. 

Her scent overpowered his senses and it overwhelmed him; for a moment he felt suffocated from shortness of breath. 

Simon grabbed the ragged bedsheet and screamed his pain into it. The heart-wrenching sound, filled with endless despair, was like the cry of a beast; it rang and echoed throughout the empty mansion. 

He held his breath for a long time with clenched teeth. 

“….Kalia, please.
This kind of joke really isn’t funny,” he whispered weakly but earnestly into her scent with closed eyes. 

However, no matter how long he waited, no matter how long he whispered….. 

Kalia’s voice did not answer his pleas. 


The very next day, Kalia’s butler, Jacob, paid him a visit. 

In his hands, he was holding a letter from her. 



(1) This sentence was a bit harder to translate.
In the raws, it said eagle but….
How does that make sense? So I changed it to monster…. 

(2) It’s implied that it’s Kalia’s habit and Simon inherently picked it up after watching her for so long. 

(3) Raymond was expecting this sort of reaction from Simon.

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