k more like a rebel, like you came here voluntarily. Could you please do me a favor? ”

He rolled his eyes as he turned to face her. ”You
e right; I voluntarily allowed them to catch me. What favor? ”

Delphine grinned broadly and pursed her lips in a childlike manner. ”Please get me out of here, ” She pleaded.

He nodded, ”Hmm okay, ” and turned his head away from her.

Delphine was surprised that he gave his approval right away, but she grinned broadly in relief.

Delphine had never experienced a life of luxury. Her mother died when she was a young child, leaving her with an abusive father who sold her to the slave traders barbarians five months ago for a few sliver. She used to laugh because she knew he would use the money right away on foolish things that wouldn help him at all.

The barbarian slave dealers had been traveling around with a variety of young and old beings who had been sold to them as slaves. She was never sold despite their best efforts to do so, and she was okay with that because she didn want to be owned by anyone and instead wanted to escape.

”How long have you been in this forest? ” The lad asked while keeping his eyes closed and leaning against the bars.

Delphine answered, her amber eyes scanning the enigmatic youngster, ”Three weeks, the barbarians stated we are going to Celestia. ”

”Thats great, Celestia. Do you know a lot about the kingdom? ” He questioned without glancing up.

Delphine whispered back, ”Yes, its the most powerful kingdom in the world. The royal family is incredibly mysterious, and nobody outside the castle knows anything about them. ”

”You will be a good rumor spreader ” She scowled at his snide remark.

Delphine continued, ”Ive heard the barbarians say that the rulers of Celestia are strong, and they are quite ruthless, but thats all they know. ”

”It seems you don want to leave this place, ” When he opened them, he rolled his eyes in her direction.

Delphine snapped, ”Stop that, stop rolling your eyes at me. ”

”How long have they had you in their custody? ” He asked directly.

Delphine responded sadly, blowing air into her mouth. ”Five months ”

Delphine became outraged when the lad rolled his eyes and mocked with laughter. ”You behave as though they have had control over you for a long time. So pitiful. ”

”Me? Pitiful! ” Delphine was so insulted by his nasty attitude that she nearly yelled.

He approached her and pressed his attractive face against her while nodding. He murmured, ”Scream, ” leaving her perplexed.

”Huh? ” She asked in confusion while quickly blinking.

He sighed heavily and once more rolled his eyes.

Delphine shouted at him, ”Stop that. ”

He firmly repeated, ”I said scream, ” and then his eyes changed into red-gold wolf-like eyes.

Delphine screamed without thinking and with no effort. It was so loud that it rendered several of the slaves deaf, scared away numerous birds from the trees around them, and drew the attention of the barbarians, who rushed to the cage.

”Be silent! ” She didn stop as they yelled together, which caused the lad to smile amusingly while curving his gorgeous, thin lips.

When the barbarians burst open the cage and tried to jump on them, the lad moved away from Delphine and in a split second, three of the barbarians were already headless and on the ground. She cried out in terror, and the next thing she knew, she was being yanked by her wrist and was off running.

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