Jin Ye.

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“This is my first time seeing a child with such a beautiful name.”

Jin Ye…

“That’s what I’m saying, Mother…”

His heart thumped just by looking at the name that appeared on his thigh.
He liked that his fated lover had a beautiful name.
He made a resolve to treat her well when they met and to never make her starve.
Although he never saw her, the beautiful name was enough to make him confident that he could live by only looking at her.


“The one you’ll serve is more precious than anyone else.”

He never dreamed that it would be the name of the emperor of the Hwan Empire.

A woman with no problem about starving.
Not only that, the most supreme woman in the entire empire…

Mugeon entered that woman’s chamber, a palace with no roof ridges.

The lattice door with no torn sheets.
The high ceiling that he couldn’t reach even if he stood on tiptoes.
The hall that so long that he didn’t know how much he should walk to reach the end.

The small light that repeatedly turned bright and dimmed made his heart uneasy, and the bed covered with the red cloth made his heart sway.

Meanwhile, in front of his eyes, the woman took off her clothes and displayed her shoulder.
Mugeon engrossingly stared at it.

To be exact, he stared at his name that was engraved on her right shoulder.

The clear name seal proved their fate.

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“Yeon, Mu… geon.”

Even though he was an ignorant son of commoners, he at least knew how to read the name of his parents, lover, and himself.

Mugeon touched the Chinese characters on Jin Ye’s white skin as if he was fascinated, and once again read it.

“Yeon Mugeon.”

A strange emotion stirred in his heart.
However he looked at it, it was no doubt his name.
Jin Ye let out a laugh.

“It is clearly your name.”

“Yes… I mean, you’re right, Your Majesty…”

Don’t meet her eyes.

Act courteously.

You can’t put your hands on her body.

Seoyeob’s warns repeatedly played before he entered her chamber, but Mugeon had already broken all of them.
After he realized it belatedly, Mugeon flinched out of surprise and stared outside.

Outside, there was a dark shadow like that of the Grim Reaper.
It was Jo Seoyeob.
He was listening to the situation unfolding inside.

Noticing his subtle fear, Jin Ye reached out to Mugeon’s face.
The unblemished clean red met Mugeon’s.

“You don’t need to worry about the outside.”

The low voice flowed through her small lips and turned Mugeon’s face red.

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“Ca-can I re-really do that?”

He answered back without realizing it, but Mugeon cowered again.
He had never learned manners in his life.
Still, he thought the way he spoke was really weird.
He might have practiced if he knew this would happen.
The regret for never learning pervaded his heart.

Nevertheless, Jin Ye calmly responded.

“Of course.
Aren’t you my lover that is destined by heaven?”

How could your voice be so nice? And how could your eyes be so beautiful…?

He couldn’t understand why the long eyelashes were so beautiful like the butterfly’s wings.
Every time it fluttered, Mugeon’s heart also fluttered in itchiness.
A little butterfly ended up nesting inside his chest.
For that reason, he became careful even when he took a breath.

The emperor of the Hwan Emp

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