Delphine felt weak, she needed to drink water before she would die of dehydration. When she was still with the slave traders barbarians, she was always given dirty water to drink and it wasn even in a cup or bowl, it was poured from above and she would have to struggle to get it into her mouth. She couldn help but admit that dirty water was better than dying from dehydration.

She was finally out of the forest just as the sun began to set. Standing on a hill, she could see an enormous view of an empire. Knowing that it wasn all of it she was seeing, she was excited that she had finally arrived at the great kingdom of Celestia which was a continent on its own.

Delphine succeeded in getting into the city and every person that passed, looked at her like she was some kind of beast but she looked like a living potato.

She took a deep breath and kept roaming aimlessly till she arrived at a market filled with so many people. She was relieved that she didn get hit by carriages despite coming so close several times.

Delphine was uneasy as she passed by so many people. She was aware of how filthy she appeared and that the broken shackles on her ankles made it clear that she was a runaway slave.

”We have to get going! We have to take this weapons to the castle. ” A man said to another man who was stroking one of the horses coat as he was carrying a large metal barrel filled with swords, axes, and numerous other weapons.

Standing, Delphine observed the weapon barrels being kept inside the carriage. When she noticed that the men were seated in the front of the carriage, she moved in that direction without thinking.

The carriage was properly covered and being drawn by six horses.

She made a pout and touched her stomach. ”Im famished. ” She sighed and turned to look at a stall where a woman was selling wonderfully roasted pork, which was making her salivate.

”Only one. ” As she walked slowly approaching the stall like a zombie, she whispered to herself.

”Look for her! A recognisably deep voice roared. Because it was so loud and it was evident that the sound was coming from the barbarian slave tradera, it felt like she had been struck in the ear.

Without giving it much thought, her eyes changed into yellow wolf-like eyes. In a split second, she grabbed a piece of the roasted meat and leaped into the carriage, which immediately began to move as if it were waiting for her.

Delphine grinned and got to work devouring the meat like a rabid animal. She hadn eaten for four days, the longest she had gone without food was two weeks and at the very end, she was given only dry bread.

”Can you smell roasted meat? ” The man driving the carriage asked the man next to him.

”Yes but we just left the market, I should I have bought one now the scent is stuck in my nose. ” The second man groaned with regret.

Delphine smiled and concentrated on devouring the meat completely. She wasn at all satisfied, but she eventually fell asleep.

”You can what? ” Zamiel asked one of the Deltas, whose head was bowed, fiercely while wearing a furious expression.

”I haven seen him for two days, no one can find him your majesty. ” The Delta reported nervously.

Zamiel rose from the throne and clenched his fists.

Zeus had not been back to the castle since he departed that evening. Zeus usually irritated Zamiel when he did this, and it also caused him great worry.

”Get out of my sight! ” Zamiel yelled furiously at the Delta who immediately turned away without lifting his head and walked hurriedly out of the throne room.

”Where on earth is he? Ivan and the others are coming tonight and we have to investigate about those scales. ” He groaned in frustration as he finished speaking and reclined on the throne.

His crimson wolf like eyes darkened as the stench of fresh blood and the scent of his brother suddenly blew into his nose.

”Pathetic. ” He scoffed and Zeus walked into the throne room smiling faintly. His body wasn stained at all but it was obvious that he had a long meal and he looked exhausted.

”I won ask where you have been but I am glad that you are alive. ” Zamiel said a deep scoff.

Zeus nodded and scratched his head thoughtfully. ”You have to stop screaming at lives or your throat will hurt. ”

Zeus was calmer than Zamiel.

While Zamiel had severe anger issues, Zeus had the most intense blood lust; it was extremely rare for him to find satisfaction, and it always drove him mad. Although they weren vampires, they had a strong blood lust that was both a defect and a vulnerability.

Zeus was the most mature; he was harsh, rarely smiled, but was skilled at expressing his feelings. Zamiel, was dictatorial and skilled at denying his emotions.

”Just admit that you were worried about me. ” Zeus teased Zamiel with a small smile.

”Worried? ” Zamiel asked, rolled his eyes and relaxed his back on the soft cushion of the throne. ”I will kill you myself if you die in the hands of another. ” He threatened with a growl.

Zeus shook his head negatively and rolled his eyes.

They were identical twins and very attractive twins. Despite the fact that they were identical, it was still simple to tell them apart since, aside from the way they wore their hair, they had very different fashion senses. Zeus adored wearing clothes that covered him from his neck to his boots in black, dark blue, and white, while Zamiel loved wearing clothes in blood red and black but he mainly wore clothes in blood red.

Zeuss expression was particularly icy, giving the impression that he was a deity who shouldn be approached. They had seductive Russian accents and powerful voices that could make anyone drool.

”If only we can die. ” Zeus said with a deep sigh.

”And why did you say that? It has only been six years since we woke up, we have a lot to do. ” Zamiel was offended by his brothers sudden utterance.

They were cursed from birth, they were born unconscious and had spent the previous seventy years sleeping. When they were twenty years years old, they stopped ageing as they slept, and when they woke up at the precise age of seventy, they were blood-hungry and their desire for blood has only grown stronger over time.

They woke up realising that they had a kingdom to rule, a kingdom that was a continent on its own. They woke up realising that there were so many missing puzzles in their lives.

”Hello Novikovs ” A cheerful deep voice echoed in the throne room followed by various footsteps.

Hearing them, Zamiel rolled his eyes while Zeus turned to face them.

Their trusted warriors, all four of them.

”Its good you all are back and safe. ” Zeus said calmly and smiled faintly.

”The annoying one is back. ” Zamiel said with a scoff staring directly at the owner of the cheerful voice who was a golden haired with hazel brown eyes, Ivan.

Ivan blew air into his mouth and nodded. ”I don want to argue with you but we have a surprise. ” Ivan said with enthusiasm.

”We didn want to bring it but Ivan insisted. ” Ethan, a black haired handsome man said with a disgusted expression.

”I won say anything. ” Akim, a brown haired said flatly.

”Later, Ill investigate; Derek, come along. ” The youngest of them all, Derek, a red-haired, green-eyed youngster, looked anxious as he rushed out of the throne room as Zeus declared matter-of-factly.

”So, where is the surprise? ” Zamiel asked looking uninterested.

”Its a body, a vampire body without scales this time. ” Ivan informed this time with full seriousness.

Zamiel suddenly looked interested. ”No scales this time? ” He asked and shook his head slowly.

”Hmm. ”

”I propose we involve the witches now. ” Ivan suggested which seem to provoke Zamiel.

”Thats not necessary. ” Zamiel said angrily.

”Then what shall we do? There are more warriors at the front but it doesn mean that we can hold them off. ” Ivan said worriedly.

Zamiel caressed his jaw as he thought deeply.

”Somehow I think this is connected to Zeus and I. ” He whispered thoughtfully.

”Because of the dragon scales and that you are kind of half dragon? ” Ivan asked curiously.

Zamiel growled merging his voice with his wolfs. ”You talk too much. ”

Ivan became white in the face instantly while Ethan and Akim bowed their heads in unison.

”Pathetic. ” Zamiel growled and swallowed hard as he went back to his thoughts.

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