>Sthena grinned and said ”You do make me want to snap your head sometimes. Come on, lets see what the humans here have to offer. ”

Daemon rolled his eyes and followed Sthena.

”Hows the preparation for the Hallow? ” Sthena asked as their feet glided down the dusty road where few people were. Some curiously looked at the men who were not from their village.

Daemon walked closely behind Sthena and he almost bumped into a woman. He cursed inwardly and answered ”The preparation is going as planned. I heard Pristine is on the move again ”

Sthena chuckled as if Daemon said something amusing ”I know the man will be the death of him just like his son did ”

Daemon frowned ”The church is with him too. He reported the case to them and I believe they will make their presence known in the castle soon ”

Sthenas eyes moved around the market where the humans were in their hundreds. Some curiously looked at them while a lot of them glared at them because of their red eyes that stood out from their human eyes. Sthenas lips curled in distaste, if only they knew whom they were looking at.

”Rest assured Dae, they won come till after the hallow. They
e not stupid ”

”What do you plan to do? ” Daemon questioned.

”Till then, though I would love to dirty my hands with their blood ” as he said this, the few women around who heard him quickly dragged their children away, hence creating space for the two men to walk.

Sthena cracked his fingers. As if what he said was not enough, he raised his voice loud enough to draw the attention of many of the people to them ”I do wish I could pull out some eyes today. I guess Im too hungry with blood ” He licked his lips in confirmation that he was bloodthirsty.

”Do not forget they
e the subjects you pledged to protect ” Daemon reminded.

Sthena clicked his tongue ”Subjects to protect for my food. Besides they wouldn know its their beloved king and it wouldn be held against me by the church ” His voice turned low only for Daemon to hear. His eyes scanned the area and they fell on the green-eyed human who shouted across the market selling her buns.

Seeing how people gathered to buy it, he decided to try one himself. He turned to Daemon and asked, ”You want some buns? ”

Daemon shook his head ”Ill pass. Thank you ”

Sthena glared at him before he walked away and to the famous buns stall.

People who saw him approach immediately moved away and cleared the path for him. Their eyes filled with fear and hatred when they saw his red eyes and they became alert as they closely watched him not knowing he was their beloved king.

Perdita was mixing more flour to bake more buns and she did not notice the slight commotion in front of her stall.

Done mixing the different flavors of the buns, she added more coal in the local oven. She brought the tray containing the buns and placed it in the oven before covering it with its cover.

She dusted her hands on her apron and turned around ready to make more sales. That was when she noticed that her customers had moved to one corner and a man with red eyes now stood in front of her stall looking intently at her.

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