Chapter Nine: Spinning Pens

Lu Nan is a person with a bad temper but she is definitely not someone who cannot suppress or control it.

The only thing that can make her lose control is the evil spirit of blood entangled with her soul.

The evil blood spirit is formed by a person who kills excessively and he or she gets contaminated with every dead person they kill.
It can penetrate into the soul and form an evil spirit.
The thicker the evil blood spirit is, the more bloodthirsty the infected person will be.
They will turn irritable, violent and easily lose control of their emotions.
In mild cases, demons will be born and in severe cases, they will lose their souls to become true beasts with thoughts of only knowing how to kill.

Therefore, there is a saying warning people of the danger of losing oneself if you kill too many people.

As the spiritual saint of the Fengtian Dynasty, Lu Nan fought in all directions and people numbering tens of thousands were beheaded in her hands.
The evil spirit of blood has long penetrated her soul.

However, when she was still a spiritual lady, she was not affected by the evil spirit of blood.
It was because as their spiritual lady, the belief of Fengtian Dynasty citizens numbering tens of thousands who are safe and happy sustained her.
Her huge belief power is enough to offset and suppress the evil blood spirit without giving it a chance to affect her in the slightest.

Now the current Lu Nan is void of faith and belief.

When she first came to this world, she searched her soul but she didn’t find any trace of the evil blood spirit.
She thought it had disappeared along with her bizarre resurrection.
Alas, she didn’t expect her reason for not noticing it’s existence is because it was hidden too deep for her to find it.

Lu Nan put down her hands and closed her eyes.

If the power of faith is not so powerful and good, the Lu family will not have only one spiritual lady in one generation.

This is big trouble.

Half a month later, Chuyang High School prepared to hold a cultural performance and each class must submit more than three programs.

Lu Nan was leaning against the wall by the back seats and everybody remained quiet.
A pen in her left hand spun so fast she almost saw an afterimage.

The boy on her left watched her movements, swallowed before almost kneeling down!

Lu Nan learned how to spin pens from him more than a week ago but now, no one would doubt her experience with this speed of a professional player!

The boy is a professional pen-spinner in the province and he also knows that their province has always lacked capable players who can really enter the world championship.
Seeing as Lu Nan is defying human limits, he started to feel itchy after being shocked.

He said, “Lu Nan.
D-do you have any intention of becoming a professional pen-spinner?”

It really took a lot of courage for him to say this because pen-spinning competitions are regarded as child’s play in most people’s eyes.
Encouraging people to spend time on this sport is like encouraging her to not do her job properly.

Lu Nan glanced at him and without even thinking about it, she asked, “Want my help?”

The boy’s eyes lit up and he nodded repeatedly, “Yes! The players in our province are worse than those in other provinces.
Your level has already reached the level of a professional player.
Moreover, it only took a week in between.
If you train for a while, you can definitely surpass all the players in our provincial team! If you participate, you will definitely help our province get a good result!”

Lu Nan said: “Okay but there are conditions.” Her eyes fell on her right hand, her pale complexion was dazzling white in the morning light outside the window.

“Really!?” The boy was pleasantly surprised, his eyes sparkled instantly and he looked a little cute, “As long as you can make our provincial team’s performance go further, no matter what the conditions are, the team leader will definitely agree!”

“Well, let’s go and have a look this weekend.” Lu Nan said, the irritability in her eyes disappeared and her mood eased.

“What?” The boy froze.

“I meant going to your provincial team, is weekends not okay?” Lu Nan asked.

OK! Of course! Great!

He thought Lu Nan would not be too active even if she agreed!

“Wait a minute! I’ll go out and get in touch with the team leader!” The boy stood up abruptly, his face excited.
He looked as if he had won a million-dollar lottery.

Lu Nan continued turning her pen calmly.

When the boy returned to the classroom, he still couldn’t suppress the joy on his face.

“At nine o’clock on Saturday morning, I’ll take you to meet the team leader.”


The person in front of the boy turned around, winked at him and said in a low voice, “Huang Si, you can do it! Conquer this cold goddess!”

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