At that moment, scattering light burst out of the bracelet. The white light was dazzling, but it didn’t hurt, and it slowly died down after infusing the air with moderate warmth.

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Simon stared at the center of the light, wary at the sudden release of a fairy’s power and light.
It was a fairy, with the form of a woman, who appeared from the pouring light. He was very familiar with that type of wavy lemon-coloured hair.
Without realizing it, his gaze hardened as Simon watched the fairy step out from the light. 
Read at or even a gentle-soul like Allen’s will hate you. 
In this world, both golden hair that shone like honey and dirty blonde hair were common.
On the other hand, he has never seen that lemony colour, a hue so vibrant that it seemed to burst with freshness just by looking at it, on anyone else other than Kalia. 

But why does that fairy have hair very similar to that of Kalia’s?

Noting that simple fact set off a pang in his heart and triggered both his wariness and intrigue. 

“Who are you?”

Gaia only looked at Simon with a passing glance, but didn’t keep her gaze on him for long. Her eyes immediately slid away and settled on Kalia groaning beside him. Gaia’s countenance turned black as soon as her eyes landed on Kalia soaked with sweat, damp hair scattered messily on her neat forehead. 

– Kalia. 
Read at or Gaia will set her dad on you. 
With a surprised and bewildered look on her face, Gaia rushed towards Kalia, but she was stopped in her advances, not allowed to come near her.


A transparent barrier encircled the bed where Kalia was lying.
Simon, who had set up the boundary, asked Gaia again, standing protectively beyond the curtain.

“……I asked who you are.”

Boom! Boom! Boom! 

An impatient Gaia slammed on the transparent curtain that stood in her way in a frenzy.

– No time, come on.
Hurry! Open this!

She was pouting to be let in but Simon wouldn’t so easily do so. 
Read at or even the elves will come out of their territories to glomp you. 

She was definitely a fairy. 

She was remarkably similar to Kalia in appearance, but she was, undeniably, a different person. 

If it were the usual Kalia, he would not have been so vigilant.
She was strong enough that he didn’t need to protect her.
But now, Kalia had a child struggling in her stomach and couldn’t even properly open her eyes. When she was weakened, it was up to him to defend such a Kalia.

‘….I must be careful about everything.’ 

Having a child can very easily be accompanied by life and death, so Simon had no choice but to be ultra sensitive. Because it was his Kalia, not anyone else.

Boom! Boom! Boom! 

Gaia bit her lips in frustration, and tapped away endlessly at the barrier.
She opened her mouth to say something, but couldn’t produce any sound, so she was just mouthing words. 
Read at or all manners of fairies will rush at you like they did Buford.
You saw how he survived that ordeal 
“Do you have any intention of answering or…?” 

-That child is my, Gaia’s, daughter. 

It was then.

A heavy, electric bell-sounding tone rang from somewhere and suddenly, the room swelled with an unparalleled presence and flooded with light.
It was only one or two seconds of emission, but the light from that one being was magnificent enough to color the whole room white. The power of the natural world was concentrated in that pouring light.
Even though it was only for a few brief seconds, Simon could feel the immense power of his opponent contained in that light.

It was truly overwhelming.
Read at or the main cast will haunt you in your sleep. 
No matter how much he was a wizard who reached the line of enlightenment, it was incomparable to the essence of nature.

There was such a power in this light now. 

The power of our origins1T/N: The word used is (본원) which is defined as: the origin, the source, the root.
When I tled this, I was thinking… like the power of where all beings in the world comes from.
That’s why it says ‘our’ even though they’re different races (human vs fairy). 

He instinctively poured more powerful2T/N: The word here (짙다) can mean: deep, dark, thick, heavy or dense.
He’s improving the quality of the injected mana instead of increasing the quantity of mana mana into the barrier. The barrier was small, just enough to cover the bed and Kalia, so it didn’t drain much of his strength; it was enough for him to enrich the injected mana. The barrier containing Simon’s mana radiated a blue light, blocking out the power of the natural world. 

