Umi and Her Friends.

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Ume’s POV


“Oh, Ume-chan… did you get permission for the weekend?”

“Oh, yeah! That was also on my mind!”

During lunch break at the high school where Toma’s younger sister, Ume, attends, Ume and two of her friends spread out their lunch boxes on the three connected desks and discuss their plans for the weekend.

“Yes! I got permission, so it’s okay.
What time can Ai-chan and Natsumi-chan come to Ume’s house?”

“Well, I’m okay with any time.”

“I prefer from the morning.
When you’re having fun, time passes by quickly!”

Called Ai, the girl is timid and quiet, resembling a small animal, making her lovable.
She has short hair that barely touches her thin eyebrows and a delicate body, just like Ume.
She has a snow-white skin, and her round, upturned eyes convey kindness.

On the other hand, Natsumi, who likes surfing, has a wheat-colored and notably healthy-looking skin.
She wears short skirts, and her shiny thighs are more exposed than other girls.
Her brown hair extends to her neck, tied with a black hair elastic, and she always wears a ponytail hairstyle.
Natsumi always gives energy to others with her carefree smile that shows her triangular, pointed double teeth.

“Okay, is it okay from the morning?”

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“Yes, please… Thank you.”

“Great! I’m looking forward to the weekend!”

Although they have decided to go to Ume’s house, they haven’t planned anything else yet.
This is their usual stance when the three of them hang out.
Although there is a large shopping mall and bowling alley nearby, they generally stay at home when they play.
They spend their time watching movies, reading manga, playing cards, and talking about various topics.

“However, since Toma-nii-san will be there, I’m sorry about that.
It would be great if he could go out somewhere…”

Playing at home makes them feel uncomfortable when family members are present.
But since it can’t be helped, it would be helpful to mention it in advance.

“No, it’s okay.
Toma onii-san is a really nice person…”

“I agree! I always think that Ume-chan’s brother is amazing.
I envy you so much for having such a brother.”

“What?! N-no way! No way, he’s not like that at all!”

Ume, her sister, strongly denies it while waving her hand, but Ai and Natsumi didn’t notice that it was just her way of hiding her embarrassment.

“Only Ume-chan doesn’t understand.
There’s no one else who cares so much about us, pouring us tea and preparing cookies.
Right, Ai?”

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“Yeah, I think it’s great to have such a wonderful older brother… I have to be strong because I’m the older sister… So, I’m envious that you can rely on him…”

For Ai, who doesn’t have an older brother or sister, the only people she can rely on are her parents.
It’s natural for her to feel the desire to rely on an older brother or sister.

“I have an older brother, but he’s always nagging and I wish I could switch him out… but maybe it’s pitiful to say that! Ahaha.”

“Well, you have to think about the bad parts of your brother to find them…”

“Right? He’s so kind that not even a single complaint comes out.
And Ume-chan’s older brother is so cool.
Right, Ai?”

While showing a sly smile, Natsumi brings up the topic to Ai.

“W-well… that’s… that’s…”

Ai is weak when it comes to this kind of topic.
Too weak.
Just with this simple conversation, her ears are turning red.
Natsumi had that meaningful smile because she understood this weakness

“Yes! Even Ai admits that her older brother is something to be proud of.
To be honest, I’m looking forward to seeing Ume-chan’s older brother on weekends.
Right, Ai?”

“Uh… uhh… that’s…”

Natsumi quickly follows up.
Ai lowers her head and starts fidgeting with embarrassment.

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“He’s apparently going to the very smart South Public University., and he has a good personality, so he definitely has a girlfriend… If he didn’t, it would be strange.”


Ai nods slightly in agreement to Natsumi’s theory.

“There are probably about 10 ex-girlfriends.”

“… nodding, nodding.”

This is Natsumi’s theory, and Ai agrees with her.

“Hey, it sounds like he’s switching girlfriends back and forth…but Nii would never do something like that.”

“Sorry, sorry.
I worded that poorly.
What I meant to say was that your nii-chan is popular!”

“… nodding, nodding.”

Neither Natsumi nor Ai have said anything bad about Toma throughout the conversation.
In fact, they have been praising him.

“Well, I don’t feel bad about it when you put it that way.
Nii would definitely be happy if he heard that.”

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“H-Hold on a second.
Don’t tell him about this conversation! I would be so embarrassed if he found out! I think Ai feels the same way! This is a girls’ talk, so let’s keep it a secret!”

“Okay…Um, Ume-chan…Please don’t tell him…”

Natsumi, whose tanned skin has turned slightly pink, looks flustered, but Ai is bowing her head earnestly, begging her not to tell him.

“I understand! Instead, let’s definitely hang out this weekend.”


“Of course!”

After finishing their conversation, the three of them finally start to eat their bento boxes.

Ume puts a piece of tamagoyaki in her mouth with her chopsticks.

“So, Nii was highly praised…Well, I guess that’s not surprising…”

She thinks to herself that it’s not like anyone is going to ask her about it anyway.

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