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Zhou Zihan felt as if his eardrum had been gently scratched by something and the itchiness went straight to the bottom of his heart.
He was stunned for a while and then he said, “Yes, there is something.
Would you be my girlfriend?” He showed a warm and inviting smile, like a little puppy.


Lu Nan gave an enchanting smile that beat his own brutally, “No.”


Zhou Zihan knew how much girls liked his face so when he heard the rejection, he didn't react.


Lu Nan stood up and walked two or three meters away before Zhou Zihan came back to his senses.
He stopped her, “Where are you going?”


“The bathroom.” Lu Nan put her hands in her trouser pockets and turned her head to look at Zhou Zihan, “Is there anything else?”


“Tell me your phone number.
In addition, can you be my friend?”


Lu Nan swiveled around and walked out of the classroom.
A lazy voice came as she walked farther away, “No.”


“No?” Zhou Zihan frowned, returned to his seat and asked Zhou Zichen, “Did she refuse to tell me or did she not have a phone number?”


“I don't know.” Zhou Zichen took out his earphones and put them in his ears to avoid interruptions.


Zhou Zihan thought for a while as a smile hung on the corners of his eyes and brows, “Interesting.”


Lu Nan went out of the bathroom and met Shao Xinyi in the corridor.


The other side almost ran away when she saw her but she saw her eyes freeze abruptly, “Lu-Lu Nan.
Are you looking for me? Is there something wrong?”


“Yeah.” Lu Nan stretched out a slender hand glowing with the color of jade, “Lend me the phone.”


“Okay, okay!” Shao Xinyi immediately took out her phone.
She unlocked the screen and handed it to Lu Nan.


Lu Nan tapped a few times on Shao Xinyi’s mobile phone before she scrolled through what she wanted to know.
She deleted the search record and returned it to Shao Xinyi while asking, “Did you spread the rumors about me in the school?”


“No, no!” Shao Xinyi hurriedly denied, “We didn't say those stuff in school, it was others.
We don’t know how leaked or who spread it! We–we just didn't deny it.
I will definitely deny it if I hear someone say it in the future.


Lu Nan nodded and left without saying anything.


“Lu Nan!”


Lu Nan stopped, glanced sideways and motioned for Shao Xinyi to continue.


“Actually–Actually, you entered Class 8 because the dean told the director that your car accident has delayed your studies and you will definitely not be able to keep up with your peers when you go back to school.
He said liberal arts are easier to learn.
That's why, that's how—”


There are 16 classes in the second year of high school, 8 classes in liberal arts and 8 classes in science.
Class 8 was the worst class in liberal arts and Lu Nan was good at science before.


Lu Nan showed her back to Shao Xinyi, “Got it.” Her voice was neither salty nor light, it was not clear that she cared.


Shao Xinyi covered her face, ignoring the glances of passing classmates and slumped on the ground, “Huh—why are you so cowardly—”


When Lu Nan returned to the classroom, everyone saluted her.
As soon as she sat back in her seat, a girl in the front row turned her head, “Your name is Lu Nan, right?”


Lu Nan nodded, flipping through the magazine without looking up.


“I heard that you had a car accident and took a long vacation.
You shouldn't be able to keep up with your homework, right? You can find me if you need it.
I'm a study committee member and should be able to help you.
My name is Jiang Jing.” The girl didn't feel excluded at all.
Even when she is replied with concise words, a grin brightened her visage.
Her face still containing a little baby fat looks cute.


“Okay, thank you.” Lu Nan raised her head and smiled at the girl.


A bright face suddenly shortened the distance in front of her with a very provocative smile on her face.
Jiang Jing's heart was thumping and beating fast.
She blushed, stepped back a little distance as she said softly, “No thanks.” She turned around and covered her face.


The little girl in her heart screamed.


Her smile is so pretty! How can it be so beautiful! This is simply a goddess! She is going to lose consciousness whenever the goddess smiles!


Lu Nan lowered her head before spreading her palms.


In Lu Nan’s palm, a bit of faintly dim golden light slowly fluttered.
It was as if it could be extinguished in the next moment but it grew a little brighter, the light showing tenacity.


Lu Nan raised her head and glanced at Jiang Jing opposite her with a slight smile in her eyes.


It turned out to be belief.


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