all the police…”

“Sasaki-san, that’s a misunderstanding.”

“A misunderstanding?”

“I don’t mean to say this in front of the person herself, but Sasaki-san  , you are known as the ‘Nursing’s Angel,’ right…?”


When I heard that word for the first time from Toma-kun’s mouth, I covered my mouth with my hand and widened my eyes.
I never thought that Toma-kun knew about that embarrassing nickname.

“I just found out about it myself… When I was talking to you at the main gate, I heard the voice of another student saying it…”

“I see… Even if they saw me, there’s nothing interesting about it, right…? Wait, Toma-kun…”

I understand why they were gathered in front of the main gate, but it’s not really satisfying.
There’s one more thing that bothers me.
No, this is a complaint.

I call out to Toma with a voice that accuses him.
I put my hands on my hips and squint my eyes, expressing my full dissatisfaction.

“Um, yes…?”

“…Private matters…”

Toma-kun, who is sharp in situations like this, should understand what I mean just by saying that.
I think it’s wrong to force it.
I also think I should leave it up to Toma’s pace.

(But…I want to be called by my name as much as possible by the person I like…)

I know I’m being spoiled.
But I’ll take advantage of it because Toma doesn’t get angry even if I am.

“Oh, right, Mio-san…”


(I wish he wouldn’t call me with that kind of smile…)

I turn my face awkwardly away from Toma-kun’s friendly gaze and immediately hide my profile by playing with my long hair.

I can’t let Toma-kun see my face like this to maintain my seniority.
I’m not a shy three-year-old who feels… embarrassed just by being called by my name…

“What, what’s wrong?”


It’s nice to be called by name, but it’s embarrassing to just be called.
It’s really inconvenient…

But I’ll get used to it eventually… That’s why I need to be called by name a lot.

And today, I can’t just keep getting done in by Toma-kun… Today is my turn to defeat Toma-kun…

“U-um, Toma-kun… Are you free after this…?”

“Free time? I don’t have work today, so yes.”

“…I-I’m also free at that time.”

“I see.”

“Um… I’m free too, but…”



A long silence ensues, and I feel like burying my head in a hole right away…

If only I had the courage to invite him, but I don’t…

(B-because if I make this invitation… it’s like saying, let’s go on a date…)

I know that this silence is because of my persistent pursuit.
Even so, in order to spend time with Toma-kun…

“If it’s okay with you, would you like to stop somewhere…?”


I nod vigorously at Toma-kun’s invitation.


I’m so happy that my face relaxes and my body feels light enough to skip at any moment.

“But, do you have any place you want to go?”

“Well, today is my shopping day.
So, I want you to come with me.”

“I understand.
From here, I think TRIYL, which is open 24 hours, would be good…what do you think?”

“It’s fine…”

“Shall we go then?”


And so, we walked together to TRIYL.

Even during that time, Toma-kun seemed quite at ease…

(Get ready, Toma-kun.
I’ll definitely turn this situation around for you…)

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