n and a high entrance exam score of 69.

There’s a nickname for one of their nursing students, “Nursing’s Angel,” so it’s a popular topic even at South Public University.

“I think I’ve mentioned this before… My older sister goes to that nursing college over there.
So I know a thing or two.”

“That’s news to me.
Haru, you have an older sister? And she’s going to that nursing college? That’s impressive… It’s a highly competitive school to get into, with a deviation value of 69.
It’s definitely not a place for someone lacking in intelligence.”

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“She’s a noisy and troublesome older sister though… But that’s not important.”


Haru wants to ask about a girl named Sasaki, who he thinks might have feelings for Toma.
He knows that if they start talking about Toma’s sister, they will definitely get sidetracked.

It’s currently break time, but the lecture is about to start soon.
They can’t afford to relax.

“Anyway, since I might know my sister’s friend, I’ll ask her about Sasaki-san today.”

“Why bother asking?”

“Obviously, so Toma can get the upper hand by knowing more about her.
You don’t dislike her, right?”

“No, I actually have a good impression of her…”

Toma’s “good impression” is more of a customer-merchant relationship than a romantic one.
He sees her as a regular customer, which is not surprising considering how often she visits.

“If you have a good impression of her, then leave it to me!”

“But I don’t think I stand a chance in the first place.
Haru, if you see Sasaki-san once, you’ll understand.
She’s on a completely different level.”

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“Toma, have more confidence! You’re a cool guy, you’re on the same level as her.
If she wasn’t the angel of that nursing school, you’d definitely have a chance.
There’s no way you can’t make it happen.”

Haru nods confidently based on his own opinion… but it seems that fate has a way of conspiring against them.

“If she wasn’t the angel of that nursing school, you’d definitely have a chance.
There’s no way you can’t make it happen.”

Unfortunately, the girl Haru is referring to is indeed the Nursing’s Angel.

They won’t realize this fact until a little later…

“For starters, if Sasaki-san doesn’t have a boyfriend, why not ask for her contact information? If she becomes your girlfriend, you’ll be honestly happy, right? Besides, Toma, you handomse.”

“Well, I don’t plan to deny that…”

“Alright, then go for it! I’m really cheering for Toma’s love!”

Haru is pushing so much because he understands Toma’s appearance and personality, but he shouldn’t forget:

“I can definitely get her if she’s not that angel in the nursing department.
There’s no way I can’t.”

…Unfortunately, the person Haru is pushing for is the Nursing’s Angel.
This is contradictory to what he is saying

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