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After traveling about ten days in one carriage, Buford arrived at his Akan Kingdom.

The streets of Akan were full of people, like in any other country.

Of course, every road was different.

Somewhere dirty, somewhere clean.

Some streets were deserted and quiet, others were full of noise and people.

Buford ran through clean streets that only the nobles could pass, looking at the royal palace in the distance.
It was only about an hour away from the palace, but now he was in a situation where he could not even open his eyes properly due to a headache.

But now the biggest problem is not this damned pain.

A voice he didn’t want to hear gnawed at his ears as he lowered his throbbing head.

-Buford, my dear.
don’t forget mom.
Mom is always for you.
Mom always loves you.-

Disgusting hallucinations.

A cold finger ran between his furrowed brows, making him flinch.

“Are you still hallucinating?”

“How annoying.”

“Oh heavens.”

Damon tried to cast healing magic on him, but the hallucinations and visions that haunted him weren’t cured by magic.

Buford silently grabbed his beating heart.

It was his, but at the same time wasn’t, and was always trying to invade him.

He’s had it for over 20 years, but it’s still not his.

In particular, as Lyric’s healing effect diminished or the period of contact with ‘it’ increased, his visual and auditory hallucinations became more and more rampant.

According to Lyric, this was due to the clash of two opposing forces.

-Dear Buford, look at your mother.
It shouldn’t be like this.
Listen to your mother.
Come to your mother, my dear.-

“Stop this shit,” he muttered, biting his teeth, and closed his eyes to look at the subject of the auditory hallucination.

A woman with long red hair, of which only a skeleton remained, clung to his legs and looked up at him.
Ironically, the crown of the queen was bridged over the cherished hair of the skull.

“…This makes me sick.”

As the jaws of the skeleton shook and moved, the auditory hallucinations began again.


Corpse-eating worm crawled through the hollow eyes of the skull.

What a disgusting sight, it was beautiful, but Buford was very tired of it.

A small child climbed onto the hideous skeleton’s shoulder.

-Buford, Buford!-

Unlike the skeleton, it was a child with a bright, angelic smile.
He had red hair like a skeleton-woman, and a gaping void around his heart.

The heartless boy stepped on his bony mother, stood up and held out its arms to Buford.

-Hug me, Buford.-

Buford looked coldly at his childhood.

The headache was already prohibitive, and the heart was beating as if it was about to explode.

“Get lost,” he muttered in a sullen voice.

The child and the skeleton looked at each other and giggled.

‘I don’t want to hear it.‘

This laugh seemed to drive Buford crazy.

Next to Buford, who was grinding his teeth, Damon looked at him pitifully.

‘My poor prince.‘

Behind this beautiful figure was a terrible tragedy.

The eyes of Damon, who half-opened her eyes and looked at him sadly, changed in an instant.
She stuck out her tongue and wiped her bottom lip as if she was about to lick her lips.

‘…So, the most beautiful Prince of Misfortune.’

It was not hers, although she held it in her hand.
She desperately needed Buford in his entirety.

As perfect as even his frown in pain.

‘How can I get this boy completely? It’s fun to even think about it.’

Although she now seemed to care for him, she had many thoughts that she didn’t say loud.

And there was another person in the castle who was just as obsessed with him as she was.

Damon looked out the window and whispered softly, touching Buford’s straight forehead.

“Fortunately, the castle isn’t far away.
He will deliver you from suffering.”

That horrible crazy doctor.

* * *

“You have come, prince!”

Before Buford could step out of the gate, someone ran out and greeted him.

A tall middle-aged man with blond gray hair and clear glasses.
The man had a decent enough appearance to impress people, and he was dressed in a snow-white doctor’s coat.


When Buford recognized the man and called his name, a man named Lyric ran up to him without hesitation.

“You’ve worked so hard!”

He embraced the Prince of the Country as if he were his own son, and patted Buford’s strong shoulder.
As if he had become a father, love oozed from his caressing hands.
It seemed special because it was the life he had saved.

“How is your body? My God, you were attacked by the Fairy King?”

Buford waved his hand to the talkative man and spoke briefly.


“You have severe hallucinations? Yep, that’s understandable.
Anyway, I took it just in case.”

He immediately took out a black potion and a needle from his pocket.

Drops of black water flowed down the sharp needle.

Without hesitation, Lyric inserted a needle filled with a black potion into Buford’s heart.