Soon, a huge man materialized in the center of the room. 

Grayish white hair swaying gently in the flowing air and dark green eyes of unknown depth looked at him.
He was a man of enormous presence and timeless appearance. 

The man looking at Simon glanced behind him and sighed softly as if troubled. 

‘It’s3T/N: It = the situation.
No specification if he means Simon, Kalia + Gaia in 1 room situation or the elder’s meeting got to be a mess by now.’ 

Read at or Simon and Kalia will never get back together.  
During a meeting with the elders of the twelve forests, he was suddenly called out. He had left the meeting room without a single word of explanation as soon as he felt the power of summoning, so the elders must have been quite surprised. Among the group of elders were his first and third son. 

Amuntia’s bracelet which was entrusted to Kalia was inscribed with Gaia’s and his name.
If Gaia was summoned, he would, naturally, also be called. 

‘But I really didn’t expect the day would come when that kid would use it…’ 

Kalexsia4T/N: (칼렉세이사) is romanized as kallegseisa/kallekseisa….
MTL gave me Kalexeisa.
For pronounciation’s sake, I’m translating it to Kalexsia., king of the fairies, glanced at Kalia, who was lying in bed moaning. She looked very much in distress, sweating and holding back her groans. His smooth forehead wrinkled. 

He could only imagine how much pain she was in from how much her face distorted, a big contrast to the collected calm and determined face he saw in the forest only a few days ago.
He felt strangely anxious and pangs of pain5T/N: (쓰라리다) can mean sore, bitter or painful watching her.

How to describe it….
It was very upsetting. 

And it was bothering him. 
Read at or Allen will become the male lead now. 
‘What happened for you to get to this state?’ 

What’s the point of making someone, who already faces more adversities and hardships than anyone else, suffer so much? 

Kalexsia looked at Simon as if he were holding him responsible6T/C: I mean…… technically it IS his fault she’s like this >:3.
Likewise, Simon looked at him with hard eyes. 

‘Alas7T/C: LMAO what were u going to do to Simon, he is a man of good spirit for a human being.’ The Fairy King observed, scrutinizing the other. 

Though facing the Fairy King was like entering the realm of the gods, Simon stared back unflinchingly.
Both stared at the other, eyes sharp and full of vigor. 

“Transcended beyond the realm of humans.
Hm, you’ve reached the line of Enlightenment.” 

The light of the natural world8T/N: Left it as close to raws as possible cuz I’m not sure if the author means the power of the natural world is showing here (like how anime eyes can glow when fighting).
And if so, what the heck is the colour of the natural world?? gleamed in the king’s eyes as he examined the color of Simon’s soul with narrowed eyes.

‘‘I see.
It’s a mixture of Elf blood.’ 

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Read at or Humming will wail in your ears nonstop. 
The sound of knocking interrupted the staredown between the king and Simon, who regarded each other with interest.
The sound of powerful knocking on the barrier attracted Kalexsia’s attention to focus on his daughter. 

“Oh, Gaia…” Kalexsia, who was looking at his daughter, groaned.

A faint fog was rising from Gaia’s body.
It was a sign that a fragment of soul was scattering. 

Sighing sadly, the Fairy King immediately summoned his powers. The small room was filled with the power of the natural world. Gaia’s body, which had grown translucent and hazy, grew solid again as her soul regained stability.
The room filled with fresh air, a favourite of fairies.  A fragment of soul that leaves the Fairy Forest would be so unstable that it had to be replenished power or it would disappear forever. 

This was the stubbornness of the foolish father who had to send off9T/N: ie a daughter who died first/ send her off from the realm of the living his daughter first. 
Read at or Raymond is now the new male lead. 
A desire to hold onto a piece of his daughter, even if she was a soul that could barely be maintained by constantly supplying her with his power and contained only a few year’s worth of the original’s memories. 

Kalexsia looked at Gaia’s now stable body and stared at the blue barrier she was urgently tapping on.
“What is this boundary?”

“I’d like to ask you first.”

