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At the door of Xinhai Orphanage, a tall girl got out of the gray van and slung her backpack across her shoulders.
Inexpensive sneakers, white washed jeans worn as cropped trousers, a white t-shirt with a faint yellowing tainting it.


All of this is in line with the surrounding environment, but when it is put on the girl, there is a type of visual shock, like the old clothes were forcibly worn by her as an international brand.


The arms exposed outside are white as jade with a high nose and thin lips donning her face.
The bright red lips complement the glossy complexion, which gave off beautiful and seductive vibes.


“Lu Nan! You must go to school tomorrow! Stop causing trouble for all of us! Do you know how much of a burden this medical expense is to everybody?! A girl who doesn't know how to keep herself in check! Everybody knows you are shameless but that’s your problem, just don't harm the reputation of the other children in the orphanage!” Zhao Yuqun got out of the car to scolded her without regard and then left angrily.


Lu Nan's eyes followed Zhao Yuqun's back.
After a while, she looked back and gazed intently at the “Xinhai Orphanage” sign hanging on the door of the hospital before she licked her red lips.


“The orphanage reimburses 70% of the expenses.
Is it too big?”


Naturally, no one gave her an answer.


She slipped a few strands of hair straying to her face through the playful wind behind her ears.


Lu Nan slowly walked around the playful children and walked towards the dormitory.


In the dormitory.


Shao Xinyi was playing with a white MP3 and said to the numerous people with her, “I didn't expect Lu Nan to hide this.
It took us more than half a year to find out.
It's really hidden.”


Gong Yan pouted and stared at the MP3 in Shao Xinyi's hand with disgust, “Xinyi, you are not afraid of viruses.
She has no money, where did she get this? Maybe it was picked from a garbage dump or she bought it from a suspicious and unreliable man.”


“That's right! She looks like a cheap woman, she must have bought it from selling meat!” Zhang Ningshu raised her hand and blew off the nail polish that was slightly wet, with the inferior makeup highlighting her arrogant mouth and face.


“Knock.” There was a knock on the door.


Yang Man stood up to open the door, but was stopped by Shao Xinyi, “Don't open the door.
I heard from the dean that Lu Nan was discharged from the hospital today and it must be her outside.”


Shao Xinyi said with a cold smile: “Let her sun away outside for a while so she can clear away the sickness and then come in, otherwise it will be troublesome if whatever she carries infect us.”


“She was in a car accident, not sick.
How could she be ill?” Yang Man subconsciously said.


“Manman, shut up.
Just listen to Sister Xinyi.” Wang Rou pulled the person back.


The next moment, a harsh sound echoed.


“Bang!” The door was kicked open.


Everyone in the room turned their heads to look at the door, and saw an attractive girl wearing a white T-shirt, old jeans, and a ponytail.
She was still as beautiful as before.


Shao Xinyi rolled his eyes, threw the MP3 on the ground, and said strangely, “Who do you think it was! It turns out our great beauty Lu is back!”


Lu Nan did not react to the mockery.
She glanced at the MP3 on the ground and said lightly, “Pick it up.”


“Huh?” Shao Xinyi dug his ears and looked at Gong Yan in disbelief, “Lu Nan, did you knock your brains out in the car accident?”


She raised her foot and stepped on the MP3 without fear before she kicked it away.
Shao Xinyi stopped when she passed by Lu Nan.


She tilted her head closer in an attempt at intimidation while saying in a low voice, “Lu Nan, you have lived in a hospital for half a year and your temper has grown.
Not convinced? Are you going to report me to the dean?”


After she finished speaking, she didn’t try to apologize to Lu Nan but with an increasingly arrogant attitude, she pushed Lu Nan's shoulder away and sauntered out.


However, before Shao Xinyi’s second step could be completed, her clothes was grabbed by someone.
A strong force came from behind, pulling her back a few steps and a cold hand grabbed her neck before lifting her from the ground.


“I don't say things twice.” Lu Nan looked at Shao Xinyi expressionlessly and whispered close to her, “Also, I won't report you.
Why discuss things that could be solved with hands?”


The suffocation caused by the hand holding her neck and being unable to breathe made Shao Xinyi feel the approach of death for the first time.
Her mind was blank for a while and when she saw Lu Nan's cold eyes, she finally reacted and pleaded with tears streaming down her face.




The other people in the room watching was stunned.
Only Yang Man recovered the quickest and rushed forward to break Lu Nan's hand, “Lu Nan, let go.
If you kill someone, you will go to jail.
Let go!”


Lu Nan glanced at her and let go.
Shao Xinyi slumped to the ground, clutching her neck and coughing violently.


Lu Nan didn't behave like the person who almost killed her, it was as if the person clutching her neck was a mirage.
She was very calm.


She clapped away the nonexistent dust on her hands and looked at the people in the room.
She warned them simply and directly, “If I can do it, I usually don’t speak so if you don't want to die and the percentage of you beating me is nil, don't provoke me.”


Shao Xinyi shivered even more when she heard this sentence because no one knew better than her the authenticity of what Lu Nan said.


Several other people nodded hurriedly and ran out in a rush.
When passing by Shao Xinyi, they picked her up and ran with her.


The others dashed away and Lu Nan slowly sorted out her things.
She lay in the hospital for half a year after a car accident.
Shao Xinyi and a few people took almost all of her things but no one wanted the clothes.
After all, their clothes were much better than hers and some of the goods from the stalls are old so naturally people with brains wouldn’t want to take hers.


