Kalia already knew about the existence of the mage following her.
However, his apparent hesitation as he trailed after her was a little strange.

‘Did you come to accuse me of jumping over your head?’

He could feel bad about it.
Or it might surprise him.
Thinking this way, she felt sorry for her action.

She looked at the endless expanses of the sea and looked back when she felt someone’s presence.

‘Familiar face?’

Light brown hair blowing in the wind and a tall, somewhat thin man was someone Kalia already knew.

‘It’s Derek, right?’

It was a face she hadn’t seen in almost a year.

He seemed to have very changed.

Kalia looked at him, happy and surprised at the same time, and Derek came up to her with a bright red face.

‘Why is your face so red?’ Kalia stared at Derek approaching in confusion.

He left between them about 10 meters.
And took a deep breath on the spot, unable to come closer.

It was strange to see how he was bent over and couldn’t raise his head properly.

“Ah, I, I, I didn’t know this lord had such a beautiful daughter.”

‘What did you just say…? The lord’s daughter?’

She wondered if she had heard something wrong, and as she tilted her head to the side, her hair, which was half loose, fell over her cheeks.

As she tousled her troubled hair, she suddenly remembered that it was all Derek’s hands that were to blame.

‘The problem was that scroll.’

Kalia narrowed her eyes and looked at Derek.

Did he feel the coldness in her eyes?

Derek’s face, shocked, reddened even more.
He held his breath with an excited face, as if it was no surprise that he would immediately explode.

‘Um… Looks like I’m radiating too much power.’

Kalia felt so sorry for Derek and interrupted the flow.

Come to think of it, she was able to meet Sasha by being stuck because of that playful scroll.
In general, she should be grateful for this, and not be angry at Derek.

Luckily, Derek quickly caught his breath.
Then he immediately shouted at her in a hoarse voice.

“Hey, do you like magic?”

‘What are you talking about?’

“I, I’m a mage! Also, a very famous mage! My name is Derek Descart!” Derek suddenly turned to her.

Kalia looked at him with a face that didn’t understand why he was doing this.

Derek then extended his hand in front of him and cast a short spell.


White balloons flew out of Derek’s hands.

The light gently hit Kalia in the eyes and exploded right in front of her.
Immediately, visions of wind, waves, and young beasts unfolded before her eyes.
As if showing it to babies, the beautiful images continued, and finally, the light flowed into the point as a whole, and turned into a single rose.

Derek came over and took the flower.

Then he looked at her, who was one step closer, and bit his lip desperately.
Something seemed strange.

“I, um, if you don’t mind, can you tell me your name?”

…At this moment.

“Ah, I really want to know!”

You didn’t recognise me?

For Kalia, it was so absurd that she was speechless.

No matter how long they were on the same battlefield, he didn’t recognize her.
Isn’t it because she put on a little weight and was wearing clothes she wouldn’t normally wear? Or did her impression change when she had a baby?

Derek took a step closer, as if he had the courage to read what surprised her.

‘No, don’t come.
Stay there.’

Kalia looked at him with a serious expression, but Derek handed her the rose, which he held tightly without looking at her.

“Please acce…!”

But at this moment.

The Derek rose he was holding turned into red smoke with a pop and dissipated into the air.

* * *


As soon as Simon saw her, he ran after the fleeing Kalia

He didn’t know what was going on, but as soon as he saw her, he turned around and it was natural for him to follow her.

He slowly followed her because she wasn’t going to go very far, but what happened in this situation?

Even Derek, out of nowhere, followed Kalia?

He was curious about what was going on, so he watched them from afar and what he did was a spectacle.

‘Very famous mage?’

One of Simon’s eyebrows rose slightly.

Even though the two men entered the academy at the same time, they graduated three years apart.

When Simon graduated, he surpassed the magic of the professor who was already supervising him.
Upon graduation, he joined the Imperial Mage Corps and a year later, war broke out and he was quickly promoted.

‘Isn’t that what you should have let me tell this?’

This was already a high position, and there was nowhere else to go, but Simon looked at the two of them with an unusually childish thought.

Kalia’s expression twisted as if it looked ridiculous.

When he saw this expression, his soul felt better.

It was an absurd combination that didn’t make him jealous.

But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t wait for Derek to give Kalia some magical rose.

Simon waved his hand gently and returned the red rose into the air, which was pushed towards Kalia.


