Lu Nan found the head teacher in the office and did the necessary inquiry.
She collected the textbook and figured out the number of the dormitory.
After, she went there to put her things.
The orphanage is close to the suburbs, not far from the urban school so all the children of the orphanage study and board at the school.


In the classrooms of Class 2 and 8 of senior high school, the time for early self-study is used for reading.


Amidst the sound of reading, the boy in the corner was lying on the desk with a textbook covering his sleeping face.


He was sharing the table with a fair and clean boy with glasses, whose clear eyebrows exuded a scholarly feeling.
He caught a glimpse of the figure appearing at the front door of the classroom and kicked the boy who was sleeping roughly, “The head teacher is coming, don't sleep.”


The boy who was kicked took off the book on his face, sat upright and his former sleepy eyes looked very clear, though the small red mark on his chin hinted at what happened.
He was obviously a repeat offender because he showcased his honed skills by directly supporting his chin with his hand to block the red mark.


Chen Heng glanced into the classroom, but his gaze didn't catch the dozing person.


He clapped his hands and signaled the classroom to be quiet, “There is another classmate in our class who has not resumed because of a car accident, but now she has recovered and is back to school today.
There will be no class for a while so she won't be allowed to introduce herself.
The monitor will arrange a seat for her later.”


After he finished speaking, he lifted his feet and left the classroom.
Before leaving  through the door of the classroom, he turned back and warned, “Don't fall asleep during class! Do you hear me?”


“We hear you!” The whole class shouted in unison.


Chen Heng nodded and left with satisfaction.


Seeing the head teacher had just left, the boy who was dozing off in the corner became energetic, “Zichen! Do you think the new student is a boy or a girl?”


Zhou Zichen glanced at him, turned his eyes back to the book and spit out two words, “Boring.”


Zhou Zihan pouted in disdain, “You are boring enough!”


These two are brothers but their personalities and hobbies are completely different.
Zhou Zihan’s looks is also very good, different from Zhou Zichen's fair and gentle appearance, his wheat-colored skin gave off the impression of him being sunny and cheerful.


The girl in the front row heard their conversation and turned around and whispered, “It's a girl, her name is Lu Nan.”


Zhou Zihan became interested and asked enthusiastically, “Really? How do you know?”


The girl looked contemptuous, “She is very famous in our school since she was admitted.
You have just transferred schools this semester, so you don't know.
She is from an orphanage.
After leaving the school one day to meet unscrupulous men, she had a car accident.”


Zhou Zihan smiled, full of curiosity, “So hot?! Is she beautiful? How did you know? Did you see it with your own eyes?”


The girl pouted, “She looks okay.
I haven't seen it, but other people in the school saw her meeting some old men and the people she stays with at the orphanage have admitted it.”


“Is that so?” Zhou Zihan touched his chin with a thoughtful expression, “Will the school not punish such a student? It attracts a demerit or something.”


“Of course! But no one is going to report her.
Sometimes I feel pity for her knowing she came out of an orphanage and her situation seems quite delicate but even so, I don't want to have any contact with her.
I always turn a blind eye to her behavior.” The girl said.


“Is that so?” Zhou Zihan smiled, tilted his head at the girl before saying, “Thank you!”


The girl blushed and replied, “No.”


Her reply was in a low voice that reminds someone of a mosquito before she turned around in a hurry.


Zhou Zichen's eyes fell on the book, and he warned in a low voice, “It's better for you not to go and mess with anything.”


“Hey, I think it's quite interesting.” Zhou Zihan ignored the warning and said with a smile.
Soon, he was lying on the table and his even breathing signalled him falling asleep.


It's just that Lu Nan's speed was faster than everyone expected.


A figure passed by the front door of the classroom and everyone immediately read aloud, thinking Chen Heng came back for a surprise inspection.
So when a tall, beautiful girl came in, everyone was quiet, and nothing came to their minds.


Lu Nan's eyes fell on the empty seat in the last row.
She walked to the last row under the eyes of everyone with a calm expression, threw her backpack on the table and sat down with an inexplicable domineering posture.
Afterwards, she slowly tidied up the desk as she packed up the books.


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