Chapter Six: Overnight

Shao Xinyi was stunned when she saw Lu Nan at the entrance of her dormitory.

Lu Nan put one hand in her trouser pocket and the other hand held the tiny handle of the suitcase.
On the back of her white hand, light blue blood vessels could be seen.
Her skin was white and glossy like jade, her fingers were slender and her appearance was breathtaking.

Seeing Shao Xinyi’s dazed look, Lu Nan let go of the suitcase’s handle and tapped on her head, “Is there a problem?”

“No, no!” Shao Xinyi covered her head before quickly turning sideways to let Lu Nan in.

Several of Shao Xinyi’s roommates looked up and said nothing but they were not very welcoming.

Shao Xinyi wanted to help Lu Nan sort out the things in the box but she was stopped.

Lu Nan said, “No need, I will leave in a few days.”

“Okay.” Seeing that no one else in the dormitory paid attention to them, Shao Xinyi lowered her voice and asked, “What happened to your dormitory? Did Yu Nuan trouble you and you were kicked out?”

Lu Nan looked at her with a half smile that was not a smile, “What do you think?”

Shao Xinyi shook her head quickly.
The current Lu Nan is not so easy to bully at all! She has experienced it herself.
Yu Nuan’s knowledge is still far behind!
“Did Yu Nuan ask Yu Qing for help?”

Lu Nan has a little memory of Yu Nuan’s sister but it’s really only limited to “a little bit”.
She asked, “She said her sister has something on me, do you know what it is?”

Shao Xinyi’s face changed abruptly, “I don’t know.
Yu Qing is different from Yu Nuan.
If your bad material is in her hands, she will definitely use it to strike back at you in the future! You should go to the teacher!”

Do you know where Yu Qing is?” Lu Nan looked nonchalant, as if the matter they were discussing wasn’t any of her business and it wasn’t her who was going to bear the brunt of You Wing’s revenge.
On the contrary, Shao—watching on the sidelines—Xinyi was the more anxious one.

“I don’t know, Yu Qing is an art student in the third year of high school and she basically didn’t stay in school these past few days.
But as a third year student, she has many friends who help her take care of Yu Nuan.
Moreover, I heard from some friends that Yu Qing also have many friends in the society.”

Students always sit down and be bullied when they face gangsters in society.

“Okay, got it.” Lu Nan stood up, found pajamas in the suitcase and went into the bathroom.

Shao Xinyi wanted to say more but now she had no other choice than to shut up.

She sat on the bed silently, listening to the sound of water in the bathroom.
After a while, she hugged the pillow and smashed her face into the quilt.

Oh my! She is sick! I was just choked by someone yesterday and almost died but I go ahead and worry about this and that for them today! Won’t she be a shaking M?!

The roommates looked at her behavior with strange expressions adorning their faces.

More than ten minutes later.

The bathroom door opened with a click and Shao Xinyi immediately sat up straight but the next moment her eyes widened!

The person who came out of the bathroom wore loose pajamas that barely covered the thighs, revealing a beautiful collarbone and a pair of straight legs.
The long and slender legs glowed.
Lu Nan’s skin was slightly reddened by the steaming water, her long hair was not wrapped well and a few strands of wet hair slipped past the towel holding them up.
The water dripped down her neck and past her collarbone before slipping into the clothes.

The face that was already so beautiful unraveled more of its beauty at this moment.
Her cheeks were slightly red, the red lips were warm and the beautiful eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist, making them more dazzling.

The best of yellow materials.

Shao Xinyi swallowed subconsciously like something was stuck in her throat and stammered, “Yo—You, why are you dressed like this?!”

Lu Nan pulled off the towel to wipe her hair more thoroughly before raising his eyelids to look at Shao Xinyi, “Not good?”

Shao Xinyi almost blurted out that something was wrong but she stopped it abruptly.

Truth be told, it’s not really a problem.
Not to mention that the dormitory is full of girls, it’s normal to use this kind of dress as pajamas.
Even on the street, wearing it like this or wearing a pair of hot pants as short as the thighs is not uncommon.

It’s just that when Lu Nan wears it, it feels completely different.

T/N: Today is my birthday so I posted a bonus chapter.
I don’t like swear words so I took the liberty of changing the one I saw, please bear with me.
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