Little Detectives.

Perdita walked into the market with her head and chin up with confidence like every other day she went to the market to sell her buns. The only difference this time was that, as she walked in, so did the eyes of some villagers follow her. But that didn bother her because she believed the vampire won be coming anywhere close to a dirty village again.

She had seen the mans dress and had also noticed the way he carried himself to know he was from a very influential family. What she didn understand was why and what he was doing here in the village and he also took her buns without paying! So the high society could be thieves too.

People continued watching the ever-joyful girl walk towards her stall unaffected by what happened yesterday. Some were happy she was alright, while some only sneered in their hearts. They thought she will be become afraid and not come to the market so they could make some sales in her absence, at least for today. But here she was, smiling and greeting people.

Perdita entered her shop and started the days work. In no time, hot buns were baked and people soon started to flock around the stall to buy the buns when they perceived the sweet aroma wafting in the air.

Perdita continued selling and baking buns after buns. Today seemed to be different as the people that usually came to buy her buns increased in number. Some were curious villagers who just wanted to know what happened from the horses mouth. And in turn, to make more sales, Perdita explained and narrated everything to them while leaving the part where the vampire spoke only to her hearing.

”…you know, vampires are vile creatures who find pleasure in tormenting we humans ” One of the village women commented while chewing on the buns she bought and she belched loudly which annoyed Perdita.

The people around nodded their heads in confirmation and another woman said ”They need to be wiped out. Yesterday I couldn help but want to kill that vampire. The nerve of him to step in here and threaten us! ”

”Exactly! ” The first woman exclaimed loudly making pieces of the buns fall from her mouth ”To think he even harassed poor Perdita, you see how vile they are! ”

Perdita offered the two women a small bow ”Im fine Mrs. Castor and Mrs. Perkin. Theres no harm and hes gone now ” Perdita addressed the first and second woman and her small voice made the women think she was only trying to act strong.

These hypocrites thought Perdita. They were the first ones to run yesterday and here they are saying they wanted to kill the vampire. Did they even have the gut to do it? Perdita internally sighed, as long as she was making more sales, they were free to gossip more in her stall. If possible she can also bring them chairs.

The only thing on her mind was being exposed because with the way these women were talking about vampires, she knew that when it comes to her and her brother, they wouldn even be afraid to run a stake in their hearts.

Just as she was thinking while selling her buns, her eyes met a pair of red eyes that was looking at her from afar. She couldn believe the man was back today again! But on a closer look, she saw it was another vampire. What was this?! She screamed in her mind. Why were vampires coming to the village and they were all after her?

Was it vampires days out?!

Perdita quickly turned away from the man lest the women noticed him looking at her.

Even at that, Mrs. Perkin noticed her movement and asked ”Is everything alright, Perdita? You know you can always tell us if you have any problem and we will be more than glad to help out ”

The other women eagerly nodded their heads in agreement with Mrs. Perkin.

Tell you everything? Well, Im a vampire. Hows that? And how will you take care of me? Perdita internally scoffed and she offered them a tight smile ”Theres nothing wrong with me. Im doing great. Thank you for your concerns ”

e welcome lass, you can always count on us ” Mrs. Perkin smiled and turned back to Mrs. Castor and the other women ”I heard the king is going make his presence known in the coming hallow and he will also be inviting some of the lower class to… ”

The words of Mrs. Perkin died down in Perditas ears as her gaze and attention returned to the man who was still looking at her.

The evening approached faster than the former days and Perdita couldn be happier to go home. Some of the villagers had returned home and only a few were seen packing and putting their goods away.

Perdita was done for the day and she was very excited that she made lots of sales which she had already planned what to do with the money. With the winter fast approaching, she could use the money and buy more hays to place on their rooftop and also buy more wood to keep warm in the cold.

Just as she was about to entirely leave the market, she saw the vampire earlier who was speaking to someone sitting in front of a brown carriage.

Perdita wondered what the man was still doing here and what his agenda was, and before she knew it, her feet carried her to the man.

Daemon from the corner of his eyes saw the green-eyed girl approach him. He was in the market since morning watching her and he knew she will come to meet him. That was how human brains worked. They will see danger and happily walk toward it. Though she was a vampire now. Old habits are hard to die.

Before Perdita could open her mouth Daemon already beat her to it ”Hi, green eye ”

Perditas eyes narrowed at the man. Who addresses someone with the color of the eyes? ”What do you want? ”

Daemon feigned ignorance and his eyebrow rose in question ”Pardon? ”

This time not only did Perditas eyes narrow, but she also glared directly into his eyes ”Don feign ignorance unless you
e a dimwit. Why were you looking at me? Oh, wait, rightly put, why were you watching me? ”

The smile on Daemons face faltered and his eyes darkened at the insult thrown at him ”I believe you were also watching me unless your eyes are not good and you seem to have some defects in your eyes ” Daemon threw back the insult at Perdita and her eyes drilled holes in the vampires chest.

The few people who were leaving the market couldn help but look at Perdita and the vampire.

Perdita wanted to know why and what the vampire was doing in their village not knowing her little interrogation had another wave of doubt in the heart of Mr. Perkin who silently watched from the corner.

It felt like forever when Perdita and Daemon continued to glare at each other, each refusing to back down. Perdita finally lowered her eyes so she wouldn attract much attention to herself.

”You vampires seemed to be so busy in this village recently which I doubt is of good intention, ” Perdita said and gripped her bag.

Daemon tilted his head and scoffed at the lowly vampire girl in front of him ”And you are? Are you the village head to question our affair? A human shouldn poke their nose into our matter, especially a woman ” Daemon intentionally mentioned humans to see how Perdita will react but Perdita proved him wrong.

e right, humans should not poke their nose at vampires affairs likewise the vampires. And please, don draw unnecessary attention to me before my villagers think I have something to do with you vampires. ” Perdita asserted and walked away.

Daemon stood there watching Perdita who disappeared at the end of the street. Daemon smirked at the girl who was trying to act human. She could deceive humans with it though he was also deceived by her the first time he saw her. She needed to be applauded for her acting skills and maybe she could join the theatre in the future.

If Sthena hadn mentioned she was a vampire, he would have still viewed her as a human. And a feisty human too.

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