the master, Miki, while wearing a worried expression and sipping her second Rouge Cassis Orange.

“Because of that anxiety, you made a promise with Toma-kun to come to Shine together, right? I’m rooting for you, but you can’t just be wishy-washy now.”


“This might be a difficult question, but does your best friend really like Toma-kun?”

“I think she’s starting to like him…”

“Starting to like him, huh? Well, if Toma-kun committed a crime or something, her feelings might change completely, but I don’t think he’s that type of person.”

Miki glanced over from the counter.
Currently, there were three customers in Shine, including Mio.
The other two were regulars, creating a cheerful atmosphere while drinking with Toma.

“If I were to give advice, I’d say to be more aggressive! And if I had to give you a mission for today, it would be to walk Toma-kun home.
Of course, just to the front door.”

“Eh, to the front door…? That’s so sudden…”

“If there’s a reason to see someone off at the entrance, it’s for a good reason,” said Miki, pointing her glossy, unblemished nails at her glass.
When her eyes met with Mio’s, they both smiled.

“Now, the name of the drink that Toma-chan is drinking with the customer is called Long Island Iced Tea.
It’s a strange cocktail that tastes like tea but doesn’t actually have any tea in it.”

“Long Island Iced Tea…?” Mio repeated.

“Yes, and here’s the thing: it’s made with four famous types of alcohol – vodka, rum, tequila, and gin – all of which have a high alcohol content.
Toma-chan isn’t the strongest drinker, so if he has one more, he’ll definitely get drunk.”

“Miki-san, can we have three more of number 38, please?”

“Number 38, got it,” Miki replied before Toma had even finished his order.
She quickly made the requested Long Island Iced Teas and returned to Mio.

“Well, now Toma-chan needs someone to go home with him.
That drink is easy to drink but has a high alcohol content, so he’ll get drunk quickly.
Look at his face,” she said, urging Mio to turn her head.
Even from a distance, it was clear that Toma’s face was flushed from the effects of the drink.

“In any case, I intend to order you, Mi-chan, to send you to Toma-chan’s house today, so there’s no escape, okay? Prepare yourself now.
This is also a chance to get closer to Touma-chan.”

“Yes, you’re right… Thank you.”

“Don’t forget to thank me properly, okay?”

“Uh, yes…”

Although they were at a distance from Toma, they were spending time in the same space.
If Miki raised her voice even a little, Touma would surely hear it.

“Oh, and one more thing about sending him off.
Don’t get too clingy with Toma-chan.
Even though it’s Toma-chan we’re talking about, we don’t know what he might do after drinking.”

“What he might do…?”

“Mi-chan, that’s not good.”


She had just entered her imaginary world.
Mio snapped back to reality at Miki’s stern voice.

“You were thinking something naughty just now, weren’t you? I understand that you’re eager, but that’s not like you, Mi-chan.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“Don’t do that kind of thing until you’re officially a couple, okay? The outcome is usually intense when alcohol is involved and you’re not a couple.
You’ll regret it.”


Her cheeks turned red and she murmured.


“N-nothing, it’s nothing!”

“It’s no good, it’s no good! I’m confiscating this alcohol.
I’ll give you the money back, so eat some snacks.
It’s difficult to deal with drunk Toma-chan if you’re not in a stable state.
Especially if you’re going to make a move.”


Realizing that she was completely seen through, Mio blushed and lowered her head while holding a cocktail.

“Alright then.”

Satisfied with herself, Miki took the glass with the cocktail and replaced it with orange juice, then started to cook.

And so, Mio was left with nothing to do.


Sipping on her orange juice with a straw, Mio couldn’t help but look at Toma’s profile as he served other customers with a smile.

(If Toma-kun gets embarrassed…I wonder if he’ll blush like that…)

Lost in her thoughts like a typical love novice.

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