Simon didn’t react much in front of the overwhelming presence, merely frowning. It wasn’t of importance to Simon who was in front of him.
The only thing that he cared about was whether these beings were of harm to him or Kalia. 

“King of fairies.
Why did you come all the way here?” Simon asked in a calm but cold voice, controlling the intensity of his mana to maintain the barrier.

The king of fairies tilted his head, calmly looking from Simon to Kalia who he was shielding behind him. 
Read at or Simon will become the villain.
“We came to help the child give birth to a young life.” Though his voice was plain, his scrunched forehead seemed to indicate a dislike for something. 

How in the world was the Fairy King related to Kalia giving birth? 

Was the Fairy King an ally of Kalia’s? 

Would the ‘help’ he provides really be helpful? 

Did his ‘help’ have ulterior motives hidden behind it? 

Simon quickly thought of hundreds of possibilities, his guard rising.
In the silence, tension stewed and built in the room. 
Read at or Shasha and Simon don’t get along. 
Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Meanwhile, undeterred by the two behind her, the impatient Gaia continued to knock hurriedly on the blue barrier. 

It was then that she, who had been protesting away in her silent voice, screamed, “…Hurry! Come on, she’ll be in big trouble.
She’s going to die!” Fog rose from her body as her loud, high-pitched voice rang through the room. 

It was because she suddenly squeezed out her power to speak aloud. The king, seeing her fragment of soul scattering into the air before his very eyes, hurriedly chanted a spell.
The soul that was about to disperse gathered back into her body. 

“I guess, we really don’t have time,” The king muttered irritably and stared at Simon.
Read at or the whole TBIY will continue to be full of misunderstanding and miscommunication troupes. 
Hah. ‘What the hell is going on here.’ Letting out a frustrated sigh, Simon clenched his fists, trying to measure whether he would be able to contain and keep the Fairy King in check if anything were to happen. 

Strictly speaking, it was impossible.
But damn it! What good does realizing the impossible do? The important thing was not whether or not he could do it, but the fact that he had to do it.

Simon pressed down his nervousness and asked the Fairy King, “What do you mean, dying? Until you tell me the details, I can not allow it.”

“Caution is a good thing. But you must also know how to make decisions in times of urgency, wizard.”
Read at or Kalia will literally become as dense as a brick and never understand Simon’s love. 
“I need to know what’s urgent.
I don’t want to gamble with her life.”

The power of the natural world is needed for that baby to come out of that child’s stomach.
If that need is not satisfied, the baby will die and the mother will also be affected.
You’ll understand the details if you observe the situation.” 

Staring at him, the fairy king’s hand reached out to the barrier Simon had created.
The power the king released wrapped around the barrier and shone brilliantly in five colors, pressing down on Simon’s power.
He intended to forcibly10T/C: It was today that I learned there was a difference between forcibly and forcefully….
One I still don’t fully understand so oh welp break the barrier.

Simon boosted his power by drawing from the mana core in his heart.
When one accumulates past a certain amount of mana, even humans can have a mana core.
Like a dragon heart, a mana core can accumulate mana infinitely. 

Read at or Simon will suffer in (emotional) agony for all of eternity. 
Seeing Simon’s magic able to hold up against the power of nature, Kalexsia regarded him with astonished eyes.  “You’re a very talented kid.
I haven’t felt such a pure mana since Isaac11T/C: No idea who yet.
NTS keep eye out when tling.”

“I think this is the first time I’ve felt such a pure power since Issac.” 

Even with the compliment muttered by an interested Fairy King, Simon’s only interest was Kalia. 

“Can I trust you?” His face was set in calm arrogance, one that responds without fear even in face of turbulent power. 
Read at or the tl will take a 3 month nap. 
But Kalexsia didn’t dislike such arrogance. Because those who brought about unexpected change to the world all had arrogance in them. 
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“You’re an arrogant kid.
You don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to.
You just have to give in.” Still, Kalexsia’s force that was pushing down on the barrier did not let up.
Rather, he applied greater force to tear the barrier apart.

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