The red smoke that had decomposed the flower rose into the sky and disappeared completely.

At the same time, rose petals began to flutter over Derek’s surprised head.

One by one they flew and flew, filling the blue sky like snow in the middle of winter.

Both Kalia’s eyes and Derek’s were fixed on the flying petals.
Beautiful flowers, like snow, flew over the blue sky and blue sea.

It was a fantastic landscape that unconsciously overwhelmed people.
Flowers from an unknown foreign land scattered across the sky and swirled around Kalia.

Simon was taken in by the beautiful scenery.

“…Do you like it, Kalia?”

Derek and Kalia looked back at Simon’s sudden voice.

There, Simon, who had created a storm of swirling petals in his palm, approached Kalia with a gentle smile.

The words Simon spat out hit Derek’s eardrums, which had been silent until now.

‘Ka… Kalia? Kalia Tacskate?’

His eyes widened and became round like the moon.
Derek, dazed, looked at Simon, who was approaching Kalia with his mouth wide open.

‘…Some kind of nonsense!’

He rubbed his eyes again and again and looked at the two beautiful man and woman as if in an imagination.

Yes, when he heard that her name was Kalia, she really looked like Kalia.

The chubby cheeks were unfamiliar, and the comfortable dress she wore didn’t usually suit her, but upon closer inspection, it seemed to be Kalia.

In the bright sunlight, her sparkling eyes and lemon-colored hair, which he took to be platinum blond, unmistakably resembled Kalia Tacskate, even with her upright posture.

‘No, how could you not recognize this person?’

Derek recoiled.

His face reddened in a different reason.

No, it alternated from white to red and then back again.

Luckily, neither Kalia nor Simon were in the mood to make fun of his reaction.
Simon walked over to Kalia, put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

“If you want, I can turn this sea into a sea of flowers,” he whispered, kissing Kalia on the forehead, who simply watched him approach.

Kalia, stunned, said with a slightly tired expression.

“I don’t want that much, Simon.”

“Really? I’m sorry.
I, too, wondered how the sea would turn into flowers…” he said with a smile and whispered, hugging her: “If you say what you want, what can I do?”

“Where the hell did you learn those words?”

“I say this sincerely.”

Kalia, whose face was red as if she was embarrassed, was very beautiful.

He couldn’t take it so he kissed her forehead again without realizing it, and Kalia looked at Simon with a look on her face like she didn’t know whether to frown or laugh.

His lips burned.

As he contemplated whether or not to kiss her again, Kalia raised her hand and gently pressed it against his chest.


Then, as if the feeling of filling his entire palm was strange, he widened his eyes.

The awkward touch was filled with awe.

Simon, who wanted Kalia, suddenly smiled and pressed against his chest.
A victorious smile appeared on his face.

“I think something has changed.”

“I changed.
I exercised my body every time I couldn’t sleep at night.”

“…Are you training?”



Simon narrowed his eyes and looked at Kalia.

He said while looking at her with such an expression on his face that he didn’t really know who made him train.

“Someone thought that I had a weak body that couldn’t stand the day after the night.”

The intelligent Simon did not forget the humiliation of that day.
He was a man who could develop himself by using past shame as a stepping stone, so he sharpened his sword while she was away.

And luckily, Kalia seems to have noticed it too.

“And when the day comes again when I have to deal with monstrous stamina, this time I will definitely not be the first to fall asleep.”

Simon, who sounded like he was whispering in Kalia’s ear, broke down and kissed it, touching earlobe.

It was a kiss as fresh as air, but Kalia’s earlobe became hot as flames.

‘Look ahead, Kalia.’

Due to this, a very quiet whispering sound was clearly transmitted to Kalia’s eardrums.


‘No, why all of a sudden I…’

Kalia quickly covered her mouth with her hand as dried saliva inadvertently dripped.

As if satisfied with Kalia’s answer, Simon leaned over the back of her hand that covered her lips, kissed her, and smiled faintly.

Pink flower petals fluttered over the hill, and the figure of the lovers in the center was as beautiful as a painting.

The woman was puzzled by the man’s feelings, which she could not follow, but did not push him away.
The man boldly and carefully wrapped his arms around the woman’s waist, and his eyes burned as if he were looking at something precious.

It was a very beautiful sight.

But… For Derek, who was watching this, it was such an awkward moment that he wanted to disappear from this world immediately.

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