As a result, the paternity test report showed that he and the child were really father-son.”  


“The big bad wolf stood at the door of the third little pig’s house.
He blew and knocked against the brick and tile house.
The house was still impenetrable.
He was so angry that he simply climbed onto the roof and tried to slip in through the chimney.
The third little pig Seeing this, he quickly lit a fire, and the big bad wolf fell onto the stove, and its whole tail was burnt, and it ran away in desperation, never daring to bully the three little pigs again.”  


Twenty-year-old Lu Yicheng’s voice was clear, and as he read the ending of the story, his tone gradually became low, coaxing the listener to sleep. 


It’s a pity that the energy of a five-year-old is invincible. 


There are twenty stories in the storybook, the last story is “Three Little Pigs.”


Lu Yicheng’s mouth is dry right now, and he is drowsy. However, the child lying next to him had bright eyes and showed no sign of falling asleep.    


Lu Yicheng: “…” 


He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, it was almost eleven o’clock.
This kid’s energy is really amazing. 


“When do you usually go to sleep?” Lu Yicheng closed the book, pinched the bridge of his nose, and asked. The child stretched out his fleshy hand, and there were five cute and obvious dimples on the back of his hand.
He made a gesture of eight and said, “Sleep at 8:30.” 


Lu Yicheng hadn’t felt anxious or irritable for a long, long time. “Then why aren’t you sleeping?” Lu Yicheng asked. 


The child pouted, “Because I didn’t drink milk, because it wasn’t my mother who told me the story!”    


Lu Yicheng’s scalp was numb. 


How did things develop into this situation? His usually clear brain was currently in a daze. 


Every year, both the winter and summer vacations are fully arranged by him. This summer vacation after sophomore year is no exception.


With the help of his mentor, he is currently working as a tutor for two students: one junior high school student and one high school student.
He tutors for an hour every day.
After the summer vacation, he can also save a lot of money. 


A week ago, he picked up a small child outside the Riverside Garden

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