Chapter Five: Handle

The first day of school was fairly uneventful.

In the evening, she went back to the dormitory.

Four people live in the dormitory, three beds are covered with quilts, and the remaining one is piled with a lot of things.

This is the reason Lu Nan returned to the classroom so quickly during the day.

The other three girls had already returned.
Each sat on the bed, playing games, eating snacks and watching dramas, without any reaction to the people who came in.

Lu Nan leaned against the door with her arms crossed and said, “Whoever this things belong to, clean up by yourself.”

No one in the dormitory took care of her.

Lu Nan was not in a hurry.
She just leaned there and waited quietly.

Three minutes later, there was still no movement.

She raised her hand and pulled down the safety switch beside the door.
The dormitory immediately was plunged into darkness.

“Ah! What are you doing! Lu Nan, you female dog! Are you sick!” A scream sounded in the dormitory, followed by a series of curses.

In the darkness, Lu Nan walked up to the cursing person accurately, grabbed her by the back collar and dragged her into the bathroom.
She filled the sink with water and pressed the girl’s face down.

“Cough… loose woman…cough…dog…my sister…cough…will take care of you…cough…cough…”

Lu Nan let her face surface for a few minutes.
She coughed so hard but she didn’t forget to swear so before she finished, her face was pushed into the pool again.

Lu Nan said, “Your mouth is very dirty, wash it well.
No need for thanks.”

After the other two girls panicked for a while, they found something to put their feet in and finally pushed the switch up.

When the lights in the dormitory came on, they ran into the bathroom and saw Lu Nan casually pushing their colleague into the water, their legs weakened instantly.
They are all flowers in the greenhouse.
Have they ever seen such a picture except on TV?

“Lu Nan… Lu Nan… you should let go of her…” Zhang Yuqi persuaded with a crying voice.

Yu Nuan’s face was pulled out of the water by Lu Nan and she immediately scolded, “Lu Nan, you prostitute! Kekekeke…my sister won’t let you go! Kekekeke…you are still strutting about.
My sister has a handle on you…cough…cough…”

“What are you trying to say?” Lu Nan paused but did not push her directly into the water as she asked, “What are you talking about?” She really had no impression of the whatever it is Yu Nuan is gushing about.

“Hahahaha you want to know? Do you think I’ll tell you?” Yu Nuan smiled proudly.

The three of them happened to be Lu Nan’s classmates in the first year of high school.
She knew Lu Nan’s cowardly character best! Hearing that there is a something incriminating in her sister’s hands, she must be afraid!

“Forget it.” Lu Nan pressed her hand hard and Yu Nuan was pressed back into the water again.
Before she could close her mouth properly, she immediately choked on a large mouthful of water.

No one would have thought that Lu Nan would play cards so out of the way.

Yu Nuan’s head stayed in the water and it took two minutes before Lu Nan dragged it up.
Yu Nuan had already fainted from choking.

The other two were trembling in fear and when they saw Yu Nuan being thrown on the ground without her making any motion indicating she’s alive, they suddenly screamed, “Ah, ah, ah! Killed!”

“Not dead.” Lu Nan frowned, a little upset by the screams.

She kicked Yu Nuan, who was lying on the ground with her foot before she said to the two people who covered their mouths in fear and dared not speak out, “Take her to the bed.”

The two immediately rushed Yu Nuan to her bed and waited nervously for Lu Nan’s next move.

Lu Nan didn’t do anything.
She picked up her suitcase and walked out the door.

“Lu—Lu Nan.” Zhang Yuqi suddenly shouted.

Lu Nan turned his head: “Is something wrong?”

“Aren’t you sleeping in the dormitory?”

“No.” She thought for a while and asked again, “Do you know which dormitory Shao Xinyi is in?”

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