Prince Charming Seduction Operation!!

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“Oh, Mio-chan, are you staying behind to study again today? Why?”

“Well, even if you ask me why, I always stay behind on this day… “

It was a typical after-school scene, with classmates hurrying out of the classroom while Mio opened her materials on her desk.
Nanami asked her with a questioning voice.

“No, no, that’s not what I want to ask! Why don’t you go home with your prince charming instead of staying behind? Why did you even exchange contact information for?”

Nanami had just learned about everything from Mio yesterday, including the fact that she had met and gone home with Toma after university.

“Oh, don’t call him a prince charming… I’ll be in trouble if someone overhears us even though it’s just the two of us…”

While glancing around nervously, Mio blushed lightly and gave Nanami a warning look.

Nanami recently learned that Mio showed such a weak side only when she was embarrassed, which was a perfect reaction for a girl in love.

“Haha, sorry, sorry.
I get carried away when it comes to this kind of topic.”

“Geez, Nanami… Don’t act like it’s someone else’s problem…”

“I don’t think it’s someone else’s problem! You’re my best friend, Mio-chan! So, are you not going home with Toma-kun?”

“I…I can’t… It’s too sudden… and such a thing…”

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Mio had gone home with Toma yesterday, but that was because there was a chance encounter that sparked the situation.
Asking him to go home together deliberately would be a completely different situation.

For Mio, who had never made a move on the opposite s*x before, this invitation was probably the most courageous thing she had ever done in her life.

“Hmm, you’re not saying you don’t want to go home with him, but that you ‘can’t’, right? So that means you want to go home together, huh?”

“Well, of course… you are going home with your boyfriend, so honestly, I’m a little jealous…”

“Hahaha… It’s kind of embarrassing when you say it like that.
Well, when I didn’t have a boyfriend, I felt the same way as you, Mio-chan.”

Nanami scratches her cheek and smiles, but there were plenty of teasing words in their conversation.
She wouldn’t let these slip by.

“I can tell, you really like Toma-kun, Mio-chan.
Thank you for the lesson.”

“Th-that’s why I didn’t want you to say anything…”

Mio clutches her textbook like a shield and mumbles.

“Aww, you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed! Uri-uri!!”

Nanami’s excitement level was off the charts as she said, “I’m on cloud nine.” She pokes at Mio, who curls up like a turtle, seemingly waiting for a chance to strike back.

“If you like him that much, you need to take the reins quickly, Mio-chan.
You never know when someone else might snatch him away.”

“I-I know that… but…”

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Nothing will change if she doesn’t take action.
She understands that it might even make things worse, but she just can’t take that first step.

“What if you were in my position… what would you do?”

Mio asked while hiding her face behind a textbook.

“Well, if it were me, I’d either actively engage with LAIN or try to create an opportunity to go home together.
If you just keep going to the Bar, it’s not surprising if you’re seen as just another customer.
But if it were me, I wouldn’t let him see me as just a customer.”


If this topic had brought up her anxieties, she wouldn’t be able to concentrate on her studies.
Advice from Nanami became her top priority.

“To be seen as a woman, you have to muster up the courage to make the first move and create a connection.
If some unknown woman takes Toma-kun away from you, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life, you know?”

“That’s right… I can’t imagine not regretting it…”

“I don’t know Toma-kun’s personality, but my little brother seems to rely on him quite a bit, and you, Mio-chan, like him a lot, so he must be a really good guy.”

Nanami’s little brother is the person who takes care of Haru.
He is also the person Mio has fallen in love with.

“A reliable and caring person.”

That is the personality of Toma, guided by Nanami… and that answer is correct.

“I’m getting more and more curious.
I want to meet Toma-kun.”

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“I’m going to report this statement of yours to your boyfriend, Nanami.”

A cold retort was thrown by Mio, directing a chilly gaze towards Nanami.

“Wha-?! Wait a minute! I’m not saying I want to meet him or have any interest in him in that way! I’m just curious…!”

“I can’t believe it.”

“Hey, trust me!”

Nanami has a boyfriend, and her recent statement is like waving a red flag to anyone who hears it.

If her boyfriend had heard her words, he would undoubtedly have questioned her.

Even if it was a joke, there is a possibility that their relationship would become strained.
If that happened, it would be all Nanami’s fault.

“Um, do you really not have any interest in Toma-kun, Nanami?”

“I’m serious! If you’re that worried, Mio-chan, you should take some action! If Mio-chan, you really tried to seduce him, I think Toma-kun would fall for you right away.”

“…I-I’d be happy if that were true, but…”

Mio is known as the “Nursing’s Angel” because of her beautiful appearance.

If someone like her made a move on him, any man would be moved! At least that’s what Nanami thinks.

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“Well then, let’s just brainstorm until I hear from my boyfriend! Let’s call it the ‘Prince Charming Seduction Operation’!”

“T-Thank you…”

Nanami may not have good naming sense, but her experience in love is invaluable advice for Mio.

“Now, let’s start with what kind of opportunity–“

“W-Wait a minute, Nanami.”


After Mio said that, she began to rummage through her study materials at the edge of the desk.

And then… she took out a notebook that can be bound and unbound freely.
She took out a loose leaf and held a mechanical pencil.

“Wha-? Are you taking notes?”

“Is it strange to do so?”

“It’s not strange, but you’re really serious about this.”

Mio is also a serious person, not to be outdone by Toma.

As the evening sun streamed into the classroom, the two of them continued with the “Prince Charming Seduction Plan” until they received a call from Nanami’s boyfriend.

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