Acts of Suspicion.

sighed and scratched his head because of the silly mistake both of them made.

Marco continued running without stopping until he reached the market. He had reduced his speed so he didn raise any suspicion but it didn stop some villagers to look at him.

He immediately rushed to her stall and saw it was closed and empty. Dread filled his heart, and panic coupled with fear took over his being. He thought of the worst scenario he will find her sister with a vampire and his hand terribly shook.

He stood there watching the shop and forgot that people were looking at him. It was only when one of the villagers approached him did he realize his mistake.

He quickly put his hand inside his trouser pocket to hide his hand that had turned pale with green veins popping out. He turned to the villager and asked,

”Have you seen my sister? Her shop is closed which I find unlike her ” Marco asked the man, acting as if he had no clue of what happened.

”Have you not heard? ” The villager was surprised but he like others brushed it off that he was busy with work and did not know what happened. The man filled Marco in on what transpired in the afternoon between his sister and the vampire.

Marco thanked the man and rushed off to look for his sister and prayed she was at home and safe.

After he left, one of the villagers who was no other than the same man who suspected Perdita with the vampire looked at his back in suspicion. He didn believe what the boy said, that he didn know what happened. If his memory was right, the boy worked at a construction site and it was located between the border of their village and another village. He concluded that someone must have told him, but how could he have come so quickly to look for his sister? It takes two hours to get there and vice versa. If his friend arrived there in two hours, how could he have come so quickly?

The man continued to ponder over what happened and remembered that Perdita had also suddenly closed her shop and ran home after that vampire said something they couldn hear to her. What could he have told her? And what was there to run and hide from a vampire, all she could have done was to throw the burnt buns and bake another one.

The village man shook his head and walked away while finding everything amiss.

Back in Perditas house,

Her throat itched badly that her fingers scratched the wooden floor and it left marks on it. She couldn remember how long she stayed on the floor and now everything blurred in her eyes and all she could was blood.

She jerked her body up and made her way into the other room in their house. This was her brothers room and it is where they kept their important stuff.

Dragging her feet along, she knelt near the bed and raised it. Under it was a hole covered with a brown board.

Perdita shifted the bed aside to have more access to what she was looking for. She removed the brown board and reached inside the hole and brought out a cage.

The cage was a big black cage that contained many cats inside it. The cats began to scratch the metal of the cage and it made Perdita annoyed. In anger, she hit the cage to quieten them. The last thing she wanted was for the villagers to find out they reared so many cats and raise suspicion about who they were.

The itching in her throat intensified seeing the cats and all she wanted to do was snap their necks to drink their juices. She hastily opened the cage and took out a cat with white and black fur.

The cat felt warm in her hand and she smiled. She raised her other hand towards the neck of the animal to snap its neck. But before she could kill it, the front door of their house burst open and she heard a voice scream.

”STOP! ”

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