Reborn Mistress’ Scumbag Manual (RMSM) – Chapter Twelve: Can’t Do It


“Yes.” Que Ze replied honestly, not forgetting to threaten, “If you don’t want to be bullied, just be good.” He wanted to say “If you don’t want to be beaten.” but after thinking about it, he couldn’t beat this face beneath his hand.

Lu Nan smiled.
The smile is not soft at all, it shined with bloodthirstiness, “Okay.”

The two confronted each other for more than a minute and the pursuers quickly found this alley.

In the alley, there was only a tall boy in school uniform kissing a girl.
The boy was tall and straight and the girl was held in his arms, most of her body were blocked by his figure but judging from the exposed half of her school uniform trouser legs, she was also a student.

Lu Nan raised the end of her eyes, her beautiful eyes were full of murderous intent, looking at the face close at hand.

Her hands were restrained, her legs were also entangled with the man and her waist was hugged.
She was forced to get close to the man with her nose intersecting his.

The footsteps at the entrance of the alley gradually approached and the eyes of the two flickered.
In Que Ze’s long and narrow eyes, a dark light flashed by and in the next second, the distance between the two of them was reduced again and their breathing intertwined.

Lu Nan’s pupils shrank but she didn’t struggle.

“What are you dawdling about?! A young couple is kissing and you are there watching! I’ll see if you can tell me when they run away!” A shout suddenly came from the entrance of the alley.

The man looked at the back of the boy’s head who was kissing the girl and always thought it was very familiar but under the urging of the people at the entrance of the alley, he gave up the idea of turning his head to look and confirm.

After hearing the sound of footsteps gradually walking away and disappearing, Que Ze was held back by a sharp weapon and immediately let go to take a step back, subconsciously licking his lips.

Lu Nan picked up the special dagger with her fingertips before smiling dangerously, “How does it taste?”

“Very good.” As soon as Que Ze spoke, his tongue suddenly hurt, making his voice a little unsteady.

Lu Nan took out a tissue, wiped her mouth slowly with one hand and held a dagger in the other hand, twirling it on her fingertips, “Give me the school uniform.”

Que Ze obediently took off his clothes and handed them to Lu Nan with a flattering look in his eyes, “Whatever you want, just ask and I can satisfy you.” It would be best for him to make a promise with his body.

Lu Nan glanced at her wrist, put away the dagger before she threw the school uniform over her shoulder with a hand behind her back.
She raised her foot and walked out of the alley as she said in a lazy voice, “No need.”

“Little girl, what’s your name?”

Lu Nan didn’t even turn her head, leaving a back view and beautiful long legs that quickly walked away and disappeared.

“It’s beautiful—” Que Ze rubbed his lips, his narrow and cold phoenix eyes were slightly curved.
There was a smile inside and he laughed in a low voice, “It’s wild enough.

Before he could laugh the second time, he gasped with a hiss, “This little girl is really ruthless!”

Lu Nan was a few minutes late when she arrived at the snack street.

On the oily table of the old shop, there are already tables full of dishes, all of which are the specialties of this shop and the strong fragrance floats in the air.

Seeing Lu Nan, Zhang Yuqi stood up and pulled out the chair for her, “Lu Nan, you are here! I don’t know what you like to eat, so I ordered some special dishes.”

Lu Nan lowered her eyes and said lightly, “There are just three people, we can’t finish eating the food.”

This large table of food, let alone three people, is more than enough for seven or eight people.

Zhang Yuqi smiled awkwardly, glanced at the other girl and hurriedly replied, “Sit down, it doesn’t matter if you can’t finish eating, as long as you forgive us.”

Without saying anything else, she stretched out her hand and sat down on the chair.
Leaning against the back of the chair, Lu Nan picked up vegetables with chopsticks to eat with a cold expression.

Zhang Yuqi was embarrassed and the other girl gave her a wink so she had to sit down, not daring to speak as she buried her head in eating.


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