Buford clenched his teeth at the healing energy seeping into his heart.
He felt his blood vessels constrict and expand.
His entire body was trembling, and at the same time, his heart, which was beating like it was about to explode, began to die.

-You think we’re going to disappear like this? No.
I won’t go for that.
I’m not going!-

-Buford! Buford! Let’s go together, let’s go together!-

In addition, the subsequent auditory and visual hallucinations gradually disappeared.

“Are you all right, my lord?” Lyric asked in an attentive voice.

Taking a moment to catch his breath, Buford took a deep breath and straightened his bent back.

Hoo-woo, as he took a deep breath, a languid energy flooded through his body.

At this moment, Buford furrowed his brows.

“That’s better.”

He smiled lazily, apparently pleased, and went to the steps where he had stopped.

“Let’s see my father, the King, first.”

* * *

The huge room was dark, despite the fact that it was built so that the sun penetrated there the most.

The old and weakened King lay in the center, covering the windows on all sides with thick curtains blocking out all light.

Damon hated the creature they were about to meet, so she just silently followed the Prince.

When Buford entered the king’s bedroom, he stared at his father’s body.

Several long rings hung from the fingers of an infirm man lying on the bed.

Looks like a doll.

Buford coldly approached the old king and whispered in his ear.


The otherworldly language sounded like the whisper of a snake.

Despite the fact that the words escaped his lips, Buford, trembling from an extremely foreign language, slowly moved away from the body of the king.
At this moment, the old king, who had been sleeping like the dead, opened his eyes.


The king stood up, pulled the needle out of his creaky body, and then made his head shake.

[I feel uncomfortable every time I enter.]

Another voice mingled with that of the old King.

It was the voice of the demon Belgian, who had made a contract with Buford.

[Hey doctor.
Why don’t you just give your body to me? Or I will make you into something like this King.]

“Haha, I refuse.
I don’t want the title of King,” Lyric smiled softly at Belgian’s chatter and sat down behind Buford.

‘Crazy throne in this crazy country… No, that’s too much for me.’

It was Lyric who watched the king of Akan go crazy from beginning to end.

And not only did he observe, he even became the axis of this country.

His thin smiling eyes coldly looked at the king’s body occupied by the demon.

‘That’s what power is.
The more you want, the more you lose.’

He smiled coldly and rolled his eyes.

He saw a noble prince brought up by his own hands.
It was an existence he had proudly saved through his research, which had been rejected by the Empire.

Even he was a descendant of a noble aristocrat.

Every time he saw Buford, Lyric trembled with pleasure.

He liked the country Buford took over.
A place where you can taste the sweetness of power more than in any other country, while satisfying your boundless curiosity.
Moreover, a place where together you can raise the sword of vengeance against the Empire.

Oh, how can any other country in the world be so corrupt?

Lyric smiled contentedly and bowed.

Buford stared at the demons in his old father’s body, whose brain had died and only his body was barely alive.

“I think we need more samples.”

[They should have sent 30 demons.]

Belgian is a high rank demon among demons, but the power he can use in this other world was not that great.

However, simply summoning and dispatching low-ranking demons generated tremendous power.

If he was a low-ranked demon, the best option would be to adapt his body to another world.
Most of these also lost their will and remained lustful bodies, leaving only murder and greed.

“Not enough.
There are variables,” Buford said quietly and leaned back in the chair on the other side of the bed.

Then, with a cold gaze, he looked at the demon hidden in the disguise of his father.

‘High Asmodian Belgian.’

It was the same demon that took Buford’s heart.

The misguided desires and arrogance of Queen Katarina eventually led to the summoning of demons.

About 25 years ago, due to her own greed, she activated the demon summoning circle, which had been sealed for a long time.
A blood magic circle drawn with the blood of forty people.

About a hundred young slaves were prepared for the demons summoned there.

“Make the Akan Kingdom the strongest empire in the world.
And make me the Empress, not a queen!”

The princess, who was forced to become queen because of the king, hated the old King who became her husband.
So she wanted to become a queen herself, even more, she wanted to become an Empress.

The only person she loved on this earth was the little prince she gave birth to.

But for her, everyone except the prince was an enemy.

Who can make her Empress?

The answer is only a demon.

However, the demon summoned in this way could only give her a disappointing answer.

Even a demon lord like me finds it difficult to exert such an influence.
The gods of this world won’t allow it.”

In response to the demon’s explanation, the Queen screamed desperately.

“You’re such a useless demon! Weakling! Incompetent low-level demon!”

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