My OP Minion System in the Apocalypse

To Survive You Have to Adapt

The frantic sounds in the vegetation grew in ferocity.

It became louder and louder, until finally, through the trees, someone charged out.

”Help! ”

It was a young-looking girl, around the same age as me.

She was covered in dirt and leaves, her hair was filled with debris.

”T-theres a zombie! ”

”What? ”

Even once she stopped running and hid behind me, the loud rustling noises in the distance didn subside. Sensing the danger, I ordered my Warrior Minion to stand in front of me and my Woodcutter Minion to stand beside me. The noises continued getting louder and louder until finally, a disgusting horrifying creature appeared in front of me.

From the blood dripping down its chin, to the pale yet soiled skin. From the rustic dirty clothing to the wounds all over its body—it was definitely a zombie.

Instantly, my Warrior Minion charged forwards to confront it, it appeared that it was automatically programmed to defend me.

It swung its sword at the repulsive creature and sliced into its flesh. The zombie changed its attention to focus completely on my Warrior Minion. I quickly opened up my Minion menu as the two of them fought.

< [Level 2] Warrior Minion {1}>

Experience: 6/20

[Health] 73%

[Stamina] 60%


– {Scout}

– {Chop Wood}

– {Fight}


It was obvious that my Warrior Minion was struggling to keep up with the zombie. I selected the {Fight} option on my Woodcutter Minion and it too rushed in to fight the zombie. The two Minion fought together and slashed at the zombie with their respective weapons. The zombie swiped at the Minions and tried to bite them.

Suddenly, the zombie managed to get its jaws on the head of my Warrior Minion. Just as it was about to bite off my Minions head, the Woodcutter Minion slashed at the zombie with its axe and cleanly sliced off its head—barely saving my Warrior Minion.

I called the Minions back and they stood beside me.

I checked the Minion menu.

< [Level 2] Woodcutter Minion {1}>

Experience: 19/20

[Health] 42%

[Stamina] 5%

< [Level 2] Warrior Minion {1}>

Experience: 48/20 [READY!]

[Health] 4%

[Stamina] 14%

I noticed that my Warrior Minion had gained quite a large amount of experience from the fight, it was already level two after its expedition but now it had gained enough experience to level up again.

+15% Strength

+25% Health

[New Weapon!] – Lesser Steel Sword

It had managed to get a stronger weapon from its level up.

”Hey, are those minions from your system? ” She asked.

”Yeah. ”

”My system is terrible compared to yours. ”

”What is it? ”

”I have the Blacksmith System. ”

The two of us took a seat beside my {Instant Temporary Shelter} and took a few deep breaths to recover from the traumatising situation which just occurred. At first, I couldn recognize her in the midst of all the chaos, however, now as I looked at her more closely, I could tell who she was. She was Ashley, one of the students who went to school with me—she used to me neither nice nor mean to me, the two of us never really spoke to each other.

”So what exactly does your system do? ” I asked.

”I can make weapons and tools, however, all of the crafts are really expensive and I can gather enough materials no matter what I do. ”

”Oh. ”

”Anyways, I was with a group of classmates but we ended up getting split up in the chaos of the night. Theyll probably find me by tomorrow, one of them has an Exploration System and can track anyone who gives him permission. ”

”Ah, so did everyone from our school get transported here? ” I asked.

”Not just school, Im pretty sure a pretty large portion of the entire world got transported here. ”

”Seriously? Just what is this place? ”

”I don know either, whatever the case is, we
e stuck here and its a hellscape. ”

”Anyways, Ill be going back with the group tomorrow morning, do you want to come with me? ”

I knew that it wouldn be fun if I went to their group. I have never been treated well my entire life and even in such a situation, if they knew me, they would likely not accept me.

”Just out of curiosity, who is in the group? ”

”Uh, from school, Jack, Molly, Tom and Rodeen. ”

Yeah, definitely not.

”Sorry, Ill pass. ”

”Ah thats fine. ”

The two of us eventually passed the night as my Minions stayed on lookout for any stray zombies wandering around.


I was awoken by the bright sun peeking its head through the dense leaves of the tall trees which inhabited the forest. As I slowly crawled my way out of the {Instant Temporary Shelter}, I noticed that Ashley had already left. I guess she had met up with her group and left while I was still sleeping. My Minions were still standing outside, they had fully recovered from their injuries and tiredness from the previous night.

Now that the new day had come, I knew what would be here at night. Only one single zombie attacked me during the previous night but I assumed that there would be stronger and a greater number of zombies as the days go on.

I opened the Minion menu and sent out my Woodcutter Minion out on another logging expedition. I also sent my Warrior Minion out to hunt some animals. I wanted to craft the Scout Minion as soon as I could as numbers was the best thing to protect me from the zombies that were to come.

A few moments after I left my little shelter, it disappeared and poofed out of existence—it wasn lying when it said it only lasted a single day.

The main thing at the moment was that I wanted to get more minions. At the moment, I wasn getting a great deal of resources. Just the amount required to craft the {Instant Temporary Shelter} would take up most of my resources for the day.

I wasn sure what time it was so I made my way to the sundial which was a few metres away from where I set up camp for the night. Looking at the stone structure, I estimated that it was around midday, I guess I really slept in. Considering that night came around 7pm last night, I had around seven hours to prepare.

I needed to increase the efficiency on my resource gathering as much as I could, preferably, I would also like to start building base of operations, so I didn have to migrate around every night.

The seven hour countdown began.

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