After looking around for a while, She found a few textbooks.
Lu Nan roughly turned it over and then threw it aside after looking over it all.
She also delayed her studies at school for half a year.
She was a first-year high school student when she entered the hospital and now she is a second-year high school student.
She didn’t even know where the high school textbooks are.


It seems that she have to find one of the girls at night to ask for books and notes.


“Yeah, how did did things get so miserable?” She threw the faded and tattered clothes into the suitcase with a bit of disgust.


She is Lu Nan but at the same time, she is not.


To be precise, this body belongs to Lu Nan but the soul inside is Lu Nan, the phoenix of the Celestial Empire.


She was drinking alone in the room and unexpectedly drank herself to death.
It happened to be that the modern Lu Nan was killed in a car accident so she came over and integrated with the flesh left behind.


The names are similar and the looks are no different but the status, identity and personality are like separate parallels!


As the phoenix of the Celestial Empire, she is serving under one person while having more than ten thousand people at her beck and call.
The modern Lu Nan’s situation was different, she was abandoned by her parents and bullied by her friends.


She is full of self love and confidence but Lu Nan has been timid since she was a child.
People in her age range bully her because of this.


They were so unbridled.


Moments ago, did they not try to bully her as they always do? They should continue that line of thought if their skin are itching for a beating or when death is beckoning them.


Soon night fell.


Shao Xinyi and several others were playing tug of war with the door of the dormitory but no one dared to enter.
If it wasn’t a necessity to go back, they wouldn’t show their faces at all.


Yang Man whispered, “As long as we don't mess with her, she probably won't bother us again.” She was a little unsure about what she said.
Although she rushed up to persuade Lu Nan earlier, thinking about it now, the situation doesn't make any sense.


Remembering it brings chills.
Moreover, she knew very well how they tricked and abused Lu Nan before.


“Then unlock the door and go in!” Shao Xinyi glared at her.
She didn't know who pushed her as she spoke.
The door sprang open with a touch and she took a few steps forward due to the inertia before she caught herself from falling.


There are six people in the dormitory and each of them have to choose a bed from the bunk beds provided.
Lu Nan was sitting on the top bunk, leaning on the head of the bed as her long legs dangled in the air, the white MP3 she was playing with almost matched her fingers.
The white earpiece was tangled randomly, winding and hiding inside in the loose black hair.


The five girls entered the dormitory by mistake and a terrible silence hung in the air for a moment.
Nobody spoke and there was no sound except for the faint singing from the inferior earphones and the squeaky sound of the bed being shaken.


Lu Nan raised her eyes to stare at them, she then looked back and continued to gaze at the MP3 without giving any response.


Shao Xinyi let out a breath of relief and carefully returned to the bed, doing things lightly and the others did not dare to breath loudly.


“Who is the best student?” Lu Nan abrupt voice broke the stalemate.


Shao Xinyi was so frightened by Lu Nan's sudden voice that she fell and it took a long time for someone to answer.


Yang Man raised her hand carefully, “I–I'm the number one in our class.”


“Yeah.” Lu Nan nodded, tore off her earphones before turning her head to Yang Man, “Show me your notes and books.”


“Okay, okay.” Yang Man hurriedly took out the notes from her schoolbag and handed it to Lu Nan.


“Thank you.” Lu Nan raised the corners of her beautiful lips as she said her thanks.


“No, no!” Yang Man immediately waved her hand like a frightened rabbit.


Lu Nan glanced back and looked away, it was estimated that they would be like this for a while.
On the contrary, Yang Man is very interesting.
She wasn’t scared earlier but now she is shivering in fear.


She read through the books and the pages were flipped over with a soft sound.
It was as if Lu Nan was playing with the books.
The notebook followed the same process.
Her reading was quickly completed and everything is solved in less than five minutes.


“Take it back.” Lu Nan handed the notebook back to Yang Man.


The others were a little slow to react, not understanding the meaning of Lu Nan's actions.


Even if there is confusion nobody dared to ask and they all went to bed earlier than usual after hurriedly washing up.


The next day, Lu Nan woke up very early, picked up her suitcase and went to school according to his memory.


When she had a car accident in her first year of high school, she hadn't changed classes yet but in her second year of high school, she would have be re-classified according to the subjects.
Now she doesn't know whether she is studying in arts or sciences.


Putting the suitcase beside the flower bed, Lu Nan entered the principal's office.
The principal is a middle-aged man in his forties, with a thin body and a pair of black-rimmed glasses.
He looks smart, strong and amiable.


“Principal, my name is Lu Nan.
I took a break from school for half a year due to a car accident.
Could you please tell me which class I am currently in?” Lu Nan asked with a smile.


This person is not a very nice guy either.


“I have an impression of you.
You should be in either the second and eighth class of the school.” The principal smiled kindly at her then flipped through the student files.


“Yes, you are in Teacher Chen's class.
You just came in today and I don't know a how your classes are conducted.
Go ask your head teacher.” He said to her when he got what he was searching for.


“Thank you, principal.” Lu Nan nodded and turned to leave.


As soon as she left, a phone call came in.
The principal connected and smiled first, “Why did you have the time to contact me at a wrong time and place today?”


The person at other end of the phone should have said something aligning with the Principal’s interests because the smile on his face became lighter, “Understood, thank you for your suggestion.
Why did they come to H city?”


Nobody knew what was said on the other end before the principal replied.


“I know.” A beep signaled the end of the call.


“Seeing as you were going step up, why did you do so by this hour?”

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